Knotmeter - March 27, 2020

Knotmeter - March 27, 2020

| KYC and COVID-19

We are in an extraordinary situation, never before endured by most people or organizations. Your Executive and the Board have been working at length to try to find a path forward. We are, of course, in a holding pattern until such time as the curve is flattened, dies out and we receive permission to re-open. As well, we adjust, as best we can, to an ever-changing situation. At the moment, KYC is uncommonly dormant.

Activities scheduled will likely be either postponed or cancelled outright. As more information becomes available, and decisions are made, we will advise the Members as soon as possible. As I write, the estimates of the timeline of the curve vary from 12 to 24 weeks. The government is setting the bar high before declaring the virus spread to be manageable and to be able sanction resumption of normal activities.

Access to KYC
The Clubhouse is closed until further notice... The yards are open, but access is on “at your own risk” basis, and social distancing is expected.

KYC financials
The Controller and Executive are working out various scenarios to predict our financial situation. Part time staff have been laid off. We are trying to find a way to retain our salaried staff. Needless to say, as we are always cutting it close, having significantly reduced income will affect us deeply. Draconian measures are probably in the offing to preserve KYC for the future.

We are developing various scenarios to re-open when the word is given. It will take some time to mobilize various elements of the Club, staff and infrastructure. To re-open as fast as possible, we will want the help of members to help mobilize KYC. We will try to coordinate work parties to carry out numerous tasks around the Club.

Launch can only happen when it is safe to NOT social distance. Imagine the close contact of a group of 2 or 3 sailors “manhandling” a mast into place. Too close for safety! Furthermore, with the current deficit of PPE (N95 masks etc.) and the need for these items for our health care workers, access to these items will be prioritized to those workers. The moral and optical requirements beg that the health care sector has access to these before recreational sailors. We wait. All things considered; I anticipate a later launch.

Wet Mooring allocations
The mooring “Committee” has convened a few times and has the harbour planned for 2020. Now all we need is to launch…

We may need a party! Dressing up your crew and boats and going for an afternoon sail followed by a KYC party sounds pretty nice to me!

Water Levels
We are watching closely to the outflow reports and the lake level forecast. For reasons unexplained, I'm guardedly optimistic. But forecasts suggest it could be another wet summer!

We may need a party! Jemmett’s is in the ready position.

Likely a modified schedule once we re-open. Racing buoys etc. are in the ready position. The Peel has had some work done to it. Reduced whaler fleet being contemplated.

Summer Sailing Camps
As we speak, like everyone else in this debacle, we wait and watch as things develop. The current recommendation of the LTS Committee is to cancel the season. However, a brilliant idea has emerged and is being developed in the form of a CYBER Sailing Camp. Details are being worked out, but it would amount to a couple of hours a day of cyber sailing, and will touch every aspect of sailing. It is our hope that The C19 curve subsides sooner rather than late rand that we will be able to offer some, if not most of our summer camp. Stay tuned

The new General Manager
The hiring Committee has made a strong recommendation, and endorsed by the Board. Given the current circumstances, it would not be prudent to make the new hire, but we will try to find an optimum time to take this very capable and enthusiastic individual on. Kudos to Hiring Committee Chair Rosemary Wilson and her Committee of Rob McRae, Chris Walmsley and Rob Crothers. When we hire the new GM, I think you’ll be thoroughly impressed.

When we have more to convey, we will. Things are developing, things are changing, we cling to hope that this will subside soon, but are preparing for otherwise. We are and will be doing our best.
We will communicate as much as we can, as we respond to such a varying situation. Stay tuned.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge the dedication of our front-line health care workers. The stress they are under to prepare for what’s coming up must be difficult to bear. I am sure that they knowing of our undivided support will buoy their spirits a bit.

Peter Cohrs,