Knotmeter - November 10, 2017

Knotmeter - November 10, 2017

| Update on our Clubhouse Projects

Our sewer repair was completed Thursday, November 9th. (We will have a video if anyone is interested in seeing it!). Bathroom repairs are going well, and plan to have them operational by the weekend. Kitchen reonovation (our largest and most complex project) is taking a few days longer than anticipated. Our original plan was to have the project completed for Tuesday, November 14th, however the new floor is not going to be installed until Tuesday (which will take a full day and a bit). We plan on putting the kithcen "back in order" Wednesday afternoon, for limited menu options available Thursday, November 16th. We plan to be fully operational by Friday, November 17th.

We will send an update out to the Membership Monday Afternoon.


  • The Bar will be open from 11am to 3pm on November 11th with soup for Remberance Day
  • Ladies Washroom will be fully operational, if Men's is not completed, we ask gentlemen to use the Accessible Washroom
  • Club Services not open Sun / Mon
  • Washrooms and Bar open Tuesday, Wednesday (with a pot of soup)
  • All facilities available Thurday, November 16th

We apologize for the extended delay, however GREAT THINGS are HAPPENING!

Any questions, or clarifications, please contact Greg at 613-548-3052