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Racing Calendar

The following is the calendar of racing dates for KYC, CORK and major away regattas:


14 Launch Organizer: KYC 
29 Pigeon Island Race Organizer: KYC (POSTPONED)
30 Mast stepping Organizer: KYC  


Weeknight racing begins Organizer: KYC (PENDING COVID RESTRICTIONS)
19 Single/Double Handed Race Organizer: KYC 


8-10 KYC 125th Invitational Event Organizer: KYC
8-10 EYC Regatta (Chaumont, NY) Organizer: EYC
10-11 505 Clinic Organizer: KYC
11 Sailpast KYC
15-18 Coastal Rowing Regatta Organizer: KYC
17 Harbour Race Organizer: KYC 
18 Easter Seals Regatta Organizer: KYC
22 Foiling Clinic Organizer: KYC
23-25 Foiling Regatta & FORK Organizer: KYC
24 Partridge Bowl Organizer: KYC
26-29 CORK 420 Canadians Organizer: CORK
30-31 Main Duck Island Race Organizer: KYC 
30-Aug 1 LYRA (Youngstown, NY) Organizer: LYRA
30-Aug 2 9ers Canadians Regatta Organizer: KYC 


5-8 CORK International Optis Regatta Organizer: CORK
9-12 CORK International Regatta Organizer: CORK
13-17 CORK Finn North Americans,
CORK Olympic Classes Regatta Organizer: CORK
18-22 CORK 9ers Regatta,
CORK Olympic Classes Regatta Organizer: CORK
20-21 Shark Regatta Organizer: KYC
28 Wolfe Island Race Organizer: KYC


11 Carruthers Series Organizer: KYC
11-12 IOM Regatta Organizer: KYC 
17-19 CORK Fall Regatta Organizer: CORK
24-26 CORK Fall Regatta Organizer: CORK
25 Chase Race Organizer: KYC 
30 Weeknight racing ends 


3,17,24 Frostbite Series Organizer: KYC 
30&31 Mast unstepping & haulout 


13 Racing Awards Night Organizer: KYC

KYC Racing Contacts

Sailing Committee Co-Chairs

Ken Martin
Robert Weguelin

PHRF 1 Fleet Captain

seeking volunteer

PHRF 2 Fleet Captain

John Vines

Shark Class Fleet Captain

Rogin Wynne-Edwards