Jemmetts Landing

Photo credit: Finnish Line Fleet Air Arm
Your private getaway in the Thousand Islands” -- Jemmett’s Landing Mooring Balls and Dock in Brakey Bay

Jemmetts Landing is the Club's property located in Brakey Bay on the northeast corner of Wolfe Island and is for exclusive use of Club Members. Reciprocal privileges with other clubs do not include Jemmetts. Mooring is reserved for Full Members and those Associates who have paid the Jemmetts Landing Access Fee.


  • Dock: The dock, new in 2012, is 140' of dock 108’ of which is floating.  NOTE:  North to North-East winds can produce rough conditions at the dock, so check the weather before you leave.
  • Mooring Balls: For overflow usage, riding out a North wind, or just for the privacy and quiet, there are now 4 mooring balls.  The outer two are new and have 2500lb anchors, and the inner two have 750lb anchors.  Please allow larger boats to user the outer mooring balls.
  • Fire Pit:  There is a fire pit with a stone surround for you to enjoy.  There are log seats nearby.  Be safe, and ensure any fire is completely extinguished when you return to your boat for the night, or leave the property.  The Club keeps a supply of firewood at the property.  Please let the General Manager know if it is running low.
  • BBQs:  There is a large coal BBQ as well as a large set of propane burners (though you need to supply your own propane)
  • Chairs:  There are a number of Club chairs and seats at the site.  They should be stored under the awning when not in use to keep them clean and dry.
  • Outhouses:  One outhouse is available throughout the season.