Knotmeter - October 5, 2018

Knotmeter - October 5, 2018

Mike Hull and crew, showing the Queens Team what real sailing looks like! Thank you Matt Fair for a great photo!

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| Successful Chase Race

The KYC Chase Race/Able Sail Fundraiser occurred on Saturday 29 September. 13 boats turned out under fair skies and moderately strong winds. Melodie Gunmer’s Shark, Cariad (with three people on board) won the race, but as this was a “Cheat” regatta, Happy Puppy filled the brag bucket to snatch an overall victory. Breakaway J could not be beaten by bribes, and came in a clean 3rd. Able Sail Kingston is very grateful to all the sailors, the race committee, and KYC for their tremendous support.

This event marks the end of our most successful season ever. More than 75 sailors enjoyed our program this summer. We also take this opportunity to thank KYC, all our sailors, our community partner organizations, many volunteers, our Board members, and three fantastic instructors, Nicole Czegledy, Kort Clifford, and Christina Black. Our great success would not have been possible with the generous support of our title sponsor, Bergeron & Clifford law firm.


| October 7-14: Oktoberfest at KYC


| October 24: Women in Wind AGM

The Women in Wind AGM is coming up on Wednesday OCtober 24th at 5:30pm.


| October 28-29: Haulout and Mast Unstepping


| November 3: KYC 2018 Sailing Awards


| Weekend Features

Fri/Sat Dinner Feature
  • Roasted chicken supreme with mini red potatoes, Kale and a smoked paprika and chorizo tomato sauce - $24
  • Weekend Special: Western sandwich - $11
  • Omlette: Calabrese salami, artichoke hearts and cheddar - $13

  • Weekend Special: pancetta benny with smoked paprika holondaise and potato hash - $15
  • Omlette: Greek omelette - $13

| Beer of the Week


Oktoberfest Lager 5.5% ABV

Märzen is Beau’s multi-award-winning traditional Oktoberfest beer. This harvest-moon- coloured lager with a bready aroma has just the right amount of hops to balance the biscuity Munich malt flavour.

History & Style

Märzen is a traditional German lager style that takes its name from the month of March when it was historically brewed. The beer would then be lagered in cellars through the summer and then released for Oktoberfest celebrations.
Beau’s first brewed Märzen under the banner of Night Märzen in 2008. Today the beer is a returning seasonal favourite, brewed just in time for Beau’s Oktoberfest, which takes place every September in Vankleek Hill, Ontario. Fun fact: Märzen’s label artwork is inspired by the sights and sounds of Oktoberfest, and even features a moon referencing the original Night Märzen artwork.

Tasting Notes

Märzen pours clear copper with a white foam. It has a bready aroma, a biscuity malt flavour, and a firm hop presence that lends balancing bitterness. An ultra-clean lager finish completes the package in this highly drinkable beer.


| Wine of the Month


| Community Club Requests Donation of Shark Sails

Our Community Club boats have been well sailed this year by Single & Family Members, Junior Adventure Sailing programs, Adult Start Keelboat Sailing courses, the skipper Mentoring Program and Queens Sailing Team. Donations of Shark sails are requested. Please contact Peter French

Peter French
Sailing Committee, Community Club Rep & Learn to Sail Committee, ALTS Rep

| Sailing

Results for KYC Chase Race & Able Sail Fundraiser (see earlier write-up):
Pre-bribes: 1st Cariad (Gummer), 2nd Happy Puppy (McKindley), 3rd Breakaway J (McGugan), 4th Ramble On (Walmsley), 5th Tantrim (Sentesy)
Post-bribes: 1st Happy Puppy (McKindley), 2nd Cariad (Gummer), 3rd Breakaway J, 4th Solvento (Deluzio), 5th Ramble On (Walmsley)

Thanks to John Vines for organising a volunteer work party and their removal of our KYC racing marks from the harbour for winter storage on the hard.

Weekend racing has finished for the year. Congratulations to September Series winners:
PHRF 1: 1st Cara Mia (Colwell) by 0.5 points, 2nd Long Time Running (Hull), 3rd Force 10 (Crowson)
PHRF 2: 1st Teyma (Wegulein) by 0.5 points, 2nd Vandal (Tattersall), 3rd Selene (Vines)
Sharks: 1st Shadfly (Raddon), 2nd JLS (Van Rossem), 3rd Cariad (Gummer)
Really close finishes for 1st place in PHRF 1 and PHRF 2 fleets!

Evening Overall Series (all monthly series completed):
PHRF 1 (8 racers): 1st Long Time Running (Hull), 2nd Force 10 (Crowson), 3rd Ritalin (Harrison)
PHRF 2 (12 racers): 1st Vandal (Tattersall), 2nd Seattle Slewp (Kraszewski), 3rd Teyma (Weguelin)
Sharks (10 racers): 1st Shadfly (Raddon), 2nd Shanti (Boyd), 3rd JLS (Van Rossem)

Weekend Overall Series (all weekend events completed):
PHRF 1 (11 racers): 1st Breakaway J (McGugan), 2nd Long Time Running (Hull), 2nd Force 10 (Crowson)
PHRF 2 (8 racers): 1st Selene (Vines), 2nd Solvento (Deluzio), 3rd Cat's Paw (Erland)

DEADLINE: Please submit your nominations for our racing Special Awards before all those (good & bad) deeds fade. Email your nominations to the Race Office (see below or drop off paper nominations in the Race Office by October 12. Printed copies of the form are available in the downstairs var area; a PDF file is available online at the "Sailing / Keelboat Racing" website page. It's always great to recognise stellar and not so stellar performances appropriately :)

If you have any good pics or videos from the past racing season please drop off (on a USB drive) at or send by email to the Race Office. Received media may be used in the Awards Night & Dinner slideshow. This year it's Saturday, November 3rd. Mark it in your calendars and book your table with Manager Greg!

The next Sailing Committee meeting is Tuesday, Oct 9 6-8 pm. If you have views on any of club sailing programs please contact the program lead(s) indicated below and provide your input.

Upcoming Weekend events:

Please share your thoughts on any of our Sailing programs with the appropriate people. There are also now new program specific KYC email addresses for members or the public wishing to connect about a specific program:
Racing: Arcchit Sehgal (Race Management Coordinator); fleet captains: Steve Harrison & Peter Kraszewski (PHRF 1), John Vines (PHRF 2), Robin Wynne-Edwards (Sharks); PHRF reps: Rob Colwell & Chris Walmsley
Regattas: Robert Weguelin
Radio Controlled: Paul Switzer & John Lowther
Community Club: Peter French
Women In Wind: Mary Wilson
Cruising: Ryan and Carolyn Heath
Able Sail Kingston: Audrey Kobayashi & John Curtis
Sailing Ken Martin, Chair


| CORK Fall Regatta

KYC had a fantastic showing at the CORK Fall regatta last weekend! With three race courses, 175 boats the regatta was a wonderful way to kick off the fall season out on the water!

Jonah Fy and Quintin Harris competed in the Opti fleet. This event was Quintin's first regatta! Two new c420 teams competed with Pierre Offredi & Tommy Kalin in one boat and Sam Harris & Loick Kneppert in the other. We look forward to watching you all in the future!

Fergus Murdoch came 10th in the 55 boat Radial fleet. James Fair placed 2nd in the Laser 4.7 fleet. Matti Muru Queens Sailing Team and the KYC Fall training coach won the top spot in the always competitive Laser Standard fleet.

Ali ten Hove (KYC) & Mariah Millen (RCYC) took the top spot in the 49er FX, with 2nd place going to Will and Sam Bonin (Queen's Sailing Team/RCYC) Galen Richardson (RCYC) & Jake Adair (KYC) in 3rd place and in 4th Arie Moffat (KYC) & Aidan Lawford Wickham (KYC)

Jeff Boyd and Martin ten Hove won the Eastern Canadian 5o5 Championship!

Thank you to Matti and Sarah for the fantastic coaching! Congratulations everyone!

Giant thank you to the KYC volunteers for your amazing contribution the event! The competitors of all ages appreciated everything that you did to make the event a great success!