Knotmeter - June 7, 2019

Knotmeter - June 7, 2019

Come check out the beach this weekend! Now with double the waterfront!

Special Announcements

| Message from the Commodore

Your Commodore here. Thanks to all who participated in the Commodore’s Sailpast last Saturday.
Your Executive (Commodore Peter Cohrs, VC Rob Crothers, RC Rob McRae and Director of Finance Teresa Gibson) and I very much enjoyed exchanging salutes with you and wishing all an enjoyable sailing season. We were very luck with the winds.
With her anchor sail up, la galouine sat steady in the wind and opposing current making it all so easy and predictable.

The spouses and partners of the executive were on the lookout for recognition worthy sail pasters.
I have “the list" in front of me and in lieu of having quorum to decide who gets what, I’m arbitrarily laying it out.
In no particular order:
Classiest black and white: Touch of Class and crew.
Most colourful sail: Shark sail no 263…. also the most Canadian
Closest rendevous to the reviewing ship: Cara Mia IV, who was headlong on a collision course, then deftly carved away.
Best Black and Red: Kamouraska.
Sleepiest sailor aboard: Windfarer.
Best waterfoul aboard: Off Leash and their plastic ducky decoy in the anchor roller.
Best Flag Dip: Spindrift.
Worst Flag Dip: this was the literal translation of “dip” as the flag was submerged! Solevento!!
Most Official Looking: Spiindrift
THE Most Offical “prepare to salute” command: Spindrift, of course.
The Noisiest: Artnoise (those bowthruster!)
Most flags and best music: Heartbreaker
Most likely to have sailed past the most… last but certainly not least: Bagatelle

2019 also marks two significant anniversaries. Bagatelle (C&C Redline 41 MkII) and la Galouine (C&C Frigate) are 50 year old boats. I think it’s testimony to they being ruggedly built by decent builders. Both are George Cuthbertson designs from the mid to late 1960’s. Both are still handsome. Kudos to both boats and the crews who sail them.

Following the sailpast we were delighted to have and array of appetizers and libations passed around by our serving staff. They were all delicious and it was almost impossible to say “no thank you" as my girth expanded even more! Upstairs, Neil put on a most worthy buffet spread- food fit for hungry crews.
A big round of kudos to all your KYC food and bar staff who provided such excellent fare and service. Their dedication more than made up for our flooded venue. Big thanks to Manager Greg who also works beyond the call of duty to pull these events off. Really, it doesn’t get much better than this.Thank you very much to all.

While in the “thank you” scriptorium, recently we have had web security cameras installed around the club. This has been an enormous, behind the scenes effort to design, specify, purchase and install this whole new system. I would call it a Hurculean effort. So please thank Matt White and his crews for their extended diligence in getting this all done. The wiring was mostly pulled in January, but efforts in many capacities have been ongoing ever since. We now have a system, and while we are still on the learning curve, will, i am sure, prove to be most beneficial to your Club. More to come as we experiment and learn about our new system(s).

Last night’s racing was most enjoyable. But for being a little overzealous at the second windward mark, and bumping it, la Gal probably would have won the race. That’s the “pffft!” news. The good food news is that Neil and staff are trying a new food thing upstairs. We really enjoyed last night’s "pasta bar”. For $15 you can choose between a beef or chicken pasta, a mutitude of delicious toppings, 3 different salads, dressing etc…. all customized and prepped right in front of you.. Two heaping platefuls of really good food for 15 bux.. gotta like that!

Lastly, given the flooding there are significant direct and indirect costs associated with this. Monday’s high winds did some more damage and we’ve had to hire a company to push all the rock and gravel back into place! Sadly, this flooding situation is likely going to be the case for another 6 weeks or so. All of your staff have been building, jigging and rejigging things to make the Club accessible and tidy for your use, and their efforts and solutions have been uniformly successful. Thank you all very much!
Please come down and support your club- food and beverage is as good as ever and every bit of added revenue helps out.

See you on the water… or at the bar..
Peter Cohrs,


| Message from the General Manager

So it FINALLY looks like we will have a great weekend! with that I would like to inform members of a few things. Due to the high water, our gas dock staff are currently not working weekends because our FUEL PUMPS are not in operation. The water is critically high which causes the pumps to shut down. They are in operation only during the week when Brad (Yard Steward) is able to manually overide the system. The actual dock is also about a foot underwater (and covered in algea) which creates an extreme slipping hazard for staff, members and guests. Therefore we would like to caution anyone who is using one of our Community Boats, or needing to "waddle" on the dock to use extreme caution.

We have "pushed" the pebbles back into the lake and layed out our lounge chairs and temporary dining on/along our stone beach (please enjoy!).

Lastly, we plan to have the "Bongo" deployed for the weekend. We remind members this area is not monitored by staff and we encourage all children to be wearing life jackts when the are in or around the water. We also have purchese a few new lounge chairs, kayaks and paddle boards for your enjoyment. We do ask that members/guests do not use the free floating dock on the otherside of the Bongo - as we are still doing some repairs on this structure (above and below).

We hope everyone enjoyed our Thursday Evening "Race Night" Create Your Own Pasta Bar, and would like to remind all members we will be running this feature next Thursday starting at 6.30pm for all members to enjoy. We plan on following this up with another feature on Tuesday, June 18th and Thurday, June 20th respectively (so watch for further details).

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please droop me a line or pop into the Club.

Greg McNab,
General Manager


| Water Levels

Here is the latest IJC forecast, issued this afternoon.

Lake Ontario is now at 75.91 m (lakewide average) and is forecast to be at or nearing its peak water level for 2019.

With the sun shining and outflows at Cornwall increased to 10,200 m3/s, let's hope that the water level curve starts to descend.


Upcoming Events

Full Calendar of Events »

| June 12: Sun Safety Seminar


All members welcome to attend! RSVP to so that the Queen's sun safety team can plan materials.


| June 18: JS Parent Info Night


| July 13: Brew Ha Ha Series


| July 19: Pan Am Games Send Off



| Weekend Features

Friday-Sunday Dinner feature:
  • Chorizo, Manchego and spinach stuffed chicken supreme with basmati rice, local asparagus and a smoked paprika tomato sauce - $22
  • Weekend Special: Bananas foster waffles with maple bacon - $11
  • Omlette: Greek - $13

| Featured Beer


German-Style Amber Ale 4.7% ABV

Altbier is an amber-hued, finely balanced lagered ale, something of a cousin to Beau’s flagship beer, Lug Tread. While both beers are German-style lagered ales, Altbier offers up high-intensity, balanced maltiness and more hop presence. It has subtle fruity ale notes, and a crisp lager finish.

History and Style

Alt is a German style of ale that originates from the northern part of the Rhineland. Caramunich malts give Altbier its colour and a subtle caramel sweetness. This beer recipe is a true Beau’s classic — in fact, Brewmaster Matthew O’Hara had been tinkering with it even before Beau’s opened its doors. It was first released in 2008 as “Festivale,” a signature release for Ottawa’s Jazz Festival. It has popped up several times in the Beau’s repertoire over the past decade, garnering awards in 2009 and 2012. The flags in the artwork are a subtle tribute to the story of this beer.

Tasting Notes

Altbier pours bright deep copper with a thick white foam. Malt dominates the aroma giving impressions of dark bread crust with undertones of grassy hops. The flavour feature assertive hop bitterness in harmony with a grainy malt backbone. The finish is crisp and dry.


| Wine of the Month

Junior Sailing


| 2.4 Metre Class Volunteers Needed

| RC Sailing

Despite rising water levels but with perfect weather conditions Monday and Wednesday evenings, the DF 65 and IOM fleets were able to complete their first full week of sailing this week. Many thanks to the gas dock staff for moving whaler A to a floating dock so the decrepit mark setter (me) did not have to totter around on slippery flooded wooden docks to load the marks and start radio. Hopefully we can keep that system in place until the flood subsides.

We kept it informal this week with practice races to renew rusty skills and some rig tuning but next week we will get serious and record scores. Dust off your boat and come join the 3 regulars, the 2 Johns and me! It will be June after all!

Paul Switzer
IOM Fleet Captain

| Ramble & Finnish

Ramble On and Finnish Line 2.0 set off from KYC on May 20th for the Down East Circle Route (down the St Lawrence, around Nova Scotia, down the New England Coast to New York City, up the Hudson to the Erie Canal and across Lake Ontario). Unseasonably cold weather with high water in evidence everywhere. Called in at Brockville, Cyrsler Park, anchored east of Cornwall, Valleyfield, Kahnawake, Montreal YC, and on May 28 arrived Quebec City after 326 nm. Locks and bridges on the seaway were a challenge due to lack of information for pleasure craft however we learned that patience is a virtue after all. The currents proved lively often getting us over 10 knots with a high of 12.3. Heading into Montreal was a challenge as the 5.6 knot current worked against us and it took an hour to cover the 1.3 nm.

You can follow our progress at

Our next leg takes us into the Saguenay Fjord.

| Canada 2019 Blind Fleet Racing World Championship

Calling all Kingston Yacht Club Members!

The organizing committee is working hard to make this regatta all that it can be for racers and spectators alike. We are inviting all KYC members to become involved with this event. As hosts for the Blind Fleet Racing World Championships from September 1-8, 2019, we will need your help to fill in some gaps.

We are looking for volunteers in the following areas; billeting either on boats or in your home, volunteer assistance both on and off the water with - registering, event management and race committee, spectator or media boats, sponsorship or donation support. Taxable receipts are available.

Competitors from Europe, the United States, South America and New Zealand are expected - some 25 teams in all!

We also want to send a huge thank you out to all who attended our Launch Event on May the 10th, both in body or remotely via the live Facebook feed. If you missed the event, please check it out through the link below on the event website.

Thank you again to our inspirational guest speakers, Canadian blind sailor Jodi Munden and Chris Jonas of Blind Sailing Canada.

Any Questions, Suggestions, Offers, etc. can be sent to:

Or Leave your name and phone number with Greg at the Main office and we will call you!

For further information, please visit:
Launch Event Live Feed on Event website
KYC home site:


Looking for one or two adventurous crew to accompany me on my well found 36’ sailboat from Newfoundland up the coast of Labrador, hopefully as far as Nachvak Fiord in The Tongat Mountains National Park. The boat is a pilot house with central heat and fully equipped with all safety gear including satellite communications and weather forecasting. The boat is specifically set up for remote / high latitude cruising.

Anticipated schedule, subject to weather:

St Anthony Newfoundland to Nain Labrador July 8 to July 31

Nain to Nachvak Fiord August 1 to August 14

Nachvak Fiord to Nain or Makkovik August 16 to August 28

Makkovik to St Anthony August 30 to September 10

St Anthony to Lewisporte September 12 to September 26

If interested please contact Mark Pesner. Cell: 613-797-5398; email: