Knotmeter - May 1, 2015

May 1, 2015

Last TGIF Tonight: Chef's Creation

To officially welcome Chef Neil Seguin to KYC, tonight's final TGIF of the season will feature food samples and surprises. Come down and see what he has in store. Don't stop there, stay and have dinner! Tonight's dinner feature is local rainbow trout almondine served with rice pilaf and sauteed bok choy.

A Message From the Commodore

May 1, 2015

As always, I am overwhelmed by the skill and enthusiasm of KYC’s volunteers. Launch and Mast days were very successful under the direction of Rear Commodore Peter Cohrs and Director Tom Moynihan with ‘tugboat’ assistance from our Yard Steward Brad. We launched 36 boats and the T-Dock in 7.5 hours on Saturday, weathered a delay when the crane had mechanical difficulties and had the remainder of the boats launched and masts up by 1545 on Sunday. 

Now that the boats are mostly launched, masts are up and the weather is improving, I’d like to take the opportunity to provide some updates and reminders. 

Around KYC

Please remember that the four-visit guest limit at KYC applies to racing, cruising and swimming crew. We encourage you to use all four of the individual guest privileges to introduce your friends and colleagues to the club. Membership forms are available online and at the office for those who would like to stay on beyond these visits. Help us keep our club vibrant by introducing new members.

Our canine friends must be under control at all times when not swimming, including on the dock areas. Additionally, please use your discretion when allowing dogs to swim by avoiding populated areas.

Jemmett’s Landing

Our remote property at Jemmett’s Landing is a very popular destination for members as the weather warms up. There is space for four boats on mooring balls and for four to six boats on the dock depending on size and rafting ability. A detailed review of our Bylaws and Policies by the Jemmett’s Property Committee was done and the decision made to uphold the mooring regulations for all KYC holdings. That means that use of moorings at Jemmett’s is reserved for full members in good standing. Use of the property in general remains a privilege of all membership categories. 

Please remember that collegiality and consideration is the key to managing this scarce resource: a two-night limit at the dock if others are waiting to pull up must be followed and rafting must happen when necessary. We anticipate the property will be ready for visitors by the long weekend this month.

Coming up at KYC

Please plan to attend Sailpast on June 6th. Kibitka will be anchored and ready to receive by 1530. We have booked the Roosevelts (with member Tom Stewart on vocals and harmonica) for the post-sailing party. Check them out online: 

Detailed sailing instructions will be issued later in the month. I look forward to seeing everyone at the traditional launch of the sailing season.

Fair winds everyone!


 Message From the Finance Director

As the warmer weather approaches and launch is now complete, the office becomes increasingly busy with membership renewals, requests and follow ups. As a reminder to all, the office bills membership’s credit cards by the 27th of each month. 

During this spring, we have incurred an increase in the number of declined credit cards, which creates a strain on the administrative staff’s ability to complete the months end billing in a timely manner. 

We recognize this is a very busy time of year, however we ask members who prefer to pay their accounts by cash/or cheque to settle their accounts by making arrangements to do this by the 20th of the month. 

This is also a great opportunity for members to update their personal information with the Club by 

ensuring the Club has a valid credit card number and expiry date on file. (If the office continues to process a member’s current credit card which we have on file and it continually is invalid, than a $25.00 charge will be applied to any declined credit card or NSF cheque at the discretion of the manager). 

We also wanted to remind the membership that any balance that is over 35 day in arrears will have a 2% surcharge applied to their account. We recognize “life” happens, and will continue to work with the membership by reminding individuals if your account is 35, 65, or 90 days overdue, however we also ask each member to take the initiative to ensure your personal information that is used for administrative purposes is accurate, up-to-date and as complete as possible. 

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer. 

Bob Story

Finance Director

Kingston Yacht Club

The Cradles Are Gone!

Once again, thanks to the crew who loaded cradles for summer storage. Thanks to Rob Colwell, Darwin Muir, Jim Beatson, Ron Dwyer, Ross Cameron, Mike Charrette, Ralph Shaw, and “me”…

The cradles have been loaded for transport to summer storage.
It took a smidgen over two hours. Following that, over a glass of beer, ensued some great chat about many topics… politics, elections, money, guns… not much about boats…? (what’s with that?)…lots of fun.

I’d like to emphasize how important volunteerism is at KYC. Volunteers who unselfishly give time and effort to load and unload your cradles, launch and haul your boats, raise and lower your masts. As well, many at KYC give their time to the many committees that keep all of our activities rolling along.

It is essential that we foster and enhance the spirit of volunteerism at KYC, and I hope that more volunteers come forth when they are needed. Even better, before they are needed.

It’s what keeps this place ticking!

Peter Cohrs.
Rear Commodore.

The Fleet is Launched!

Launch 2015.

The “instant transformation" has again been pulled off with launch and masts-up 2015 being done! A big thank-you to volunteers,”old” faithful’s, and new bodies coming out FULL-TIME and contributing to the cause.

As usual, our seasoned group of skilled volunteers and the newbies, it was a job done very efficiently. There is always a bit of “hurry up and wait”, especially when raising masts, but when the going gets needy, we need all the bodies to pitch in. Your able crew were: Andrew Kelm, Marc Ellemers, Fran O’Heare, Mary Westerland, Ross Cameron, Graham Mutch, Rick Sellens, Phil Hart, Dave Lenton, Jeb Thorley, Ron Dwyer, Rob Colwell, Tom Moynihan, John Kitney, Ken Martin, Darwin Muir, Chris and Don Currie, Chris Walmsley and the man with the orange gloves, Peter Cohrs.

As I have said before, volunteerism is an essential and fun part of the running of our Club, it contributes to esprit de corps at the same time as getting essential work done. It gives you a special sense of what our Club is. I think it is interesting to note that at the start of launch day, we have a breakfast, where…. I’m supposed to introduce and explain. I rarely do either.

Why? Because the “blanks” get filled in innately. The pieces come together as they always have, and where there are spaces, new bodies fill in and do the work. It isn’t complicated- it’s all very obvious, I think. Now, if we had fifteen new “guys” that would be different!

I would like to especially thank our new volunteers. We need and appreciate new faces to the crew, and I hope you had as much fun as the rest.

Again thanks! We hope to see you in the Fall, come haulout. Even with the technical glitch of the crane malfunction, we launched all our boats, and stepped the masts more or less in the usual time frame. Thanks to both the volunteers and boat owners alike for being flexible in light of the crane problem and resultant delay.

There was a bit of muttering about the order of things. We must realize that, while I do publish an order, it is tentative. The Master of Ceremonies- period, is Brian, the crane operator. I am just his stage manager. As to masts, there is a tendency, once masts are up, people disappear. I can hardly blame them. We ran three staging areas this year, and raised all the masts in near record time. I think it was about 4 hours. The main slowdowns seem to occur with the boats needing towing. Generally speaking tho’, there were few major slowdowns due to to rigging issues. Constructive tips are always welcome. On the whole, I think it came off pretty well.

Thanks to Club staff for putting on the breakfasts, the chili and the coffee. On a cool Sunday afternoon, that chili was welcome heat!


Peter Cohrs, 

Rear Commodore.

Mother's Day Brunch, May 10

Calling all Father’s…and Husbands….Do not forget to book your table at our annual Mother’s Day Brunch! Please read the poster below or call James or the office for more details! We fill up quickly so ensure you book with us A.S.A.P. 

Chef Neil and his kitchen team will be preparing a sumptuous meal with all the best foods the season has to offer. Adults are $27.00 and children 12 and under are $12.50, plus taxes and gratuity.

For more information click here, please contact James to reserve at: 

Food & Beverage Update

You will notice next time you are down for a glass of wine at KYC that you now have the option of having any wine as a 6oz glass, 9oz glass or a half-litre. 

We are almost out of our feature beer, Smithworks Dunkelweiss, brewed in Peterborough, Ontario. Come down and try a pint before its gone!. Next up will be the Dunkelweiss' uncle, Beau's Dunkel Buck a German-Style dunkel weizenbock. 

Believe it or not, the first long weekend of the summer is less than a month away and KYC will be kicking it off in style with the first of our Summer BBQ Series, on Friday May 15. We will be announcing details over the next few weeks. Chef Neil will be preparing some delicious BBQ options and our bar staff will be serving up summery drinks. See you there!

Summer Hours Now in Effect!

With the nice weather comes KYC's summer hours. KYC is now open 7 days a week! From Monday to Friday the bar will be open from 11:00 to 22:00 and Chef Neil Seguin's kitchen will be serving up our delicious new menu from 11:00 to 21:00 daily. On Saturday and Sunday we will be serving Brunch from 10:00 to 14:00 and the Lunch and Dinner Menu from 14:00 to 21:00. The bar will be open 10:00 to 22:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Weeknight Racing Starts on Tuesday!

Racing starts in less than 5 days! Check out the new online "Racers' Handbook" under the "Sailing" area of the KYC web site. There are some changes to the SIs.

Some boats are still looking for crew. Please send details to Remember: even non-members can be guests up to 4 times per year.

Send your Race Committee duty requests to Spots are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Our new Race Management Coordinator is Karl Poldre. If you have a chance, please introduce yourself to Karl and welcome him to the club.

Best of luck to all racers. Please check in with the RC before the race and remember: The water is very very cold. Stay safe!

FREE Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check

KYC Saturday May 23 1000 to 1400
Members of the Kingston Power and Sail Squadron will be at KYC May 23 between 1000 and 1400 offering free Recreational Vessel Courtesy Checks (RVCC).  Invite one of our specialists aboard, and in about 30 minutes they will determine if you have the safety equipment required by Transport Canada.  If your boat is fully equipped you will receive a 2015 RVCC decal. 

If you require equipment, take your RVCC form to Marine Outfitters or West Marine for a 10% discount on required items.  To book your RVCC contact Graham Mutch at or 613-542-4406. 

See you on May 23.

Soling One Meter Canadian Championships

KYC radio control fleets will be hosting the Soling One Meter Canadian Championships on June 13/14 weekend off the breakwater. Registration and practice sailing will take place on Friday June 12 with racing all day on Saturday and Sunday. Approximately 20 boats are expected from Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and several locations in the USA. We are looking for volunteers to help administer this event. Contact John Lowther or Paul Switzer at if you are interested in helping out.

CORK Volunteer Opportunities

Did you know that over 2400 sailors from 61 countries will be competing out of Portsmouth Olympic Harbour this summer?  CORK is hosting three separate Laser World Championships (Standard Men’s June 29-July 8), Masters (July 10-18) and the Radial Youth World Sailing Championships (August 14-20) as well as the annual CORK Regatta Series.  There is no doubt that  2015 will provide excellent on water and on shore volunteer opportunities for you, as a sailing enthusiast, to get involved with world class sailing competition!  Click on the following links to find out information on volunteering roles , training opportunities and the full CORK Regatta schedule  
Come  join in the fun by registering online or  by contacting 613 545 1322!

2015 Measurement Clinic

Sail Canada, with the support of ISAF, with ISAF, is considering hosting a measurement clinic in association with Laser World Championships in June 2015, with the object of developing Canadians with measurement skills.

The clinic will involve a combination of instruction and practical measurement sessions. There are no particular requirements for candidates who wish to attend the clinic, but racing experience is desirable.  Numeracy and a facility with measurement tools will also aid prospective measurers.

Expressions of interest in attending are welcomed to assist Sail Canada in determining whether hosting the clinic is worthwhile.

Please indicate interest by responding here


Upcoming Events at KYC
May 5 First Race Night of 2015
May 6 Launch Weekend
May 10 Mother's Day Brunch Buffet
May 15 1st Summer BBQ
May 23 Pigeon Island Race
June 6 Sailpast
For a complete list of upcoming events please visit:

KPSS Upcoming Courses

Sunday, May 3rd from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at KYC in the Partridge room, Mariella Morrin and friends will present  a short talk on " Slick- tricks... cruising solutions" for boaters. Come and join us for a fun and informative afternoon. Please register with May Corcoran by calling her at 613 536-5367 or email her at : 

Maritime Radio - Wednesday, June 3rd and 10th

Please visit the KPSS website to register:
or contact May Corcoran at 613 536-5367

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