Knotmeter - August 31, 2018

Knotmeter - August 31, 2018

Congratulations to our participants at the Youth Nationals at RCYC!

Upcoming Events

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| September 8: Dockside Dinner


| September 15: Carruthers Series


| September 19: Queen's Try Varsity Sailing - Year 2


| September 22: Team ten Hove/Millen Fundraiser


| Weekend Features

  • Weekend Special: Croissant breakfast sandwich - $14
  • Omlette: broccoli and cheddar - $13

| Beer of the Week


India Pale Lager 6.6% ABV

Beau’s Farm Table Series are easy-to-enjoy beers interpreting classic or emerging beer styles. In Hopfenlager, the clean, crisp backdrop of a lager sets the stage perfectly for allowing the herbal and light peppery spice characteristics of Alsatian Barbe Rouge and Mistral hops to truly shine. A perfect choice for the lager-lover who just can’t get enough hops.

History & Style

Also called an India Pale Lager, the hopfenlager is a relatively new hybrid style which is fermented like a lager, but hopped more like an I.P.A., creating a clean and crisp lager-like finish with amplified hop character. The label art features a disassembled robot spelling Hopfenlager, a nod to the fusion of components which make up the hopfenlager style.

Tasting Notes

Hopfenlager pours hazy yellow with a white foam. The aroma is herbal with a note of savoury onion plus a dash of peppery spice. The flavour highlights intense hop bitterness. The finish is long and herbaceous.

| Wine of the Month


| Sailing

Sadly, Arcchit Sehgal, our Race Management Coordinator, has completed his time with us; he is returning to further his education and become a qualified mariner. Needless to say Arcchit will be greatly missed, having contributed in many ways to our Learn To Sail (junior, adult and race team) and Sailing (club racing, community club) programs. His work with our volunteer race committees has been exemplary and his positive attitude & enthusiasm contagious. He has also advanced the dark arts of Orange Peel operation and our race management. We wish Arcchit all the best!

Congratulations to our August racing series winners:
PHRF 1: 1st Force 10 (Crowson), 2nd Long Time Running (Hull), 3rd Ritalin (Harrison)
PHRF 2: 1st Vandal (Tattersall), 2nd Teyma (Weguelin), 3rd Selene (Vines)
Sharks: 1st JLS (Van Rossem), 2nd Shanti (Boyd), 3rd Shadfly (Raddon)

This year, for the first time, an overall PHRF-LO Championship, based on club weekend racing events around Lake Ontario, is being scored. Of over 550 boats, KYC racers are doing very well, including 7th Breakaway J (McGugan), 10th Long Time Running (Hull), 24th (Force 10). For more details, visit

During the Shark Worlds regatta, our PHRF 1 and PHRF 2 fleets raced out of POH and held a post race ceremony at the Portsmouth Tavern on Tuesday evening. Many thanks to the owner/skippers for making way at KYC for the visiting Sharks.

Upcoming weekend events:

Sat Sept 15 Carruthers Series
Sat Sept 29 Chase Race & Able Sail Fundraiser

Please share your thoughts on any of our Sailing programs with the appropriate people. There are also now new program specific KYC email addresses for members or the public wishing to connect about a specific program:
Racing: Arcchit Sehgal (Race Management Coordinator); fleet captains: Steve Harrison & Peter Kraszewski (PHRF 1), John Vines (PHRF 2), Robin Wynne-Edwards (Sharks); PHRF reps: Rob Colwell & Chris Walmsley
Regattas: Robert Weguelin
Radio Controlled: Paul Switzer & John Lowther
Community Club: Peter French
Women In Wind: Mary Wilson
Cruising: Ryan and Carolyn Heath
Able Sail Kingston: Audrey Kobayashi & John Curtis
Sailing Ken Martin, Chair

| Able Sail

Able Sail has released two excellent videos on their program and the benefits it brings to the community. Please check them out at: