Knotmeter - April 24, 2020

Knotmeter - April 24, 2020

| Commodore's Address

Hello All,
We wait and see... still.
Kingston’s Covid situation is in pretty good shape but we must abide by what ever direction we are eventually given.
Marina lobby groups are lobbying the government to allow marine facilities to open mid May or thereabouts.
We hope they are successful.
As I mentioned last week the crane has been rebooked for May 31 June 1

The virtual sailors have been at it again.
Firstly, Brandon Tattersall led us through a tutorial on Tuesday. Thank you Brandon!
Last night, 18 skippers took to the virtual race couse and ran 5 races.
Leading the pack was, Brandon Tattersall!
THEN, hailing from the Glenmore reservoir were James and Matt Fair- see, you can live in Calgary and still race a boat!
Contact if you’d like to join in!

Other highlights of the regatta were Robert and Christine Weguelin engaging in a sailors demolition derby and John Adams having the temerity of ordering a beer, while sailing, from Melodie, and GETTING IT!!
We’re not sure what that says…

Our partnership with Queen’s University is paying dividends for the Sailing Community.
Queen's Sailing Team wins at the 84th annual Colour Awards for Varsity Clubs. Please see the article below.

KYC TAKEOUT is going well. Neil, Kyle and Brandon are sending out about 33 meals/day.
Neil has a big Enright prime rib which will be just... prime!!
We need a substantial subscrition to do this.. so DO “sign up”.

Again, I remind all that the Club is closed.
Access to the yards is strictly on a very short term (30 minutes or less), and for emergencies/ checking the exterior of your boat etc. basis.
Keep your social distance- don’t stick around.
I’ll be glad when we don’t have to limit things as much, but for the time being please respect the measures in place.

Peter Cohrs


| QST at 84th Colour Awards

Queen's Sailing Team wins at the 84th annual Colour Awards for Varsity Clubs
Congratulations to Queen's Sailing Team (QST) for winning The Award of Merit Trophy as the top performing Varsity Club.

More info here: