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The dictionary defines Corinthian as: “Of or pertaining to an amateur sailor or yachtsman; as a Corinthian race (one in which the contesting yachts must be manned by amateurs)”. In various ways Kingston Yacht Club members have been supporting amateur sailors since 1954. Traditionally it has helped our aspiring sailors to get to events that would be otherwise financially difficult or unachievable. The Pan Am Games, Youth World Championships, Canadian Youth Championships and World Championships are typical of the events that have been supported. 

In 1954 the KYC crew of Harry Jemmett, Hank Connell and Barry Gilbert qualified for the North American 16 and under championship to be held in Holland Michigan. The Club’s poker group lead by Mr. Bob Partridge passed the hat and collected $60.00 to go towards the travelling costs. The young KYC crew won the championship being the first Canadian crew to do so, defeating many high profile American sailors.
When KYC was awarded the 420 World Championships in 1967, Col. Cam Jones was the driving force behind making sure KYC had their sailors competing, even though KYC did not have any 420 dinghy’s at the club. Cam raised $8,400.00 for the club to purchase four boats, which would be used for KYC crews to compete to see who would sail in the World Championship. Our rookie sailors performed very well against veteran 420 crews from around the world. The best finish was Harry Jemmett and Fred Siemonson ending up in fourth place. The boats were sold to various individuals and the contributors recouped 75% of their donation.

These events set the stage for the formal creation of the Corinthian Fund at the Kingston Yacht Club. In 1979, using a borrowed boat, Jeff Boyd, Gord Crothers and Peter Jones qualified to represent Canada at the Pan American Games in Ponce, Puerto Rico in the Lightning Class. In need of a competitive boat for the games, the KYC members (lead by Harry Jemmett) again came to the table. This time 140 members donated $100.00 each toward the purchase of a new competitive Lightning with the thought of selling the boat after the championship and then creating a permanent “Corinthian Fund” that would be able to support the Club’s sailors into the future. Thanks to the support they received the KYC Crew won a silver medal at the games! Since then the Corinthian Fund has been continually “Paying it Forward” supporting KYC sailors as they travel and compete at various championships.

Through annual voluntary donations, the KYC Corinthian Fund continues to grow its capital and has a mandate to distribute the annual interest. The fund was incorporated in 1994 and is administered by a committee that is separate, but controlled by, and reports to the KYC Membership.

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Gord Crothers

Guidelines for Administration

  1. The Corinthian Fund is a separate entity but will report to the KYC Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting and any other time at the request of the Board of Directors.
  2. The Committee membership should consist of KYC Members who are familiar with the activities of the Youth Sailing Program. The size and consultancy of the Committee may vary from time to time but will conform to the official By-Laws.
  3. Annual donations are to be solicited regardless of other voluntary contributions.
  4. National Team Sailors are only to be supported when it is deemed by the Committee that financial support is insufficient and the Fund’s resources allow for the consideration.
  5. Support is to be channeled towards sailors seriously endeavoring to achieve Provincial and National Team status.
  6. Sailors are only to be supported when it is deemed that the request has sufficient merit and the applicant will represent KYC in the appropriate manner.
  7. Assistance in the purchase of equipment only is given in exceptional cases.
  8. Applicants must satisfy the following requirements:
    1. Be a member of KYC in good standing
    2. Has demonstrated competence in the class of boat to be sailed in at the regatta for which assistance is sought
    3. Produce a long range program showing evidence of serious endeavour to become a national or provincial team member
    4. Complete an application in advance of travel to the competition
  9. Any member receiving support must submit a written report detailing progress made and lessons learned from the event.
  10. Under normal circumstances the committee shall dispense money from the annual interest portion of the invested portfolio.
  11. The Committee may institute a special appeal directed toward specific purpose
  12. Notwithstanding any of the above the Corinthian Fund Committee shall have the final decision on the disposition of any application for assistance.




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