Knotmeter - October 18, 2019

Knotmeter - October 18, 2019

Enjoy our colourful sunsets as the season comes to an end!

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| October 23: Women in Wind General Meeting

Join us next Wednesday evening for the Women in Wind AGM
October 23, 2019

| October 30: Speaker Series


| November 2: Haulout


| November 28: AGM


| Weekend Features

Friday-Sunday Dinner feature:
  • Beef short rib ragu with house made gnocci and sweet potato puree - $26
  • Feature: Apple cornmeal waffles with cinnamon whipped cream and salted caramel - $12
  • Omlette: double smoked bacon, blue cheese, caramelized onions and arugula - $13

| Featured Beer

Night Märzen

Amber Lager 5.5%

Night Märzen is Beau’s certified organic amber lager.  A mild toasted malt sweetness is kept perfectly in check by two varieties of European hops. With its snappy finish, this any-occasion lager is great alongside anything roasted or grilled.

History and Style

Beau’s has been brewing this multi-award-winning Märzen recipe every fall for more than a decade. Märzen is a traditional German lager style that takes its name from the month of March when it was historically brewed. The beer would then be lagered in cellars through the summer, and then released in the fall.

Tasting Notes

Märzen pours a clear copper-amber with a white foam. It has warm bread aromas, a biscuity malt flavour, and a firm hop presence that lends balancing bitterness. An ultra- clean lager finish completes the package in this highly drinkable beer.


| Wine of the Month


| Ramble On and Finnish

Ramble On and Finnish Line 2.0 spent their time in New York City visiting museums, seeing a Broadway show and enjoying several fine meals.

Then it was time to start for home heading up the Hudson River. The first anchorage was at Haverstraw Cove which has a shallow entrance and a sunken brick pile to avoid just after entering. We followed the “known” route in sticking to the port side of the entrance with no problems. We shared the anchorage with a 46’ trawler which left 15 minutes before us the next morning and firmly ran aground on the brick pile. Unfortunately, it was a falling tide so they would be there until late afternoon. Our next anchorage was just south of Kingston NY. As usual Finnish Line anchored and Ramble On rafted off. In the middle of the night the winds picked up more than forecast and we began to drag so with heavy winds and only minimal damage we separated the two boats and then re-anchored separately. Ah the joys of cruising!

The Hudson, apart from Albany, is very beautiful with high treed banks, wonderful old and new bridges, West Point and even a large castle. We stopped at Hop-O-Nose Marina in Catskill to get our masts dropped. Linda and Bob had delivered the mast stands last May to the marina’s storage shed. The mast crane is beyond ancient but the crew there are just amazing --- all a good experience.

Then it was traversing the Erie and Oswego Canals and their 30 locks. Unfortunately, with the weather quickly changing we only stayed one night in charming places like Little Falls. One must be careful crossing the 20 nm of the shallow Lake Oneida, especially with the mast down on deck. At Oswego we had to watch for a low wind window to step the masts, and a reasonably calm Lake Ontario to make the crossing to KYC. We arrived in Oswego Oct. 3rd and the winds died enough by the following afternoon to step the masts. The next day, Oct. 5th, while very cold, Lake Ontario was calm and sunny, and the final leg of the voyage started.

Rick and Laura on Signature saw through AIS that we had left Oswego at 7am so they timed to meet us at the western end of the Boat Channel at Simcoe Island --- a great welcome home. We arrived about 2:30pm and were further welcomed by many friends and family.

After almost 3,000 nm and 139 days the Down East Circle Route was over. It was a great experience and a wonderful thing to do with two boats. We very much encourage others to try long distance cruising!

| Sailing

Awards Night is Saturday Nov 16 this year. This is always a great way to end the year, recognising winners in our evening & weekend racing series, as well as sailors meriting special awards, and enjoying great food & beverage with our crews & competitors. We have a very special guest speaker lined up!

Please share your views on our Sailing programs and how they can improved, with the members listed below. If you are interested in helping out on any of KYC's programs, committees, etc, for the coming year, this is a good time of year to step forward.

Racing: (Race Office); fleet captains: Steve Harrison (PHRF 1), John Vines (PHRF 2) & Robin Wynne-Edwards (Sharks); PHRF reps: Rob Colwell & Chris Walmsley
Regattas: (Regattas Office) Robert Weguelin
Radio Controlled: Paul Switzer & John Lowther
Community Club: Peter French
Women In Wind: Kate Simpson, Kim Garrett & Mary Wilson
Cruising: Bob Story & Rosemary Wilson
Able Sail Kingston: Audrey Kobayashi & John Curtis
Sailing Committee: Ken Martin, Chair
Corinthian Fund: Gordon Crothers