Knotmeter - June 8, 2018

Knotmeter - June 8, 2018

Thank you for an excellent Sailpast!
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Special Announcements

Just a reminder parking stickers and membership cards are in and can be picked up at the main bar. We will be involved again this year with Doors Open (Saturday, June 16th) during the day. This is a great opportunity to "showcase" our facility to people from the city of Kingston. We anticipate many new faces walking around, so please feel free to introduce yourself and talk to them about how great our Club is! Lastly, as we are increasingly getting busier, we have seen an increase in dining at the Club (which is fantastic), however we do ask if you are bringing down a party of 5 or more that you make a reservation which allows us to ensure we can have your table ready as well as proper staffing. We encourage all to allow us to be involved in your celebrations, and by reserving it ensures Brandon, Chef Neil and our Team are properly prepared!

Upcoming Events

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| June 13: Junior Sailing Parent INFO Night


| June 16: Science of Beer


| June 16: KYC Sail to Amherst Island

KYC Sail to Amherst Island Saturday June 16 2018

N 44° 11.53´ W 076° 39.31´ Point “X” on chart below.

Judith and Robert Mackenzie invite the Cruisers and friends to their place on Amherst Island on Saturday June 16. This is a rain or shine event. Come by boat or by car. Plan to arrive about noon hour.

Bring your own lunch. We will offer wine, cold beer, glasses, plates and cutlery.

Getting There by Boat

Our place is on the north shore of Amherst Island located on the North Channel west of The Brothers Islands and east of Preston Cove which is located just east of Griffin Point. With reference to the chart below proceed west past The Brothers Islands to the point marked "X" on the chart. Stay off the Amherst Island shore by keeping the entire Lennox Generating Plant in sight until reaching Point “X”.

The coordinates of Point "X" are N 44° 11.53´ W 076° 39.31´.

Point “X” is sightly past (west) our yellow cottage with brown roofing. When the chimney on the brown roof lines up with a red marker near the shore proceed into the shore from Point “X”. Use the chimney and red marker as a range. Stay on the range!

There is no dock so anchor nearby in the area marked by a WHITE float. Bring your dinghy, if not someone will ferry you to shore. Best to wear water footwear for landing.

If you want assistance call 613 384-6861 and someone will be ready to “talk you in”.

Getting There by By Car

The Amherst Island ferry departs hourly from Millhaven on the half hour. Departures from the Island are on the hour. $9 return for a vehicle. Bicycles $1.50. People free. If travelling by car consider doubling up and save a fare.

On arrival on the island proceed straight ahead to the four-way stop intersection and turn left onto Front Road. Proceed through the hamlet of Stella and go eastward about 4 km. Our place is at 1150 Front Road.

Good luck! We look forward to seeing you.

Judith and Robert Mackenzie


| June 17: Father's Day

| August 17-19: Picton Jazz Festival Cruise

Once again John and Karen Kitney will be organizing events around the 11th annual Picton Jazz Festival Cruise, scheduled for the weekend of August 17, 18 and 19. We are planning to organize the group dinner for Friday night (August 17) and then plan to attend the 8:00 pm Regent Theatre Concert featuring the Carol Welsman Trio. A limited number of tickets have been pre-purchased for KYC ($44 each) and can be claimed by calling Greg at the club office to have these put on your club account. Additional tickets can also be purchased on-line at (bear in mind that the good seats are selling quickly). Details for opting into the Friday dinner and any other weekend activities (such as the Saturday night performance of “The Drawer Boy” by the Festival Players) will follow as they become available. Dockage can also be arranged for the group. Please contact John Kitney if you are interested in participating in this weekend event, either by boat or by car. In the mean time you can check the 2018 program for other Jazz events that you might want to catch on their own. Visit Cheers, John Kitney (


| Weekend Features

  • Friday/Saturday Feature: Fresh Pacific halibut with a yellow pepper roast shallot coulis, mini red potatoes and local asparagus - $28
  • Weekend Special: Croissant breakfast sandwich - $14
  • Omlette: Spanish omelette - $13

| Beer of the Week


Bavarian-style Dark Lager 5.7% ABV

Dunkel is a Bavarian-style dark lager with a balanced, reserved hop presence. Crisp with a malt-forward taste, Dunkel is the ideal beer for those who love both the rich roastiness of a dark beer and the clean finish of a lager.

History & Style
Among the most appropriately named styles of beer, the term “dunkel” is the German word for “dark.” Dunkel’s history stretches back to the Bavarian Purity Act of 1516, which decreed that brewers use only barley, hops and water in beer-making – clearing a path for the dunkel, which met both these standards and satisfied the palates of the people of Munich. This traditional Bavarian lager rose in prominence, with a legacy that remains to this day. Dunkel is luscious and toasty in flavour, yet with smooth lager crispness.
Tasting Notes
Dunkel pours mahogany with a billowy white foam. The aroma offers mocha and bread crust notes. The flavour features deep malt impressions with hints of chocolate. This medium bodied dark lager has a clean finish.


| Wine of the Month

Junior Sailing

| JS Updates

Arcchit has been conducting short interviews with the JS coaches - check them out on the Junior Sailing Facebook page to learn more!

| Instructor Bios

Introducing two of our new staff members:

Caleb Murdock: This will be my 9th year sailing and my 3rd year coaching! I've coached all areas, from Wetfeet to CANSail 3-4. My approach to coaching is to try to have as much fun as possible out on the water while building our skillsets with specific goals, and trying to foster a learning environment where everybody can learn to succeed and have a great time doing it. As far as extracurricular, I'm an executive at the Queen's Urban Agriculture Club, a brand ambassador for Indezone Energy, and I work for Walkhome in my spare time. My goals for the season are to make sure every sailor leaves KYC with more enthusiasm for sailing than they came into the program with, and learn some really valuable skills in the process!

Brynn Paisley: I am entering my 5th summer of coaching sailing and what is likely my 20th summer spent sailing on Lake Ontario. I grew up in a family of sailors and being involved in this sport has allowed me to travel to unique places in the world while meeting interesting individuals that share the same passion for sailing as my family and I do! When I am coaching I like to make sure that all sailors know that enjoying themselves is the top priority and I love working with each individual sailor to help them discover what gets them excited about sailing and what will help them to succeed. When I'm not sailing I can be found running, doing yoga, cooking with my friends, or skiing with my family. I am excited to get to know KYC this summer and my goal is to make sure that each sailor leaves at the end of the day eager to come back for more sailing the next day!


| Sailing

The Dragon Force 65 fleet finally had a good breeze (15+ kts). 6 boats participated on the inaugural 1st race. Video (with play by play) will be posted on KYC's Twitter/Facebook feed.

Again, the May series racing results:

PHRF 1 (6 racers): 1st Force 10 (Crowsan), 2nd Long Time Running (Hull), 3rd Ritalin (Harrison)
PHRF 2 (7 racers): 1st Seattle Slewp (Krazsewski), 2nd Vandal (Tattersall), 3rd Teyma (Weguelin)
Sharks (7 racers) : 1st Shadfly (Raddon), 2nd Shanti (Boyd), 3rd JLS (Van Rossem)

Best wishes to our local Sharkies as they head off to Ottawa for Shark Canadians this weekend. Go team KYC!

The deadline for Race Committee duty sign up has passed. Arcchit will be assigning duties and emailing skippers. Remember though, it is each racer's responsibility to know about and perform their duties.

Upcoming weekend events:

Sat June 9 Amherst Island Race (CBYC)
Sat June 16 Single/Double Handed Race

Thinking has started again about having an online KYC Crew Bank. If you have thoughts about this, looking for a boat to race on, are looking for crew, please talk to Arrchit or your fleet captain.

Community Club boats are now available for booking and checkout.

Please share your thoughts on any of our Sailing programs with the appropriate people. There are also now new program specific KYC email addresses for members or the public wishing to connect about a specific program:
Racing: Steve Harrison & Peter Kraszewski (PHRF 1), John Vines (PHRF 2), Robin Wynne-Edwards (Sharks), Rob Colwell & Chris Walmsley (PHRF)
Regattas: Robert Weguelin
Radio Controlled: Paul Switzer & John Lowther
Community Club: Peter French
Women In Wind: Mary Wilson
Cruising: Ryan and Carolyn Heath
Able Sail Kingston: Audrey Kobayashi & John Curtis
Sailing Ken Martin, Chair