Keelboat Racing

Kingston Yacht Club offers a varied racing program run at a high level. Many members are national and world championship sailors and others have experience with international level race course management. Although that sounds serious, we still know how to have fun each week and welcome new participants, whether you are a seasoned sailor or just starting out.

Club Racing

Beginning the first week after launch, KYC runs races on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings (6pm Start) for three keelboat fleets: PHRF 1 (ratings less than or equal to 165), PHRF 2 (ratings greater than or equal to 166) and Shark. On weekends there are several long-distance races scheduled.

Key Contacts

Program Lead

Robin Wynne-Edwards

PHRF 1 Fleet Captain

Robert Weguelin (acting)

PHRF 2 Fleet Captain

John Vines

Shark Fleet Captain

Robin Wynne-Edwards

PHRF-LO Representative Chris Walmsley