Knotmeter - November 2, 2018

Knotmeter - November 2, 2018

Our Beautiful Autumn View!

| Dry Mooring Reminder

We still have 12 boats that were Dry Moored at the Club this past summer. If it is not picked up by November 10th, we will assume we are storing it for you and therefore move it to a more secure location and lock it up for the winter. If you are unable to pick it up by next weekend, please call the office in order to make appropriate arrangements.
Greg McNab
General Manager

Upcoming Events

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| November 3: KYC 2018 Sailing Awards


| November 25: Vibrant Sale

The first annual sale of finely-crafted items offered by Kingston’s Fibre and Fabric Cooperative
Sunday, November 25th, 2018
11:00 to 6:00
Partridge Room, Kingston Yacht Club


| Weekend Features

Fri/Sat Dinner Feature
  • Friday/Saturday dinner feature: Hearty fall harvest beef stew with mini red potatoes, parsnips, turnip, carrots and leeks - $19
  • Weekend Special: Western sandwich - $11
  • Omlette: Greek omelette - $13

| Beer of the Week

Three Knocks

Sticke Alt 7% ABV

Three Knocks is a German-style ale with a decidedly robust and balanced blend of clean, bready malts, and an assertive hop backbone. It is wood-aged on fire-roasted and vanilla French Oak staves.

History & Style

Seasonally or sometimes just once a year, altbier breweries in Düsseldorf will brew special, stronger batches of their alt called Sticke Alt, and share them exclusively with family, friends and regular patrons. Beau’s toasts this historical tradition with Three
Knocks – welcome to the club!
Beau’s Wild Oats Series beers cater to the adventurous beer drinker. Their bold flavours and strong character will challenge your expectations of what a great beer can be. Three Knocks is a stronger, bolder and oak-aged rendition of our award-winning altbier..

Tasting Notes

Three Knocks pours brilliant mahogany with a dense ecru foam. The aroma offers deep grainy malt notes complemented by a touch of herbal hops. The flavour notes feature deep chewy malt and intense but balanced hop bitterness.  The long finish offers resonances of crisp malts and spicy hops with a touch of woody tannin.


| Wine of the Month


| Haulout 2018

A job well done.

Sunday and Monday saw a dedicated and efficient crew of KYC sailors take down 23 masts, lift the T-dock, and haul 39 boats. A long Sunday which started at 0730 follwed by a very short Monday morning saw it all done in 11.5 hours. Record time? Maybe. Pretty good! ….I’d toss in a couple of salty adjectives in there, but you know what I mean! Hearty thanks go to, in no particular order: Ron Dwyer, Kevin Deluzio, Rob McRae, Ken Martin, Jim Colquhoun, Rosemary Wilson, David Morris, John Vines, Bob Story, Andrew Kelm, Daniel Geleyn, Mary Westerland, Mary Wilson, Laura Tattersal, Rick Sellens, Mike Charrette, Darwin Muir, Chris Currie, Rob Crothers, Ralph Shaw, Steve Harrison, Rob Colwell, Ian Whitfield, Peter Kraszewski, and me. Kudos as well to the gang who unloaded cradles on Wednesday: Darwin Muir, Mike Charrette, David Morris, Ron Dwyer, Andrew Kelm, Graham Mutch and me, too.

Our 2018 Haulout Event showed an exceptional turnout of volunteers, twenty five over two and a half days. No doubt the numbers and expertise contributed to the speed with which we completed our tasks. Delightfully, there was planty of silly banter and good humoured ribbing amongst the crew, ah!!.. plenty of esprit de corps. Thanks to our expert herders, Mary Westerland and Laura Tattersall for keeping the flow of boats coming. Sadly, we missed two stalwarts in Jim Beatson and Ross Cameron who were knocked out of service with various ailments.. (see you next spring!) Happily, we dodged a miserable weather bullet. A little snow and occasional drizzle but nothing of consequence… certainly nothing to keep US down! We weren’t quite “glitch” free in this operation, but very close.

Your yard staff, Brad and Nick had their parts well oiled and organized. Kitchen and bar staff were up to their usual excellent standards of feeding and watering- thank you! I provided the order of things, and a plan of what went where…

All in all, a job VERY well done! Thanks again so much to ALL the volunteers who made this happen so successfully. …doesn’t get much better! see you in the spring.

Peter Cohrs,
Rear Commodore.

| Sailing

Well, Awards Night Dinner is almost here and it's nearly sold out! As well as the usual celebration of our racing achievements and recognition of special awards winners, we will have an entertaining presentation from 2 of KYC's world class sailors, Ali ten Hove and Robert Davis, about their current activities & future plans!

The next Sailing Committee meeting is Wednesday, Nov 21. As we look towards next year, please share your thoughts on any of our programs (and your availability to help) with Committee members, in person or by email to:

Racing: Arcchit Sehgal (Race Management Coordinator); fleet captains: Steve Harrison & Peter Kraszewski (PHRF 1), John Vines (PHRF 2), Robin Wynne-Edwards (Sharks); PHRF reps: Rob Colwell & Chris Walmsley
Regattas: Robert Weguelin
Radio Controlled: Paul Switzer & John Lowther
Community Club: Peter French
Women In Wind: Mary Wilson
Cruising: Ryan and Carolyn Heath
Able Sail Kingston: Audrey Kobayashi & John Curtis
Sailing Ken Martin, Chair