Knotmeter - May 23, 2020

Knotmeter - May 23, 2020


Hello Fellow Members,

I’m once again chained down in my "scriptorium sous-sol", to scribble up the latest news about your Club.
Much to say, as much is going on.

Firstly, a little more about our new General Manager, Daniel Shipp.
Born in our limestone City, Daniel brings to the Kingston Yacht Club over 25 years of experience in program development, strategic planning, communications, facility construction and management, and community leadership.
His more recent work experiences include fundraising and capital planning for RKY Camp and the Kingston General Hospital along with community sustainability program management for the City of Kingston.
Daniel holds a BA in Political Science from Waterloo (94) and a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from Queen's (04). He is a professional project manager (PMP), and a musician, enjoys cycling, home renovating and of course sailing - preferably on a catamaran! Daniel has started with us on a part time basis, and will merge into full time in early July. You’ll likely find Daniel cruising the grounds after 3 in the afternoon. After all, he has a 9-year-old daughter who is not in school these days!

Our yard protocols have been working well. Thank you. Everybody has followed the script. Lots of work is being done to our boat babies, and the weather of late has been magnificent! A little bit of luck.
Just a reminder that all boats on our hard will be launched, for what will be an insignificantly shortened season… but who actually does a LOT of sailing in May anyways?

Thank you for supporting the KYC takeout program. It’s a success and we are seeing a small profit. There is never a medium grade meal from Neil’s galley- it’s always delicious and excellent value. Neil’s roast beast dinner sold 48 “covers” and he could have sold half again as much, but he bought out all of Enright’s prime ribs...
Don’t forget there is a frozen food menu too.
This week’s special is Neil’s brined baby back ribs special- order yours today!
From time to time it’s been so busy that we might have to by Brandon new running shoes… he’s running the soles off his shoes!
Other days... it’s not-so-busy- don’t be shy, buy lunch!

LAUNCH is just over week away. For some there’s lots more work to be packed into that week or so. Launch will start at 0700 Sunday May 31. It is my intent and belief that we can and will launch all our boats, docks AND step the masts on Sunday. We run a most efficient operation, we dooo, and with time and organization we can get this job done.

Rick Sellens has written a protocol for our Covid launchpad.
I will share that with you soon, once it’s reviewed.
It won’t be business as usual, masks, physical distancing etc. will be the order of the day in this operation. Regardless of the inconvenient protocol, I for one can’t wait to get in the soup: I’m sure many share the same sentiment. It’ll be a party … of sorts…. at a distance...
Contrary to my last musings of no crew breakfast, Neil and Brandon are devising a way of feeding the flock. We won’t go hungry.

Brandon is also working out some details about how to open up the Club more, as the law permits. The Board will review Brandon’s proposal soon.
Please remember that AT THIS POINT:
A) the yards are for boat owners only.
B) there is NO outdoor dining and drinking- yet.
C) no activity on the breakwater except boat works.
D) as the yards are all licensed, only KYC drinks (if the alcoholic type) may be consumed there - and please, keep your distances!

We will soon start a phased opening of KYC. Naturally we hope to open up sooner rather than later. Stay tuned and stay patient, please.
It’s a pile of work to figure all this stuff out, and most of us are deep in our own boatworks.
A copy of the harbour boat placements is available here:/

a) help develop a new KYC grounds C-19 protocol- we need this worked out very soon (bear in mind, it could change anytime- this has been the life of your Board for the last 2 months- pinballs!)
b) plan a C-19 friendly Sailpast, date TBD
c) coordinate a bunch of yard cleanup; there is still quite a bit of sweeping and shovelling of gravel, some painting, hanging of flower pots, raising of flags, etc. some as a result of last November’s gale,
and anything else that comes out of the woodwork- and it DOES!

Speaking of volunteerism.
KYC runs on and thrives by the efforts of all of our faithful, diligent and dedicated volunteers.
From time to time I like to recognize a volunteer or two, who are putting their talents to work on your behalf.
One such volunteer is Peter van Rossem.
PvR has been repairing Whaler B. She has or HAD a bum transom (ha ha!) and PvR has employed his metalworking and welding skills and rebuilt her after end.
Thank you Peter!
And of course there is Matt… like the Energizer bunny, Matt is everywhere, all of the time.
Matt is Chair of OWEAG, he is busy on the IT/IM committee.
He does great work, and is a huge asset to KYC. This place would be no where near as functional with out Matt’s dedication.
AND he has a job, AND he has two daughters… AND he has a life partner. Thank you, Matt..
Both of these guys don’t want recognition. OK… I get that… but members should know who helps make KYC tick, and these two are just two of many great people who make things work. So there.

Our fiscal situation
Our financial whiz gang did a zero base, worst case scenario budget a few weeks ago- it was not encouraging at all..
With things opening up, that budget was revisited yesterday, now, it’s difficult, but manageable.
The budget will turn from difficult to a passable breakeven with more activity at KYC- especially F&B activity.
But break even doesn’t cut it. Most “departments” are on a no-spend directive. Maintenance is being deferred, loan payment principle being kicked 6 months down the road, a fed emergency loan taken out, and our galley staff subsidized.
We’re employing all available financial techniques to stay afloat, short of shutting the place down.
With all these "covid conveniences” we are treading water. So, when things open up, do patronize your Club.
This WILL improve. Thanks to Director of Finance John Angus, Vice Commodore Rob Crothers and our Controller John Whelan who pored over every line of the budget.

At this point I will very tangentially, and announce that excellent taste has once again found a berth at KYC … of course this is my usual humble, romantic, soft opinion.
Director of Finance John Angus has bought a 1968 C&C Corvette. A classic for a Classic. “Windflower" will grace and enhance!!.. our harbour mid June or so.
“Windflower” may be one of the oldest boats in our harbour, and probably the prettiest. (just my soft spoken opinion)
Hamilton’s loss is Kingston’s gain!

Back to reality.
Come mid June, Yard Manager Brad will depart from KYC.
However, with reduced activity around the Club, and Brad having been doing projects since late March, his presence, while always needed, will be reduced. Brad will work for us, on average, 1 hour per day thru the summer.
He will also help coordinate haul-in-the-fall.
Speaking of projects… the rebuilding of the whaler docks, the peel dock, fuel dock capping is a half day away from completion.
It all looks great! Go take a peek.

The COVID Cup…
Virtual sailing for the coveted cyber Covid cup (C&C&C&C) is almost over. The winner is “young gun”, James Fair!
James won this regatta, sailing from the fine waters of the Glenmore Reservoir. Is there a message in this?
Virtual sailing is a gas. It’s fast, furious, frustrating and fickle too. You got slow fingers, you’re a dead man sailing!
Your fingers too fast, you clip the trailing end of your sailing buddy!
And with audio, you’d think there was a flock of birds overhead with all the chirpin’ going on.
Virtual sailing will carry on- but the Covid cup will have been claimed.
Perhaps the virtual sailors come up with a new challenge cup.

We have members of the Canadian Sailing Team sailing from our inner ramp. Their tenure with us will be til POH opens. In the meantime, lets hope they enjoy KYC.
KYC member and Canadian Sail Team member Ali ten Hove with crew Mariah Millen are training in there 49er FX.
Matti Maru, also for the Canadian Sailing Team is on his Laser and Scott Gittens and James Juhaz of the Queens Sailing Team are training too.
Sadly there has been “sweet-all “ winds of late. It’ll improve. This is Kingston.

Harbour placement 2020. Please find attached the fluid harbour placements for 2020.
Fluid, not because our boats are waterborne, but because some placements may change to make things work best for all. Tweaking, really.

Thanks to your Board.
We have been meeting virtually, weekly, and working with what ever we’ve got to work with. There’s a lot!
While there isn’t much activity AT KYC compared to normal, there's a whole LOT going on behind the scenes- all in anticipation of getting to sail!
In support of sailing, committees are busy working to maintain our inventory, support the Galley Boys, upgrade our website, acclimatize our new GM, plan for some sort of sailing and cruising season, plan for the future beyond covid, and 2020!
And finally, a thank you to a few who made small contributions to our covid strategy. Tom Wilson of his UPS Store provided the yard signage, covid protocols, and Steve and Rheni of Tri-Art provided the uber hand sanitizer. Thanks to ALL.
And to John Vines for coordinating the flying of our burgee! It’s a beautiful thing!

See you out there.
Peter Cohrs,