Knotmeter - June 2, 2017

Knotmeter - June 2, 2017

Don't miss Sail Past 2017 this weekend!

And the Winner of last weeks caption contest - Peter Girard with "My good man, take me to my yacht."

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| June 3: Sailpast 2017

Detailed Sailpast Sls
1330 hrs Please be on water
1400 hrs The Orange Peel will stand near Myles Shoal as a marshalling point for the fleet (this may vary in a North Wind)
1430 hrs The Orange Peel, displaying Code Flag ‘L’ will lead the fleet to the Sailpast & Review of the Fleet

We will be doing a very different approach for dinner this year. Chef will be creating Multiple Food Stations as well as passed Hors D’oeuvres – Plenty of food and a tremendous selection! We are reviewing set up (as you may have seen, staff have done a great job in creating a new patio outside the Clubhouse for all to enjoy).

Commodore Cameron and our Executive Officers will Review the Fleet from Vice Commodore’s boat Valkyr 11, which will be located south of the KYC Flag Staff. Participants should assemble on the water at 1400hrs, in the vicinity of the Orange Peel.

For details, participants should monitor VHF Ch.71 or come within hail of the Orange Peel. The order of sail will be in-line, from the smallest to the largest, power and sail intermixed.

Participants should salute to the Commodore by dipping their ensign or luffing their foresail.

Celebration ashore:
After sailing-past, return to KYC and “dress ship”. Mooring allocation for boats that are not normally moored at KYC will be available. Call ‘KYC Gas Dock’ on channel 71.

Each Year the Reviewing Group Presents Awards for various reasons, some created during Sailpast.

This year's sail past menu will be in the form of a cocktail style reception:
If you have been to our Spring Food & Beverage Fair or December’s Commodore’s Christmas Party – you know what kind of experience you are in for! (We may also be sampling some product….)

We will be asking all to check in at the bar before you “hit” the Food Stations.
Let’s celebrate the many things we have accomplished this past spring!
Music will be performed by Lisa Vee and The VIP

Please reserve your food tickets by contacting Greg by email at or by phone at 613-548-3052.


| June 10: Single/double handed race

For details please refer to the "Sailors Handbook", available online at Click the "Keelboat Racing Schedule" link and then the individual race link.


| Every Wednesday night...

Women in Wind will continue to meet every Wednesday evening in the spring after yoga with Norah 4-5pm. Join us for social time directly after yoga for drinks, dinner etc.


| YOGA AT KYC With Norah Greatrix!

Come down to KYC for yoga, every Wednesday!

  • Where: Partridge Room (Upstairs), KYC
  • When: 1545h, every Wednesday, classes formally start at 1600h.
  • Cost: The cost is $10 per session (which we will be happy to apply to your account)
  • What to Bring: Mat, comfortable clothes & H2O (A mat can be arranged in advance if you need, please contact Norah for this and with any questions pertaining to what will be covered in class).


| Weekend Features

  • Beef Bourguignon with mini red potatoes and grilled bread - $18
  • Omelette: Greek omelette - $12
  • Weekend Special: roasted red pepper, spinach and chevre quiche with a farm gate salad - $12

| Beer of the Week

We are bringing back an old favourite from last year! Our Featured tap for this month is Waupoos Premium Cider! Enjoyed all across Ontario this slightly sweet, off-dry cider is perfect to sip on the patio or to compliment full flavored meals.You'll notice the pale straw like colour & light pear & apple aromas as it pours. Waupoos has a zesty acidity and tangy apple flavour with a crisp lingering finish and underlying tannic qualities. We hope you enjoy this taste of summer from the County Cider Co.

| Wine of the Month

Cazal Viel Syrah Rose

Cazal Viel Rose is a fresh and lively wine from the Languedoc-Roussillon reigon of France. Built on the ruins of ancient Roman an villa, Chateau Cazal Viel's land has a rich history of wine production stretching back as far as the year 1202 when the monks of the local Abbaye de Fontcaude used this site to cultivate their wine. Following the French Revolution in 1789 the Miquel family acquired the estate and began a family legacy of wine production that continues today.

Our wine of the month has a delicate pink colour with a blend of 85% Syrah & 15% Cinsault grape, This wine has invigorating red fruit flavours with round, mellow structure and a fresh and lively finish make this a perfect rose to accompany a meal or as a refreshing beverage all on it's own.

Junior Sailing

| Summer Sailing

We weather is getting warmer and it has been beautiful out on the water last week! Spaces in the summer program are very quickly running out - make sure you and your friends are signed up.

| Dinghy Racing - Monday Nights

As the weather and the water continue to warm up, we will be postponing Dinghy Race Night until Monday, June 26th. Mark it on your calendars, find yourself a skipper or a crew, and get ready for some fun races with Coach James, Coach Grace and the other JS Coaches!


| Coach Focus

We are excited to have 2016 Olympian Dannie Boyd as one of our talented Guest Coaches this summer. Check out video on Facebook to hear Dannie discuss her sailing background, her coaching style, and her experiences at the Olympic Games this past summer.


Mitzi Ellemers - CANSail 1/2 Instructor
Mitzi has just graduated from KCVI and is taking a gap year before going to University. She began sailing at sailing opti's at the Junior Sailing program at KYC when she was 6 years old, and was on the 420 race team for one year. This is her second year coaching with KYC. She is very excited for an amazing summer teaching CANSail 1 & 2!

Caroline Murdoch - Opti Instructor
Caroline is finishing her last year of high school at K.C.V.I. In the fall, she will be attending McMaster University for Kinesiology. Raised in Kingston, she began sailing with her family on yachts. When she was six years old she started sailing optis at the Junior Sailing program at KYC. She has sailed optis and 420s recreationally and racing. This will be Caroline’s 13th summer at KYC and her second year as a sailing instructor. Caroline looks forward to an awesome summer filled with lots of sailing!

Will Beyak - CANSail 1/2 Instructor
Will is just about to graduate from Frontenac Secondary School and will be attending University of Ottawa in the fall, studying Kinesiology. He has been sailing at KYC since the age of 9. Will's time sailing at KYC includes 2 years coaching, 2 years of race team (in both 420 and Laser), along with 4 years completing his other levels. This will be his second year instructing and he will be teaching in the opti division this summer.

| adult learn-to-sail

Thank you to all those who have shown interest in the KYC Adult Learn to Sail Program. All those who have shown interest through the 2017 Adult Sailing Lessons Google Form on the KYC website will be contacted over the next week. If you'd like to participate in the KYC Adult Learn to Sail Program and haven't filled out the form just yet, please do so as soon as possible -


| 1000 Island Alerts

The 1000 Island National Parks has detailed listing of the many facility restrictions and property closures due to the high water levels we are experinecing this year.

We recommend to all to review prior to heading down river (details are updated regularly for each Island).

| Community Club Skippers

Ahoy 'Jessie' Skippers: Jessie is available for reservations. Many thanks to our Yard Steward Brad and interim Bosun Max for recent repairs. (Bosun Cole is away for a few weeks so please record maintenance requests in Jessie’s logbook and email

Jessie may be reserved as detailed in the 2016 Community Club manual (downloadable when reserving). Our C&C 24 is currently in slip 23 next to the clubhouse. A key is at the Bar until the gas dock is back in operation. Please return Jessie's key to the Bar.

Shark 'Moonshine' is in the water marking the end of the flooded gas dock. Moonshine is not yet ready to be reserved.

On Sat 3 Jun, I am looking for crew for 'Jessie' to salute the Commodore at Sail past. Leave harbour by 1330.

On Sat 17 Jun, KYC is planning a 'Get Out on the Water' event. The public will be invited to visit and learn about KYC and our Junior Sailing and Adult Learn to Sail programs. Looking for several Skippers to show our Community Club boats at the dock. Please let me know if you can be a Community Club ambassador for two hours between 1000 – 1400.

Peter French


The June 1 race is part of the shortened May series. Thus far, we've had a total of 18 boats out racing (9 PHRF I, 3 PHRF II and 6 Sharks), including 2 new boats: a Farr/Mumm 30 (Wilby/Hull syndicate) and a 2nd Mirage 24 (Weguelins). James Rountree, our new KYC Sailing Manager, is rapidly becoming a veteran of our race management activities.

The is a very cool (and free) iPhone/Android app called raceQs available for fleets of racing boats to record their tracks and view online after racing. See for more info. raceQs could provide some post-race entertainment and perhaps even a few insights. Thanks to Chris Currie for suggesting this. Let's try it out... after you've registered your boat, before your race starts just press "Start track" button and track and after finishing, press "End track". Then view on mobile/computer, along with any other racers in the area who've used raceQs. It figures it all out.

* One week until unfilled Race Committee slots will be automatically assigned. Note: weekend races are eligible too. Many of these only require starting a race on Saturday morning.

| Able Sail Volunteers

Able Sail is seeking additional volunteer board members. The board members collectively run the program and maintain the fleet, but at this time we especially need people with some fundraising skills.

Don’t want to make a full commitment to the board? We also welcome volunteers to help out with boat maintenance/repair, companion sailing, and event planning – on a one-time or continuing basis. The Able Sail program is very fun and rewarding, and we would love to have your participation.


To kick off the May series, we had 7 boats (3 Sharks and 4 PHRF) out Tuesday and 9 boats (3 Sharks and 6 PHRF) Thursday, including 2 new boats on the line: a Farr/Mumm 30 (Wilby/Hull syndicate) and a 2nd Mirage 24 (Weguelins). James Rountree, our new KYC Sailing Manager, is getting up to speed very quickly. If you get a chance, say hi to James. An electrically rejuvenated Orange Peel is back in service. Remember, the water is very cold (and high) so please dress accordingly and be careful out there!

The is a very cool (and free) iPhone/Android app called RaceQs available for fleets of racing boats to record their tracks and view online after racing. See for more info. RaceQs could provide some post-race entertainment and perhaps even a few insights. Thanks to Chris Currie for suggesting this. Let's try it out...

* Unfilled Race Committee slots will be automatically assigned in early June. Note: weekend races are eligible too. Many of these only require starting a race on Saturday morning.
* People looking for a boat to crew on should sign up on the white board before evening races.
* There are still a few Sailors' Handbooks and 2017-2020 Racing Rules books available (ask at the bar).


| Computer Equipment Donation

We are looking to upgrade our wind display equipment to share more info including radar and water levels. We are looking for old business computers that can run Windows 7 or better (Windows 7 Pro is preferred). Also looking for flat screen monitors to mount on the wall (we can supply the mount). If you have anything which might be suitable to donate, please email