Knotmeter - August 10, 2018

Knotmeter - August 10, 2018


Special announcements

| A Message from the Manager

I hope everyone received our KYC Currents (Membership Edition) with some great work from our Membership Committee. As I previously mentioned, we had an extremely busy July; August is also looking to be great for the Club! I would like to remind our membership that we have Shark Worlds at the Club during the last week of August and will be asking members who are willing and able to assist us with space in the Harbour and moor at POH during this time (a seperate email will follow next week to members with boats in the harbour).

The stairwell carpet will be replaced on Thursday, August 16th which will create some additional challenges for staff when delivering food. I would like to thank all in advance for your patience during this day.

Brad and Cole have also had quite a busy summer with ongoing projects for both Club & Boat maintenance and upkeep. We hope all are enjoying seeing some of these additions around the Club. We are currently reviewing some items that can be checked off the "bucket list" this fall before Brad jet-sets off to the Bahamas for the winter (more to come with that).

As always, I welcome any feedback, comments or suggestions on your experience(s) at KYC this year.

Greg McNab

Upcoming Events

Full Calendar of Events »


| August 17-19: Picton Jazz Festival Cruise


Once again John and Karen Kitney will be organizing events around the 11th annual Picton Jazz Festival Cruise, scheduled for the weekend of August 17, 18 and 19.

We are planning to organize the group dinner for Friday night (August 17) and then plan to attend the 8:00 pm Regent Theatre Concert featuring the Carol Welsman Trio. A limited number of tickets have been pre-purchased for KYC ($44 each) and can be claimed by calling Greg at the club office to have these put on your club account. Additional tickets can also be purchased on-line at (bear in mind that the good seats are selling quickly).

Details for opting into the Friday dinner and any other weekend activities (such as the Saturday night performance of “The Drawer Boy” by the Festival Players) will follow as they become available. Dockage can also be arranged for the group. Please contact John Kitney if you are interested in participating in this weekend event, either by boat or by car. In the mean time you can check the 2018 program for other Jazz events that you might want to catch on their own. Visit


John Kitney (


| August 25: Wolfe Island Race


| August 31: Smitty Kingston


| September 19: Queen's Try Varsity Sailing - Year 2


| Weekend Features

  • Friday/Saturday Feature: Pork Tenderloin with a Spiced Apple Creme Fraiche, Wild Rice Pilaf and Swiss Chard - $19
  • Weekend Special: Basil, Chevre and Roasted Red Pepper Frittata - $13
  • Pancake: Chocolate Chip with Creme Fraiche - $9

| Beer of the Week


India Pale Lager 6.6% ABV

Beau’s Farm Table Series are easy-to-enjoy beers interpreting classic or emerging beer styles. In Hopfenlager, the clean, crisp backdrop of a lager sets the stage perfectly for allowing the herbal and light peppery spice characteristics of Alsatian Barbe Rouge and Mistral hops to truly shine. A perfect choice for the lager-lover who just can’t get enough hops.

History & Style

Also called an India Pale Lager, the hopfenlager is a relatively new hybrid style which is fermented like a lager, but hopped more like an I.P.A., creating a clean and crisp lager- like finish with amplified hop character. The label art features a disassembled robot spelling Hopfenlager, a nod to the fusion of components which make up the hopfenlager style.

Tasting Notes

Hopfenlager pours hazy yellow with a white foam. The aroma is herbal with a note of savoury onion plus a dash of peppery spice. The flavour highlights intense hop bitterness. The finish is long and herbaceous.

| Wine of the Month

Junior Sailing

| Adult Learn to Sail

KYC is offering the Start Keelboat Sailing qualification which is an entry-level course that builds basic keelboat sailing skills. This course is recommended for those with little boating or sailing experience that want to experience sailing on a keelboat and begin to build basic sailing skills in a relaxed environment and at a comfortable pace. This is a great opportunity to do some of your own sailing and further your understanding of your son or daughter's sailing. Registration is open and spaces are filling up quickly, so make sure to sign up soon -

If you have any questions, please contact our KYC Sailing Manager Arcchit Sehgal via:


| Sailing

Sail Canada has inquired about shooting a video of our weeknight racing on August 16 as part of a media campaign of theirs. This seems like a nice opportunity to promote KYC. Input from racers is welcome and each will have the option to be excluded from the video (there will be a form for that). If you have questions/concerns please contact

Upcoming weekend events:

Sat Aug 11 Simcoe Island Race (CBYC)

Sat Aug 25 Wolfe Island Race

Please share your thoughts on any of our Sailing programs with the appropriate people. There are also now new program specific KYC email addresses for members or the public wishing to connect about a specific program:
Racing: Steve Harrison & Peter Kraszewski (PHRF 1), John Vines (PHRF 2), Robin Wynne-Edwards (Sharks), Rob Colwell & Chris Walmsley (PHRF)
Regattas: Robert Weguelin
Radio Controlled: Paul Switzer & John Lowther
Community Club: Peter French
Women In Wind: Mary Wilson
Cruising: Ryan and Carolyn Heath
Able Sail Kingston: Audrey Kobayashi & John Curtis
Sailing Ken Martin, Chair