Knotmeter - November 3, 2017

Knotmeter - November 3, 2017

Thank you to all volunteers who helped with Haulout this year and bringing another excellent season to an end.

Special announcements

| Temporary Club Closing

As the season begins to wind down, we are reviewing the calendar and scheduling some much needed Clubhouse projects that need to happen before Brad leaves for warmer weather. The timing unfortunately means we will need to close the Restaurant and Bar during the week of November 6th as the water will need to be shut off to perform maintenance. There will be no bar, kitchen, or washroom services during this time as we will be upgrading part of the kitchen floor and walls that are in dire need of repair. This project is long overdue and is essential to happen before we experience the Christmas Season. During this time we will also do a quick renovation of the men's washroom as well as review a sewer issue that has been causing us problems all season.

If you have any questions or concerns either about the closure or the scope of work, please contact Greg at or 613.548.3052

Upcoming Events

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| NOVEMBER 4: Sailing Awards Night

Limited seating remaining! The deadline for reservations is Sunday October 29th, by 5:00pm.

A panel met on Monday and selected the winners of this year's Special Awards. Thanks to all those who submitted nominations. As usual there are more worthy nominees than awards available.

Please send any last minute photos or videos, for inclusion in the slide show, by email to or by media (USB drive or CD-ROM) to the Race Office.

| NOVEMBER 4: Awards Banquet

| November 22: W in W hosts Cooking night with Chef Neil

We welcome all KYC women to attend! This is a fun interactive evening of cooking. The price is $30 pp Limited spots available sign up now to avoid disappointment! 5:30-7pm

| December 13: W in W Christmas Luncheon

We welcome all KYC women to attend and bring a friend to this holiday tradition! The price is $ pp for the buffet style lunch. menu to follow. noon-1:30pm


| Weekend Features

  • Chorizo, Asiago and spinach stuffed chicken supreme with smoked paprika tomato sauce, wild rice pilaf and green beans - $20
  • Weekend Special: Huevos Rancheros - $13
  • Omlette: Spinach, roasted red peppers and feta - $13

| Beer of the Week

| Wine of the Month



| Thank you for a successful Haulout!

Last Saturday and Sunday's demasting and boat haul may go down as one of the wettest, but certainly one of the most satisfying. We had many, many volunteers who came out early and stuck it out to the cold, wet end. Although we finished Sunday at lunchtime, wet as drowned rats, we had pulled about 26 masts and hauled 38 boats. We may have done this in record time. A very successful and satisfying one and a half days.

There were many "cerws" and from time to time they switched places, but in general here's where they performed their magic. So 'hats off' to:
Our hearders and timers, Mary Westerland, Mary Wilson and Laura Tattersall. These are the ladies who kept us in line.
The boat slingers and hookers: Andrew Kelm, Rob Crothers, Ken Martin, John Kitney. It was fun to watch these guys do their balancing acts.
The liners and tetherers - Jim Beatson and Rick Sellens.
Grond crew (the pushy set) - Kevin Deluzio, Chris Walmsley, Ian Whitfield, Chris Currie, David Morris, and myself, Peter Cohrs
Sling Porters - Graham Mutch, Fran O'Heare, Kelly Haugue.
Out of the woodwork came even more! - Ann Rouget, Tim Irwin, Mike Charrett, Ross Cameron, Phil Hart, and Robert Weguelin.

Thank you all!

Kudos to our Yard Steward, Brad Strawbridge who in short order, with Graham Mutch and Cole Robertson's help, laid out all the cradles, then ran the towboat Saturday and Sunday.

Brad is always a source of helpful feedback in the planning and logistics of launch and haul. Also on the thank you list for cradle unloading are: Mike Charette, Darwin Muir, Jim Beatson, Andrew Kelm, and of course Brad.

Thank you to all who gave their time and muscle power to make all these days so successful. A special thanks to those volunteers who didn't have masts or boats to haul, and gave a day and a half anyways! Your help is most appreciated!

I call this an "exemplary effort", because it illustrates what can be done when many hands and minds join to take on a task. A well planned, well attended event is made so much better by both. We all know that KYC has and will always have challenges, and the best way to meet them is to do it together.

-Peter Cohrs



We recently lost James Rountree, our wonderful Sailing Manager to pursuits our West. We thank James and wish him all the best! If you know someone who might be interested in performing the part-time Race Management Coordinator job next year at KYC, please have them contact Ken Martin at for more details.



Many thanks to John Vines and a few volunteers for hauling our racing marks from the harbour last week and storing for the winter.



Some of you may have noticed an outage of our club's weather station during a stormy weekend a while back. Thanks to Conrad Falkson for donating his weather station base unit to the club and to Chris Walmsley and Matt White for getting things up and running again! In addition, we have some newer SailFlow displays.