Knotmeter - July 13, 2018

Knotmeter - July 13, 2018

EYC is underway at KYC! All members are welcome to come to the club to see the acton and meet our guests!

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| July 20: Cruiser's TGIF

20 July 2018
start gathering: 5:00 PM
food served: starting 5:15 - 5:30 PM

All Cruisers and anyone interested in finding out what the Cruising Fleet is all about are welcome!

Please send us a quick email at if you are able to attend so that we are able to better plan for food.


| July 21: Partridge Bowl


| July 10: Cruising fleet Concert Amherst Island

Dear Cruising Friends, and non-cruising KYC members,

Like the previous few years we, Hans and Marion Westenberg, will organize a visit to the Waterside Concert Series on Amherst Island, with potluck supper afterwards at the village dock of Stella Bay. This particular concert is on Tuesday, 10 July, 2018, at 4.15 p.m., in St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, Stella, by a German Group, called Alliage Quintet. They are four fabulous saxophonists and a pianist, "one of the most creative and successful saxophone ensembles in Europe". Look them up, and have a listen to one of their youtube performances. They will play classical pops and popular classics, (there is a difference!), summer fare, and not heavy going, but fantastic. Tickets are $37, and can be had by googling Waterside Summer Series Eventbrite, who have an easy to navigate site. You can also get tickets by emailing Bev Harris, Artistic Director, at, or even phone her at 613-3842407. In that case it will be understood that you will pay at the door, and that is non-refundable! Don't buy and then not come! I have set 10 tickets aside for our group, but we can get more.

If you come by boat, just sail to Stella, and join the group. Be sure to be in Stella Bay on time for a hitchhike to the church with Islanders. If you come by ferry, take the 3.30 ferry, and drive to the church, or come by the village dock beforehand to pick some of us up, if you can. You can also take an earlier ferry (1.30 or 2.30) and socialize on whichever of our boats that sit at the dock!

I regret for our younger cruisers who still work, that the only concert on a weekend is Sunday 29 July, but then we (H and M) are in the Gananoque area. All others are weekdays.

Please let me know if you are going to join us. In case of rain, we will be there on the boat regardless, and we can all fit into our boat for supper, but you might like to come by ferry!

There is more!

We are leaving on Tuesday morning 3 July from POH for a 9 day circumnavigation of Prince Edward County. Would anyone like to join us? It will be more loose than when organized by John and Marg Mason, or by Gunnar Heissler. No activities planned, but serendipity often throws them into our laps anyway. The usual, get going in the morning, and see each other at happy hour and/or shared dinner. Our schedule will be adhered to fairly strictly (weather depending) because of the 10 July concert, and will be as follows: 3 and 4 July anchor at Stella Bay. 4 July concert at St. Paul's. (see about that later). So you could also just leave Kingston on the Wednesday. 5 July Picton, 6 July Belleville, 7 July through the Murray Canal and moored at Brighton dock, 8 and 9 July Waupoos, 10 July Stella, 11 July home. Or perhaps just one night at Waupoos, and to Stella on the 9th for 2 nights.

We will also be going to the Waterside concert on Wednesday July 4th at 4.15. It is called "I dreamed a dream" (song from Miserables). This concert will also be amazing, with all-Canadian cast of pianists Robert Kortgaard and Peter Tiefenbach, Julie Nesrallah, soprano, and Brett Polegato, internationally acclaimed baritone. This is going to be brilliant; any of you who have heard Julie, or are listening to her every morning on CBC music, will know that. Tickets to be had in the same way (see above), though I am not holding a set for the group for this concert. We plan to have dinner on board by ourselves, or, if any of you come, go to the Back Kitchen for dinner together. There will also be a reception at an island home after the concert to which we can take friends, if we are not too many.

So that's it for the Westenberg offerings. We hope to hear from many of you, and that this message is not too complicated!

See you on the water, at the concerts, on our trip!

Hans and Marion Westenberg

| August 17-19: Picton Jazz Festival Cruise

Once again John and Karen Kitney will be organizing events around the 11th annual Picton Jazz Festival Cruise, scheduled for the weekend of August 17, 18 and 19.

We are planning to organize the group dinner for Friday night (August 17) and then plan to attend the 8:00 pm Regent Theatre Concert featuring the Carol Welsman Trio. A limited number of tickets have been pre-purchased for KYC ($44 each) and can be claimed by calling Greg at the club office to have these put on your club account. Additional tickets can also be purchased on-line at (bear in mind that the good seats are selling quickly).

Details for opting into the Friday dinner and any other weekend activities (such as the Saturday night performance of “The Drawer Boy” by the Festival Players) will follow as they become available. Dockage can also be arranged for the group. Please contact John Kitney if you are interested in participating in this weekend event, either by boat or by car. In the mean time you can check the 2018 program for other Jazz events that you might want to catch on their own. Visit


John Kitney (


| Weekend Features

  • Friday/Saturday Feature: Pan seared duck breast with new potatoes, pea shoot salad and a La Bomba cream sauce. 26$
  • Weekend Special: toasted croissant with ham Swiss and bechamel - $14
  • Omlette: chevre, roasted red peppers and basil - $13

| Beer of the Week

De Berry’s Treasure

Gose 4.5% ABV

X marks the spot for De Berry’s Treasure, a refreshing gose brewed with bountiful amounts of organic black raspberries and organic rhubarb. Named for 17th century pirate captain Charlotte de Berry, De Berry’s Treasure was originally conceived and brewed in 2016 by women at Beau’s for a “Women of Beer” event hosted by the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies.History & Style

History & Style

Gose is a German beer style that originated in and around the Saxon town of Leipzig. The saltiness, which typifies the style, is attributable to the mineral-rich aquifers that supplied the water for brew houses in the region. Fruits like black raspberries and rhubarb complement the natural attributes of a gose. The label artwork features a skull and crossbones design made of the beer’s ingredients – raspberry and rhubarb – as a nod to traditional “Jolly Roger” pirate flags.

Tasting Notes

De Berry’s Treasure pours bright alizarin with white foam and a slight haze. The aroma is fruity, combining berry and rhubarb notes. This light-bodied beer has tangy flavour. The finish is clean with a subtle salt linger.


| Wine of the Month


| Douglas A Heath Award

Photo: Nigel Heath (left), Mary Wilson (middle) and Tim Irwin (right)

Congratulations to Mary Wilson! Mary Wilson’s volunteer work was celebrated and recognized with the Douglas A. Heath Award on Saturday July 7th 2018 at the Kingston Yacht Club. Mary was presented the award by Douglas Heath’s son Nigel Heath.

Thank you Mary – This honour is so very well deserved!

| Community Club

Community Club: KYC owns and maintains several Sharks and a C&C 24 Jessie. These keel boats are reserved on-line to co-ordinate reservations by Single, Family or Life Members, our Sailing School and the Queens Sailing Team. To apply to become a skipper of a keelboat owned by KYC, please complete the application form found on the last page of the Policy and Procedures Manual for KYC Owned Keelboats. On the KYC website Sailing > Sailors Handbook > Community Club

An orientation and evaluation of the applicant's keelboat sailing experience will be scheduled for you. For additional information contact

| Sailing Hall of Fame Inductions

2018 Canadian Sailing Hall of Fame Inductions Announced

The Canadian Sailing Hall of Fame and the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston are pleased to announce the 2018 Inductees into the Canadian Sailing Hall of Fame:

Ian Bruce - Renowned International 14 sailor, two-time winner of the prestigious Prince of Wales Cup in England, two-time Olympic sailor, founder of Performance Sailcraft, builder of International 14s, initiator and builder of the Laser. Officer of the Order of Canada. (RSTLYC)

Don Green - Winner of 1978 Canada's Cup in C&C Evergreen, member of 1979 Canadian Admirals' Cup team in 1979 and survivor of the devastating 1979 Fastnet Race, SORC campaigns in Frers designed Evergreen II, America's Cup Challenger in 12 Metre True North. Member of the Order of Canada (RHYC)

Derek Hatfield - Renowned single-handed Round The World Racer winning first in class in the 2001/02 Around Alone, raced the 2008 Vendee Globe and in 2010 Derek once again took the podium in the VELUX 5 Oceans single-handed Round The World Race, Recipient of Rolex Sailor of the Year; won Sail Canada's and Ontario Sailing's Sailor of the Year awards in 2003.

David Howard - Winner of 1954 Canada's Cup in the 8-Metre Venture II, Skipper 1956 Olympics in Dragons, Sailing Master on off-shore racers Inishfree and Bonaventure (Bermuda races and SORCs), Skipper and syndicate member of True North in 1969 Canada's Cup trials, Skipper and Syndicate member of 1975 Canada's Cup challenger Marauder, Past Commodore and Honourary Life Member of RCYC, one of the original four founders of the Nonsuch class (RCYC)

1932 Olympic Silver Medalist - Eight Metres - Ernest Cribb, Peter Gordon, George Gyles, Harold Jones. Ronald Maitland, Hubert Wallace - (RVYC)

1932 Olympic Bronze Medalist - Six Metres - Gardner Boultbee, Kenneth Glass, Philip Rogers, Gerald Wilson - (RVYC)

The Canadian Sailing Hall of Fame is a collaboration between The Canadian Sailing Hall of Fame, the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston and Sail Canada. Inductees to the Hall of Fame must be Canadian citizens, and can be inducted in any of the three categories of Sailor, Technical, or Contributor.

In these initial years, Inductees will be chosen by the Canadian Sailing Hall of Fame Management Committee, with representation from across the country. The selection is governed by the criteria established in the CSHOF By-Laws. In future it is intended that the nomination process will be open to the sailing public.

"As a longstanding partner, Sail Canada is pleased to support the Canadian Sailing Hall of Fame and the Marine Museum in this important initiative. We look forward to future collaboration as we identify and celebrate individuals who are deserving of this national recognition."
--Todd Irving, Sail Canada President.

The inductions ceremony will take place at Kingston Yacht Club, 1 Maitland Street, Kingston, ON, at 2:00 - 5:00 PM Sunday, August 19th, 2018. Seating is limited, so please reserve early. Cost: $25 per person, includes one-year membership to the Marine Museum. Media are invited to attend. For more information and to make a reservation, please contact Doug Cowie, Museum Manager, Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston. Tel: 613-542-2261 / Email:

| Sailing

During the Shark Worlds, Shark fleet club racing is cancelled for Tuesday Aug 28 and Thursday Aug 30 evenings. Racing is not canceled for PHRF 1 and 2 fleets on those evenings. Modifications to the August and September Series are being considered to make up for the "lost" races.

The Pigeon Island Race has been rescheduled to Saturday Aug 28. There was insufficient wind on its original date.

Upcoming weekend events:

Sat July 21 Partridge Bowl and KYC Club picnic

Community Club boats are now available for booking and checkout.

Please share your thoughts on any of our Sailing programs with the appropriate people. There are also now new program specific KYC email addresses for members or the public wishing to connect about a specific program:
Racing: Steve Harrison & Peter Kraszewski (PHRF 1), John Vines (PHRF 2), Robin Wynne-Edwards (Sharks), Rob Colwell & Chris Walmsley (PHRF)
Regattas: Robert Weguelin
Radio Controlled: Paul Switzer & John Lowther
Community Club: Peter French
Women In Wind: Mary Wilson
Cruising: Ryan and Carolyn Heath
Able Sail Kingston: Audrey Kobayashi & John Curtis
Sailing Ken Martin, Chair