Knotmeter - November 15, 2019

Knotmeter - November 15, 2019

Congratulations to Tim Irwin for winning the 2019 Ontario Sailing President's Award!

Special Announcements

| Cradles, storm cleanup, masts and haul 2019

Your Commodore here.
This is a note to all regarding this years season ending haul etc. Last Friday, when I intended to write thanks to all who helped out, I was, quite frankly blindsided by an impromptu meeting at KYC, then, lo and behold, I spent all Friday afternoon defrosting (well, de-icing the cockpit drains of my own boat. What an arduous task!!) It all meant that I didn’t get the opportunity to write my ususal….

So, here goes.
It’s all been a bit of a blurr.. and I ask for foregiveness in advance as I am, no doubt, going to forget some who helped out, but thanks goes out to all, nonetheless. Tuesday the 29th of October saw the usual bunch of us unloading cradles. The “usual bunch”, included, Mike Charrette, John Kitney, Darwin Muir, Andrew Kelm, Ross Cameron, myself, and the welcome helping hands of Rick Sellens and David Morris. We intended to drop a half dozen masts, but alas the wind blew and are intents were thoroughly scuttled . Masts would have to wait.

The weather forecast for Hallowe’en Thursday night/ Friday morning worsened and those who loosened their rigs for masts down, rightly tightened them up again as the storm loomed upon us. The howling winds woke me up at 0230 Friday morning.. That led me to checking the KYC current conditions page only to see that the winds were at about 50+ knots! Realizing that I had forgotton to add a bow line to Talisman, I ventured to KYC. What I encountered between 0330 and 0410 were winds peaking at 64 knots, horizontal rain slashing, enormous waves damaging the breakwater before my very eyes. Foolishly perhaps, I went out to my boat, I DID get that extra bow line on, but in doing so nearly got blown off the foredeck. As a testament to the wind strength, Talisman, which has about 8500 lb of lead hanging under her making her a very stiff boat, her lee rail was at times 4-6” BELOW the level of the finger dock. Incredible. By the ime I made it back to my car I was soaked to my skin. At morning’s light Talsiman was undamaged- thankfully. At 0800 I was back at KYC to survey the damage. Damage… holy smokes! Lasers and a Bytes tossed around like potato chips, the Byte on Vantanna’s fordeck with it’s forestay sawing it’s way thru the Byte’s foredeck! A good couple of feet or further erosion to our south shore, some of last years big ballast rock uprooted and ON the asphalt, which itself was ripped up, in quantity, at a few places. Our drieway by the Clubhouse was inundated with water and beach gravel, the shark on it’s trailer was covered up to the rails in blown up beach gravel. Another shark, “JAWS”” on it’s trailer was blown from near the flagpole over to the first finger. That it didn’t end up wholesale in the drink, was an act of a higher being….? As it ended up, the tongue of JAWS ‘ trailer landed in the smallest possible nib of dock and stayed put tiil we lifted it on Saturday. As well, there were 420’s tossed about, lockers blown over, the breakwater junior lockers were blown askew, and Whaler B was half sunk. (I posted a sheaf of pictures on our Facebook page) Incredible! The good bit of all this carnage is that this mess brought out the best in KYC membership. From what I recall, (It’s a bit of a blur…) Laura, Rick, John, Melodie, Mike, Brenda, David and Marian, Matt White, Frank Smith and myself, and no doubt others were all hands on deck to help with the cleanup. Staff were right in the thick of it too, and thanks go out to Brad, Tristan and Max for their diligence. Brad called in Bayridge Landscaping to scrape away all the gravel and pack some stone into the wounds of the breakwater asphalt. It’s amazing but by late afternoon we got the place as right as we could, sufficient to carry on with Saturday’s de-masting and haul plans. A most impressive effort and result! Thanks to ALL who came out and helped make KYC right!. Or as right as possible…. (this isn’t gettin’ any easier!)

Saturday’s lifts came off without a hitch, windy conditions notwithstanding. I’d even venture to say that maybe in record time, we did a lot…. Once we got JAWS onto it’s proper kilter, we embarked on de-masting. We lifted 24 masts. The tee docks then beckoned, were lifted, then we managed to get a dozen boats on the hard for the winter. Organization and a well oiled group of dedicated volunteers made for “quick work” of all 40 lifts.
Thanks so much!

Sunday’s lifts went off without a hitch- and fast. Thankfully, we were not wind bound, and sunny skies made for comfortable work. We set up the crane in the yard on Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning at 0800 we were lifting boats, and by 1215 we had lifted 23 boats and a dock, and by 1230 we were lifting beers instead of boats. We are well oiled machine… That "machine" consisted of Rob Crothers, Rick Sellens, Laura Tattersall, David Morris, Marian Burdsall, Andrew Kelm, Mary Wilson, Mary Westerland, Kevin Deluzio, Matt Swift, John Kitney, Ralph Shaw, Mike Charrette, David Bates, and if I may, a personal shout-out to my (non-member) son Elliot, who provided two days of excellent signals to Brian (who even commented on the quality of the signals!). We must not forget Brad and his staff- always reliable on call towboaters, And of course we workies require sustenance, and it doesn;t get much better than from the KYC kitchen. So thanks to all.

The spirit of KYC is strong.
We have risen up in the face of considerable adversity From Friday morning’s carnage cleanup thru Saturday and Sunday’s lifts, we have all come together to “get it done”. Impressive, and I hope impressive enough to inspire others.

Thanks ALL!

Peter Cohrs,


Upcoming Events

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| November 16: Annual Awards Night

Saturday, the 16th is the Annual Awards Night. In preparation for that event, we need to polish our trophies. We going to do this on Thursday the 14th, beginning at 1700h. If you have a couple of hours, please come and play. If you have questions, get in touch with Ross Cameron at

| November 20: Cruiser's Muster


| November 28: AGM


| November: Movember

The Kingston yacht club team is participating in Movember this year! Please consider a donation at:


| Weekend Features

Friday-Sunday Dinner feature:
  • Almond crusted B.C. Halibut with a strawberry salsa, balsamic syrup, basmati rice and kale - $28
  • Weekend Special: Jalapeno and cheddar pancakes with cinnamon butter and honey - $11

| Featured Beer

Good Time IPA

Session IPA 4% ABV

Good Time Session I.P.A. delivers fruity hop aromas and full flavour in an easy-to-enjoy light ale. Brewed with organic nelson sauvin and centennial hops, the recipe adds wheat and oats to barley malts for a satisfying and uncompromising craft beer experience.

History and Style

A session I.P.A. is a lower-alcohol expression of an India Pale Ale that highlights approachable hop aroma and flavour, without intense bitterness. The hop-derived citrus and tropical fruit notes lead into a fuller mouthfeel than might otherwise be expected from a light ale.

Tasting Notes

Good Time Session IPA pours gold with white foam. The aroma offers a combination of citrus, gooseberry, pineapple flavours and aromas. The flavour is juicy with subtle hop bitterness. The body is light and refreshing. The finish is clean and lingeringly hoppy.


| Wine of the Month


| Tim Irwin 2019 OS President's Award

2019 Presidents' Award Winner Tim Irwin (2nd from left) --- Presented by Ontario Sailing Past Presidents Donna Scott, Mark Searle, and David Sprague (left to right)

Tim won the prestigious Ontario Sailing President’s Trophy at the Ontario Sailing AGM and Awards Ceremonies Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club Saturday November 9, 2019. The awarding of this Trophy is made in recognition of a member of the

Ontario Sailing Association who has made an outstanding contribution to the development of sailing in Ontario. The selection is made by a vote of the Past Presidents of Ontario Sailing.

Congratulations, Tim!! All of CORK's members and volunteers from our 50 years of regattas join the Board of Directors and staff to express our pleasure to see your many, many years of volunteer effort recognized by such an award.

If anyone wishes to add their personal congratulations to Tim, they may do so on CORK's Facebook page:

| Annual Cruiser Awards Dinner

The Annual Cruiser Awards Dinner and AGM was held Nov 9th.

The following cruisers were recognized:

  1. 500 Nautical Mile Pennants
    • Marian Burdsall & David Morris on Windfarer
    • Kate Simpson & Rob Crothers on Valkyrie II
    • Peter Fedora & Ze Keeping on Off Leash
    • Rheni Tauchid & Steve Ginsberg on Art Noise
    • John Kitney & Karen Kitney on Kamouraska
  2. Broken Winch Trophy - Marian Burdsall & David Morris
  3. KYC Cruisers Trophy (most miles) - Marian Burdsall & David Morris
  4. Long Haul Trophy (both boats sailed the 4 ½ month, 2950 nm Down East Circle Route)
    • Chris Walmsley & Linda Schmalz on Ramble On
    • Bob Story on Finnish Line 2.0

Members supported the Musters continuing the 3rd Wednesday at 5pm each month although the co-chairs committed to looking at other days.

After a “local waters” definition presentation by Ralph Shaw the members agreed to have a committee review the Cruiser awards for consistency, involvement of both power and sail plus the best awards to promote cruising.

Winners of the 500 nm Pennant


Chris, Linda and Bob co-winners of the Long Haul Trophy

| Chair of Sail Canada Board of Directors

Congratulations to Hugh McGugan as the newest Chari of the Board of Directors for Sail Canada!

Read the full news article at

| Blind Worlds Regatta of the Year

The Blind World Fleet Racing Championship will be recognized as the Regatta of the Year at the OSA Awards ceremony on November 9th. Regatta Chair, Past Commodore, Rosemary Wilson and Regatta Operations Chair Lana Butler will attend to receive the trophy on our behalf.

We will celebrate this and the success of the regatta at the Awards Night on November 16 and again at a special TGIF on November 22

| Sailing

Awards Night is Saturday Nov 16 this year. This is always a great way to end the year, recognising winners in our evening & weekend racing series, as well as sailors meriting special awards, and enjoying great food & beverage with our crews & competitors. We have a very special guest speaker lined up!

Please share your views on our Sailing programs and how they can improved, with the members listed below. If you are interested in helping out on any of KYC's programs, committees, etc, for the coming year, this is a good time of year to step forward.

Racing: (Race Office); fleet captains: Steve Harrison (PHRF 1), John Vines (PHRF 2) & Robin Wynne-Edwards (Sharks); PHRF reps: Rob Colwell & Chris Walmsley
Regattas: (Regattas Office) Robert Weguelin
Radio Controlled: Paul Switzer & John Lowther
Community Club: Peter French
Women In Wind: Kate Simpson, Kim Garrett & Mary Wilson
Cruising: Bob Story & Rosemary Wilson
Able Sail Kingston: Audrey Kobayashi & John Curtis
Sailing Committee: Ken Martin, Chair
Corinthian Fund: Gordon Crothers