Knotmeter - April 19, 2019

Knotmeter - April 19, 2019

Special Announcements


| North Ramp and Docks Update

Firstly, Kudos and hanks to Fred Siemonsen , our “engineer on call”.
For those who don’t know, Life Member Fred Siemonsen is the engineer who designed the ever so successful T dock about forty years ago! I called on Fred to help us out with the new ramp and docks, which he has done with enthusiam, thoroughness and gusto.

As you can see, we are busy fabricating a new ramp and dock system for the north yard. It is being made of an old ramp, rarely well used, and a chunk of old T dock- modifed. In order to get all the parts to work together, between the geometry I provided, Brad’s digging and research and Fred’s engineering expertise, it’s all coming together..
We will launch the whole shebang on launch day. So, big thanks to Fred Siemonsen who has provided his engineering expertise, GRATIS to the Club.

Furthermore, Morven Construction will be working on the first phase of pavement repair, east of the tracks, next week. Second phase, west of the tracks to commence post launch. Once all complete we will have a top notch facility- one to be proud of and much better to use.



Launch and masts up is a week away.
As usual we needa spate of volunteers… slingers, hookers, strap runners, pushers, shovers, liners, muckrakers, rogues and rabble.. Please email me directly at so i can “book” you.

KYC will will provice volunteers with free breakfast, lunch and post launch beer. What a deal!!


Upcoming Events

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| May 12: Mother's Day


| June 12: Sun Safety Seminar



| Weekend Features

Friday-Sunday Dinner feature:
  • Chorizo, Manchego and spinach stuffed chicken supreme with smoked paprika tomato sauce, basmati rice and carrots - $23
  • Weekend Special: Huevos Rancheros - $14
  • Omlette: proscuitto, brie and cherry tomatoes - $13

| Beer of the Week


German-Style Amber Ale 4.7% ABV

Altbier is an amber-hued, finely balanced lagered ale, something of a cousin to Beau’s flagship beer, Lug Tread. While both beers are German-style lagered ales, Altbier offers up high-intensity, balanced maltiness and more hop presence. It has subtle fruity ale notes, and a crisp lager finish.

History and Style

Alt is a German style of ale that originates from the northern part of the Rhineland. Caramunich malts give Altbier its colour and a subtle caramel sweetness. This beer recipe is a true Beau’s classic — in fact, Brewmaster Matthew O’Hara had been tinkering with it even before Beau’s opened its doors. It was first released in 2008 as “Festivale,” a signature release for Ottawa’s Jazz Festival. It has popped up several times in the Beau’s repertoire over the past decade, garnering awards in 2009 and 2012. The flags in the artwork are a subtle tribute to the story of this beer.

Tasting Notes

Altbier pours bright deep copper with a thick white foam. Malt dominates the aroma giving impressions of dark bread crust with undertones of grassy hops. The flavour feature assertive hop bitterness in harmony with a grainy malt backbone. The finish is crisp and dry.


| Wine of the Month

Junior Sailing


| Billet's Request

The club is looking for any members willing to open their doors to visiting sailors during our busy regatta season this summer. The dates of the regattas are:
9er Canadians: 2 - 4 August 2019
Youth Championships: 12 - 16 August 2019
CORK: 16 - 20 August 2019
4.7 World Championships: 16 -23 August 2019

| Cruisers Dinner

The Cruisers Dinner was held Saturday to celebrate our cruising lives. Awards: Peter Fedora and Ze Keeping won the 500 NM Flag and the Most Number of Miles Trophy. Brenda Dobbie Charette was awarded The Broken Winch Award for her broken wing incident last spring. Bob Story and Tarja Jaatinen won the Long Distance Award for their cruise to the Bahamas and back.


Sailing season is here again, and with it the 2019 KYC Regattas program:

28-29 - International Shark Class Canadian Championships. After the heady experience of hosting the World Championships in 2018, KYC is honored to be hosting the Canadian Championships this year. As always when the Club’s principal class comes to town, it promises to be a sailing festival. More details from Robin Wynne-Edwards (


5-7 International 2.4metre Class - North American Championships. Sponsored by Mercedes Benz. The 2.4 meter is a 12 foot long single hander, designed to the “International Rule” - the same rule as its big sisters - the 12 metres, six metres and 8 metres. The class has been the prominent Paralympic vessel for a number of cycles. The fleet has a large fleet worldwide. 25 sailors, a mix of able and accessible, will Sail this regatta as a key part of their North American summer circuit. More details from Audrey Kobyashi (


6-8 9er Skiff Championships - 29er, 49er - This is becoming an annual KYC hosted event. The Club is committed to supporting the Youth High Performance Pathway to the Olympics. This promises to be a thrilling three day spectacle of dynamics and high performance sailing. Further details from Robert Weguelin (

21-25 - International 505 Class North American Championships - Although originating from 1953, when it was designed by John Westell to compete in the trials in La Baule, France to select a new Olympic two-hander dinghy, this amazing sailboat has kept apace with modern trends and technologies and continues to attract the world’s top class sailors. The North American Championships, here at KYC, promises to be a high quality spectacle of sail, with 35 teams expected. Further details from Jeff Boyd (

23-25 - FORK - (Foiling Kiteboards!) A must see for anyone. These amazing craft achieve phenomenal speeds and feats of agility as they thread their way around the race course. Great to volunteer in or simply to spectate at. Further details from Robert Weguelin ( This is an unlikely addition to my bucket list!!


1-8 - Blind Fleet Racing World Championships. This is a World Sailing appointed event. We are expecting 25 teams from around the world to compete. Each Team comprises four members per boat, two of whom (Helm and main trimmer) are Blind, and the remainder (Tactician) and jib trimmer are sighted. There are three categories of blind/ vision impairment. This is an important event to KYC, and we are grateful for support received from Sail Canada and Blind Sailing Canada for making this happen. There are great sponsorship packages available for this event, which is needed to help it swing. See TGIF Note below) Further details from Robert Weguelin (

14-15 - IOM Eastern RC Championships An annual event now - This promises two days of best quality Radio Controlled (RC) Racing - and all visible from the breakwater. Great to watch and brilliant to learn tactics, rules and etiquette. Further details from Paul Switzer or John Lowther (,

Volunteering opportunities:
We would love to hear from Members who would like to/be prepared to volunteer to help in the regattas. As well as those experienced in Race team and management, we would like to hear from those who have never participated before. A perfect way to experience the racing from a different perspective, to hone those ‘on-water’ skills, enjoy teamwork, and make a helpful contribution to KYC.

Volunteering can involve any of the following activities:

Race Officials - Race Officers of all levels
Mark layers - (How do they move a windward mark in one minute!)
Recorders - ( Ever experienced how hard it is to get 50 correct sail numbers down in the right order)
Signal Boat Boat duties - (Flags, timing, boat)
Results (Ever wondered how those results get from the recorder’s clip board to the internet?)
Registration and Check-in - (Whose coming? Are they here? Are they measured? Have they paid?)
Race Documentation - (Notice of Race, Registration, Online stuff (!?!?), Sailing Instruction, Protest Forms etc)
Harbour duties - (Where will they all moor, making space)
Boat/ RIB Drivers - All in demand
Protest committees - Ditto - great way to learn the Rules
Reception and Social function organisers - Greeting the sailors or teams, introducing them to KYC and liaising with Staff for the all important party.

All of the above are great skill sets and rewarding to experienced and learners alike..

For those who wish, there is a qualification path through to World Sailing Official status, where there are opportunities for travel to International Regattas.

I will be making a short presentation about Regattas on this at Sailors night on Wednesday 17th April. I look forward to seeing you there.

Anyone wishing to learn volunteer our learn more about Regattas - please contact me at

| Sailing

The Spring Sailors Evening on Wednesday evening was a great success! There were 75+ individuals attending. We were treated to a briefing by Rosemary Wilson on the prestigious Blind Sailing Worlds regatta that KYC will be hosting in the first week of September, an update on KYC hosted regattas in general (and the need for volunteers) from Robert Weguelin, an informative & timely briefing on required safety equipment by Peter French and a stimulating pep talk from John Vines on expectations for use of KYC motorboats. As a bonus, we raised $340 for the BWS regatta by raffling off some KYC regalia!

The 2019 Sailors Handbook booklets were distributed, accompanied with verbal updates on program highlights and some Q&A with program leads. This year, ads have returned to the Handbook (printed and online), bringing in about $1,000 to club coffers. If you know companies or organisations that would benefit from placing an ad (this year for online or next year for both) please direct them to the Manager.

Keelboat racers should note that there will be no racing the 1st week on September, as a result of hosting the BWS regatta that week. Instead, we will be racing in the 1st week of October, 1st signal for those 2 races being 1745 instead of 1800. Weekend events and the Kingston Keelboat Championship are basically unchanged from last year. Evening racing starts Thursday May 2.

We also met KYC's new Sailing Manager, Fraser Smith, who along with Nick Langhorn (ALTS) and Tristan Story (bosun) will be providing keelboat race management services this year. I think we'll be in good hands! Please welcome them and feel free to share your opinions with them.

Regarding PHRF, renewal of your rating/certificate is automatic and many racers will need their mainsails measured. Please contact Chris Walmsley or Rob Colwell for details.

With the Race Committee duty lottery, we filled all the May slots and almost all the June & September slots. Reminder: each racing boat is required to perform 2 duties per year. The duty schedule is available online at "Sailing / Race Committee Duties". Email your requests for duty to the Race Office at Please try to be at the Orange Peel with your crew at 1700 for evening races and 1 hour before 1st signal for weekend races.

It's less than 2 weeks now until sailing & racing! :)

Please share your views on our Sailing programs with the individuals listed below.

Racing: (Race Office); fleet captains: Steve Harrison (PHRF 1), John Vines (PHRF 2) & Robin Wynne-Edwards (Sharks); PHRF reps: Rob Colwell & Chris Walmsley
Regattas: (Regattas Office) Robert Weguelin
Radio Controlled: Paul Switzer & John Lowther
Community Club: Peter French
Women In Wind: Kate Simpson, Kim Garrett & Mary Wilson
Cruising: Bob Story & Rosemary Wilson
Able Sail Kingston: Audrey Kobayashi & John Curtis
Sailing Committee: Ken Martin, Chair