Knotmeter - February 5, 2016

Knotmeter - February 5, 2016

Congratulations to Allie Surrette & Ali ten Hove (KYC) for qualifing Canada for a Canada for a country spot for the 470 Female fleet in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio! Way to go girls!

Highlights from the Sailing World Cup

Congratulations to all of the KYC and Queen's Sailing Team (QST) athletes down in Miami who perserved under some tough weather at the Sailing World Cup. We are so proud!

While these teams have done well to qualify the country, they still have to meet a strict performance standard in order to be nominated by Sail Canada to the Olympic committee. Athletes must demonstrate performance potential in order to be selected. We wish everyone luck over the coming weeks and months as they continue their training and competition. Click here for World Cup Results   Click here for World Rankings

| Robert Davis (KYC)
Placed 29th in Miami, jumping to 20th on World Rankings (Top Canadian!) and qualifing for World Cup
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| Danielle Boyd (KYC) and Erin Rafuse
Placed 21st in Miami, ranked 21st in the world, top Canadian 49erFX team (previously qualified Canada a berth in Rio Olympics)
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| Allie Surrette & Ali ten Hove (KYC)
Placed 12th in Miami, ranked 54 in the world, top Canadian Female 470 team, and qualified Canada a berth in Rio Olympics!
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| Olivia Mew (QST)
Placed 31st in Miami, ranked 91st in the world and qualified Canada a berth in Rio Olympics!
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Upcoming Events

Full Calendar of Events »

| February: Beau’s Febrewary

Febrewary will kick off on Friday February 5 with a tasting of Beau's beers with David Beauschene from Beau's. Each week every Febrewary beer purchased will get you a ticket for a weekly draw for a Beau's scarf. Once all the Febrewary beer is gone there will be a grand prize draw for a beautiful Beau's branded wooden crate filled with 12 different Beau's beers.

KYC will be bringing in a new beer from Beau's All Natural Brewing each Friday in February. This year Chef Neil will be preparing a delicious special to go with each beer. Make sure you come to your club to try these exciting beer and food pairings!

Check out all of the beers here

| February 5th: Women in Wind TGIF

The first TGIF of 2016, will be sponsored by KYC’s Women in Wind. Come down to the club to learn more about Women in Wind or reconnect with old friends to make plans for 2016’s sailing season. There will be complimentary appetizers and a beer tasting from Beau’s Beer.

| February 13th: Valentines Day Dinner

For Valentine’s Day come to KYC for a romantic candlelit dinner. Chef Neil will prepare a special four course dinner for Valentine’s Day, with optional wine pairings for each course. Tickets will be limited and are already disappearing. Don’t miss out on this unique dining at experience at your club.

Click here for the Valentine's Day Menu

| February 15th: Family Day

2nd Annual Yacht-A-Lude. An annual tradition!

| February 27th: Town Hall - Harbour Update

Saturday, February 27 at 1300 to review current and future harbour redevelopment plans and activities. Detailed drawings, financial information and timelines will be presented.

| TGIF’s

If you or a group you are involved in at KYC want to host a TGIF, please contact James to set up a date and arrange other details.

| March Events - Mark Your Calendar

  • Thurs, March 3rd - Cruising Fleet Dinner
  • Wed, March 9th - WinW Book Club Night 5:30 - 7
  • Fri, March 11th - TGIF Trivia Night
  • Sat, March 12th - Our Cosmic Origin with Gary Boyle (speaker series)
  • Fri, March 18th - TGIF Cruisers and Friends of Jemmett's Landing Night
  • Fri, March 24th - Able Sail Fundraiser
  • Fri, April 1st - CORK TGIF

| Kingston Power and Sail Squadron Upcoming events

KPSS Events Coming up @ KYC»


| 2016 Launch Dates

Mark your calendars! Here are the 2016 launch days:
Boats: Wednesday, May 4 2016
Masts: Thursday, May 5 2016


Please read this if you are interested in a Finger Dock...

At a meeting on Wednesday, January 27, your Board decided to make an exciting change to the mooring arrangements in our outer basin before launch in 2016. The Club will be adding four finger docks to the mooring array attached to the north side of the breakwater, east of the crane. Much more detail be shared in the coming while.

The fee for these docks will be in accordance with the Fee Schedule passed at the last AGM (mooring plus finger dock surcharge). As this is the initial step in harbour remediation, the dock deposit will apply to these new docks at $61 per foot with a minimum of 30 feet. In other words, boats less than 30' using the new docks will pay the minimum. There is the possibility to extend the payment term of the dock deposit but details on this are still being determined.

In order to make sure the Mooring Committee knows about everyone who might want to have one of these fingers as their mooring, we're asking you to be in touch with Greg McNab ( ) as he is creating a list of all interested parties.  Please do so by Friday, February 12th.

Click here for a diagram of the new Finger Docks


The Board of Directors and the Harbour Redevelopment Committee has scheduled a Town Hall meeting on Saturday, February 27 at 1300 to review current and future harbour redevelopment plans and activities. Detailed drawings, financial information and timelines will be presented. Please make plans to attend as the Board and committee members would like comments and suggestions. 


| Weekly Features

  • Febrewary Pairing: Spinach and heirloom beet salad with chèvre and a honey horseradish vinaigrette.
  • Every Tuesday: Appetizer + 1/2 pint of beer or small glass of wine - $15
  • Every Wednesday/Thursday: Burger and a Beer - $15
    • Water buffalo burger with caramelized onions and chèvre
    • Beef burger with pancetta and provolonea

| Weekend Features

  • Chef Neil’s signature Jerk Chicken Leg with black beans and rice, a honey coriander yogurt and frenched green beans. $18
  • Blueberry pancakes. $9
  • Quiche: Ham and swiss. $11
  • Denver Omelette: Bacon, mixed bell peppers and red onion. $12

| Featured Beer - Tyrannosaurus Gruit

Tyrannosaurus Gruit is the first beer to be released as part of Beau’s Febrewary and will be available on Friday and is our beer of week. This is a red gruit ale, a traditional Belgian style of ale, brewed without hops. It is flavoured with red beets, juniper berries, and hibiscus and spruce trips. Quantities will be limited, so get down to your club and try it before it’s gone.

Chef Neil suggests pairing a spinach and heirloom beet salad with chèvre and a honey horseradish vinaigrette with Tyrannosaurus Gruit. The salad will only be available as long as Tyrannosaurus Gruit stalks KYC.


| Sail Canada "Club Judge" Seminar

Saturday March 5, 2016
KYC will be hosting a "Club Judge" seminar, taught by National Judge, Wendy Loat.  If you are a sailor or racer then this is a great opportunity to upgrade your knowledge and skills.  This is a great seminar for anyone interested in racing or race management.  You don't need to have aspirations to become a Judge to participate. For details on the Sail Canada Judging program, click here .

The seminar will run from 10am to 4pm, with a break for lunch.   There is a fee of $20 per person that includes a $5 discount on lunch purchased at the Club.   Coffee and snacks will be provided during the course..
Please register in advance with the Manager ( ) if you are interested.

| Queen's Sailing Team Highlight Video

Check out this highlight reel from the Queen's Sailing Team 2015 Season
Click here for Video


Please do join us! We welcome all Club members to our events. Our aim is to assemble a wide variety of events that are as inclusive as possible. So whether you are a new member of the Club, an adult learn to sail graduate, associate member, powerboat operator, aspiring boat owner or established sailor, please look us up!

This year's program will include single day events, full weekends and longer trips away. Road access is important, to ensure that all KYC members may attend key events. We are updating our e-mail distribution list at this time, so if you wish to receive our news directly, please send us your contact information to Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.
Next up: The Annual Cruisers Dinner on Thursday March 3rd. Guest speaker will be Mike Hill, accomplished diver, pilot and award winning Canadian Power and Sail Squadron Instructor. Cruising Awards will be presented and new Cruising burgees issued as well. Mark your calendars and plan to attend. Final details regarding menu, cost and timings will be published shortly. 
We ask for any further nominations please for our four established Cruising awards, namely Fort Frontenac Cruising Cup, Brass Winch Award, Broken Winch Award and the Long Haul Award.

Plans are well underway for a great 2016 season!
--- May Corcoran and Peter Fedora, Cruising Fleet Co-Captains