Knotmeter - September 6, 2019

Knotmeter - September 6, 2019

The Blind Worlds is underway! See a full interview with Chifumi Uchimura at

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| August 30 - Sept 8: Blind Fleet Sailing World Chamionship

The excitement is building! The Blind Fleet Sailing World Championship regatta is almost here! Competitors will start arriving from as far away as Japan and Australia for check in prior to Sunday’s practice race. The official Opening Ceremonies are Sunday September 1st at 6pm and all are welcome. There will be some dignitaries as well as officials from the national and international sailing community on hand to help us welcome the teams and get things started! There will be a reception to follow where members will have a chance to meet and greet and spread some of our famous KYC hospitality: the more members we have at the ceremonies, the more exciting it will be! In addition, there will be mingling opportunities on September 3rd, 4th and 6th : the full schedule and race times can be found here.

Safety alert – it is very important that we are mindful of our environment during the regatta time period. Please do not leave equipment, carts, hoses, dollies etc. lying around in common areas and, if you move chairs and tables, please make an effort to put them back where you found them both inside and outside the clubhouse. Sailors will need to establish where everything is in our environment – this will be easier if we are consistent. Some visitors to KYC may have a guide dog – please be aware that these animals are working and are trained not to interact with other people when in harness. It is best to speak to the owner before approaching their dog.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our fundraisers and get togethers leading up to this regatta. The money we have raised has enabled us to do some very special things for the competitors and the fleet – more on this later. After the regatta, I will have a long list of people to thank and I will wrap up everything and let you in on all the details of what we have been able to achieve!


| Featured Beer

Wag the Wolf

White I.P.A. 5% ABV

Wag the Wolf is a hazy white I.P.A. that packs bright and citrusy organic hops into every sip. Brewed with a substantial ratio of organic wheat to barley malts, its aromas of lemon and grapefruit lead into a finish that is lively and refreshingly hoppy.

History and Style

The white I.P.A. is a modern mash-up of two beer styles, a classic wheat ale and a bold American I.P.A. To brew Wag the Wolf we use organic Motueka and Rakau hops, and a late-addition hop technique to draw extra aroma from them. The Wag the Wolf artwork features a striking graphic wolf with heterochromatic eyes.

Tasting Notes

Wag the Wolf pours a hazy yellow with dense white foam. There is a burst of citrus with lemon and grapefruit on the nose along with banana notes. The flavour is similarly fruity; with an additional hints of papaya, peach and mild peppery notes. The bitterness is firm but not overwhelming. It has lively carbonation and a medium body. The finish is bright and balanced.


| Wine of the Month


| ALTS Graduates

Adult Learn to Sail graduates Julie, Chris and Leonie completed their Start Keelboat Sailing course on Community Club Shark 'Leprechaun' on 1 Sep with a visit to Marysville, Wolfe Island.The course included ashore topics and afloat skills. Please visit the Sailing School, Adult Sailing page of our KYC website for course information.


| Ramble On and Finnish

Day 100 finds Ramble On and Finnish Line 2.0 in Belfast Maine. After leaving the Bras d'Or Lakes on Cape Breton they cruised along the south Nova Scotia coast for 5 days to Halifax. Several of those days were in thick fog and without modern chart plotters and radar would have been impossible. One night was spent anchored in Shelter Cove which was supposed to be very beautiful, but they’ll never know as the fog was so thick they couldn’t see the shore that was 150’ away! After 3 days of enjoying Halifax they spent several days getting to Shelburne stopping in Sambro Harbour, Margaret’s Bay, Chester, the Town of Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Lahave (a bakery there with an overnight dock!) and Port Mouton Island. Many of these days were in and out of fog, too. After a relaxing and delightful stay in historic Shelburne they did the 166 nm sail to Maine taking 28 hours. After rounding Cape Sable-also referred to as the Cape Horn of Nova Scotia-the crossing of the Bay of Fundy proved straight forward.

Maine has many islands and hidden bays along with many historic town towns like Castine, which predates the Plymouth Rock settlement and also was the scene of the largest US naval disaster (at the hands of the British in 1779) until Pearl Harbor.

Nova Scotia and Maine have proved to be delightful cruising grounds although the fog, lobster pots and high tides have made it a greater challenge.


| Sailing

The Carruthers Series is coming up on Saturday September 14 (2-3 short course races). Skippers Meeting at 0930 and first signal at 1030. Then, we finish off the weekend series with the Chase Race on Saturday September 28.

REMINDER: September series finishes with races on Oct 1 and 3. First signal for those 2 races will be at 1745 instead of usual 1800. We're hoping for nice sunsets to give us time to run reasonable length races!

The Sailing Committee will be meeting on Wednesday September 11 @ 6-8 pm to review the current year and start planning for next year. Please share your views on our Sailing programs with the individuals listed below.

Racing: (Race Office); fleet captains: Steve Harrison (PHRF 1), John Vines (PHRF 2) & Robin Wynne-Edwards (Sharks); PHRF reps: Rob Colwell & Chris Walmsley
Regattas: (Regattas Office) Robert Weguelin
Radio Controlled: Paul Switzer & John Lowther
Community Club: Peter French
Women In Wind: Kate Simpson, Kim Garrett & Mary Wilson
Cruising: Bob Story & Rosemary Wilson
Able Sail Kingston: Audrey Kobayashi & John Curtis
Sailing Committee: Ken Martin, Chair
Corinthian Fund: Gordon Crothers