Knotmeter - March 17, 2017

Knotmeter - March 17, 2017

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| March 21: King's Town Players


Dinner Theatre Menu

  • spinach salad with warm pistachio crusted chevre, strawberry balsamic vinaigrette
  • Coq au Vin, Red wine marinated & braised chicken supreme with mushrooms, double smoked bacon & pearl onions
  • Apple Spice Cake with Maple Brown Sugar Glaze

| March 22: Women in Wind - Welcome for Young Women Sailors of KYC

We are pleased that KYC sailors Danielle Boyd, Arielle Morgan and Ali ten Hove will join W/W for a fireside chat. We are very proud of these sailors and their accomplishments and look forward to hearing about their future endeavours. We encourage all KYC Women to join us for the Women in Wind spring events. Watch the knotmeter for details.


| April 2: Paint Afternoon with Diane Black

MARK YOUR CALENDARS April 2nd Afternoon. Paint Afternoon with Diane Black
Members are welcome to bring a non-member to show off our Club so they can see it’s not just sailing they can take advantage of.

Theme Kingston/sailing/waterfront themed Cost per person: $45 + HST
• Instructor: Diane Black
• Paints: Acrylic
• Canvases: Medium size (between 16" x 16", 16" x 18", 16" x 20", or 18" x 20")
• Painting tools (brushes, palettes)
• Aprons
• plastic tablecloths
• painting boards

For more information, please contact Heidi Colburn at


| April 12: Women in Wind - Paint Night

Join local artist Christina Maclachlan for a fun evening of painting. The cost will be $20/pp.
We will get to take home our work at the end of the evening!


| April 22: Liar's Night

Launch is only 2 months away, so let's continue to ramp up that excitement!!!
On Saturday, April 22, the Cruiser's are having their annual dinner and invite all members to come and enjoy a social time to share salty or freshwater boating stories, wonderful dinner, compete challenging boaty quiz to see what you and your table really know about boating trivia, and no you won't be able to use your phones for last minute research. You'll have an opportunity to share boating stories true or false! Let us decide if you've embellished or not! If you have pictures to share, please send them along to Chris Walmsley, our IT guy for the night at

Did I mention there would be prizes?
Cheers and stay tuned!
Your Cruising Friends at KYC


| May 3-4: Launch 2017

Launch for spring 2017 is now set for May 3-4. May 3-4 is a Wednesday- Thursday sequence. We were originally booked for April 22-23 but that’s a tad early! Alternate weekend dates are impossible.


| May 27: 2017 Cruising Event


| Every Wednesday night...

We will continue to meet every Wednesday evening in the spring after yoga with Norah 4-5pm. Join us for social time directly after yoga for drinks, dinner etc.


| KYC Members Area

Over the past few weeks we have received requests on how to access member statements on the KYC website. To log into the KYC website, please visit and click the MEMBERS AREA tab at the top of the page. Your Member No. is your club ID and if you have not logged in before the password is the same. Both Member No. and password should be capitalized. Please change your password after logging in. Once logged in, account statements are available on the left hand side of the page under "My Account". The statement month can be changed by the drop down list under "Statement Period". If you have further questions, please contact the office.

Also, please note the committee schedule for 2016-2017 is available within the 2017 board minutes. These can be accessed by logging into the website. Under the member home page there is a link to Board Minutes. The committee schedule is located under the 2017 Board Minutes.


| Auditor Update

At the Annual General Meeting, the membership granted the Board authority to review the appointment of a club auditor. After careful consideration and thought, the Board is pleased to announce Wilkinson & Company LLP has been re-appointed as club auditor for the 2016-2017 season.


| Weekend Features

  • 10 oz Enright Cattle Company Ribeye with horseradish cream sauce, celeriac mash and broccoli - $25
  • Omelette: Ham, artichoke hearts, and brie - $13
  • Weekend Special: Mushroom, swiss and chive quiche with choice of side - $12

| Beer of the Week



Gruits take inspiration from centuries-old brewing tradition: herbs, spices and other botanicals replace a dominant hop character. Tyrannosaurus Gruit is a red gruit ale made with Quebec-grown beets and hibiscus flowers. Organic juniper berries and locally foraged organic white spruce tips add in an enjoyable element of woodsiness and conifer resins.


| Wine of the Month

Concha y Toro is the largest producer of wines from Latin America and is one of the global leaders in its field. It is headquartered in Santiago, Chile.

Concha y Toro produces several varietals. White: Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Semillon, Gewürztraminer Red: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Carmenère

For this month I have chosen a fantastic Carménère,

The Carménère grape is a wine grape variety originally planted in the Médoc region of Bordeaux, France, where it was used to produce deep red wines and occasionally used for blending purposes in the same manner as Petit Verdot. I thought this would be a fantastic follow up wine for those who participated in our French Wine Pairing.

The Carménère is a member of the Cabernet family of grapes, the name "Carménère" originates from the French word for crimson (carmin) which refers to the brilliant crimson colour of the autumn foliage prior to leaf-fall. The grape is also known as Grande Vidure, a historic Bordeaux synonym, although current European Union regulations prohibit Chilean imports under this name into the European Union. Along with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot, Carménère is considered part of the original six red grapes of Bordeaux, France.

Now rarely found in France, the world's largest area planted with this variety is in Chile in South America, with more than 8,800 hectares (2009) cultivated in the Central Valley. As such, Chile produces the vast majority of Carménère wines available today and as the Chilean wine industry grows, more experimentation is being carried out on Carménère's potential as a blending grape, especially with Cabernet Sauvignon.

This Carménère from Concha Y Toro is part of their "Winemaker's Lot" was produced exclusively for the Canadian market, it is is loaded with warm earth, black cherry and fig with a notable campfire complexity. Characterfully dense and seriously structured with plush tannins and touches of spice. Great paired with our Steak or at home with ribs, or veal medallions.


| Mooring Allocations

The Mooring Committee has released the final 2017 mooring allocations. All members can view the mooring diagram at

In addition, management will be sending out individual emails specifying slip location with an attached diagram.


| In other news...

As declared by this year's Vice Commodre, part of the duties are to travel the world and be our ambassadore to other Clubs. Our very own Rob Crothers (Vice Commodore) has decided to begin this whirlwind tour by taking up Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba's (HIYC of Cuba) invitation and travel their in order to partake in thier 25th Celebration! If you are also interested please give Rob a call for additional details! Who knew this title provided this kind of benefit!


| Attention KYC Racing Skippers

It is time to make sure your PHRF-LO certificate measurements are accurate. If you have a new boat or new sail(s), they must be measured before we can issue or renew your PHRF-LO certificates. PHRF-LO certificates are required at KYC to race in either the PHRF I or PHRF II fleets. Sail Measurement night will be Tuesday April 25, 2017 between 1700 and 1900 hours. It takes about 15 minutes. Please contact Rob Colwell at to reserve your slot.

PHRF-LO Spring Training Seminar
Saturday March 25, 2017 from 1000-1600hrs at the Prince Edward Yacht Club, 30 Fairfield Street, Picton ON K0K2T0. The seminar is open to all but targeted for those who are PHRF-LO Handicappers or who are interested in becoming a PHRF-LO handicapper. Topics include:

    The Handicapping Process
    Sail Measurements and Boat Inspections
    The Handicapper’s Worksheet
    Role of PHRF-LO Office

There is no cost and lunch will be provided, so if you want to “look behind the PHRF-LO curtain” please contact PHRF-LO Administration (e-mail: or call (800) 488-9885 to register. Please contact Rob Colwell (613) 547-0388 if you want to carpool.


| Robert Davis named Sail Canada February Sailor of the Month

Congratulations to KYC's Robert Davis for being named Sail Canada February Sailor of the Month. Robert just won the 2017 Laser Midwinters East Championships capturing the event win with an 8-point lead ahead of Peru’s Stefano Peschiera. The 50-boat fleet sailed 10 races over the course of 4 days in variable conditions. Davis finished over half of his races in the top three, dominating the leaderboard from start to finish. "I've spent a lot of time training and competing in Clearwater, so I am quite comfortable sailing there," adds Davis. “We saw a good mix of conditions, and I was able to stay consistent over the ten races.” This performance marks Davis’ second midwinters title, placing 1st in 2014 and 2nd to Canadian Olympian Lee Parkhill last year.

While currently training in Spain for an upcoming Eurosaf event, Robert reflects on a mentor, Corey Lynam, who impacted him greatly in his early years of sailing. Corey passed away tragically on March 4th. “Corey was the race team coach at the Kingston Yacht Club when I was 15-17 years old. He was a terrific mentor, someone we all looked up to, and he created an amazing environment for us to learn and develop our passion for the sport of sailing. He will be truly missed.”

| Kingston Harbour Wind Buoy - Donations Requested

CORK, with support of some KYC members, are working with a Queen’s Engineering class to design a wind buoy for the Kingston Harbour. There are three groups of students working on their own prototype designs, to be completed by the end of the current winter semester.

The amount of funding each group gets from their program is only $90 each, so we are looking for members of the sailing community to help increase the total budget of the students to help make the prototypes more viable. (Instruments and microprocessor equipment add up quickly!)

We can’t guarantee the prototype(s) will be ready for full deployment for this summer, but CORK will retain all ownership rights of the design and equipment, so they can be used in future designs.

We hope to build on the students’ work and build this to be a multi-year program with the aim of a permanent solution in the next few years. Eventually we plan to seek alternative forms of funding (grants and sponsorship), but for now we are asking the sailing community to help us give the student program a boost.

[Donate Now]


| A free offer from CORK

CORK’s vision is to be recognized as the preferred provider of multi-class regattas in the largest freshwater sailing facility in the world. We recognize that the timely collection, processing and communication of racing results is a critical factor in achieving this vision. We also recognize that our capability in the results area has fallen off recently.

2017 is the year we are going to rebuild that capability through a concerted campaign of documentation, recruiting and training.

Starting with documentation, we are upgrading CORK Sailwave for Dummies – step-by-step directions for the setup and operation of Sailwave at CORK drafted in 2016. The new CORK Scoring Guide will describe the entire CORK Scoring System based on Sailwave and including the roles and responsibilities of the Results Team. The Guide will help all regatta participants understand the nuances of scoring for multi-course, multi-class regattas with detailed instructions and worksheets on, for example, setting up the qualifying and final series of racing (i.e. flights and fleets). The first edition of the Scoring Guide will be completed by 1 April

Then comes training. The project team will draft a training curriculum based on the Scoring Guide. Before CORK’s 2017 season begins, CORK will host two training workshops. The first weekend training session on 22-23 April will test-run the curriculum and update the CORK Scoring System accordingly. The second session, which will take place in early August, will prepare members of the Results Team for scoring CORK’s 2017 regatta series.

CORK’s Chief Scorer Christine Searle leads the project team. She will also lead the training workshops with the help of Peter van Muyden – an International Race Officer who has dedicated countless hours to improving Sailwave and to apply the Rules of Sailing to scoring international regattas.

That is the program – complete, step-by-step documentation and training. But we need people! So, CORK is offering this training for free and all we ask is for a willingness to be a part of the CORK Scoring Team for one summer regatta (4-5 days). In return, you gain a skill that you can use at your home club or take on the road to other events.

Please mark the date of 22-23 April and either email us at or talk to Ken Martin at the club.


| POH / Kingston Penitentiary

The City is collecting opinions about the recently released draft plan for the KP/POH grounds. Please go, click on "Emerging Vision" and fill in the survey. Make sure you understand the numbering system on the diagram.
For example, the areas labelled “6” are proposed to be 12 story high apartment or condo buildings. The area labeled “5” is proposed to be town houses. This 25 hectare (50 acres) are is about to become public land and it's important that these special spaces, POH and KP, provide ample open/green space at the same time as they see rational development that's in keeping with historic Portsmouth Village.