Knotmeter - February 14, 2020

Knotmeter - February 14, 2020

Special Announcements

| General Manager's Office and Hiring

A job really well done!

Upon finding the Manager’s offices unfit for human habitation, Rosemary and her “team” have disassembled the offices, cleaned and painted them, refurnished them, reorganized them, and they are almost ready to inhabit.

Included in the mix of those who have dedicated their time efforts (BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY) are Rosemary’s partner, Jim Colquhoun, Matt White and Rob Crothers. Jim has provided considerable physical support, both in painting andl locksmithing. Matt has grabbed the wires by the wires and really tidied up and improved the IT wiring in the outer offices. We are replacing the ceiling tiles in those offices, and Rob Crothers is our man with the tiles. It will make for a much better environment for the new management team, when we get that in place. Please extend your thanks for Rosemary and her team, when you see them. They are owed much.

The hiring Committee has received many applicants. As I write this the culling has begun.

Upcoming Events

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| February 19: Cruiser's Muster

The next Cruiser's Muster will be held on February 19th at 5pm.


| February 21: TGIF Fundraiser

TGIF on Friday the 21st of February

Tim Irwin Is hosting as a celebration of his 80th birthday and fund raiser for the KYC National and Development Team members

Ali ten Hove

Robert Davis

Hugh MacCrae

As I write this, Ali, Robert and Hugh are in Australia competing in their World Championship – Ali in the 470FX where she is sitting 18th out of 44 having just finished 7th in the 8th race in the gold fleet. (Way to go Ali)

Robert sitting 39th and Hugh at 51st in the Laser class where the are leading a team of 7 Canadians in a field of 124 competitors.

You can follow the action for Ali here

And, for Robert and Hugh here

Contributions to the sailors can be made in cash, Through the club accounting system or through Wind Athletes.

No cards or presents for me please but if you would like to contribute $5.00 toward the cost of the food, that would be appreciated.


| March 4: High Water Flood Talks

We had a flood two of the past three years and, some say, this year will be worse.
United Shorelines Ontario is a group interested in discussing solutions to the water level problem.
There's a gathering at McArthur College on Wednesday, March 4 at 6:00pm.
Plan to attend, listen and ask questions.


| March 6: Movie Night

Come for TGIF, stay for the sailing Flix!
Commodore Cohrs has two movies on offer. Exhibit one is the 2014 Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. A documentary of the magnificent classic yachts that sailed in Antigua in 2014. I comes complete with flowery music and slo motion bow waves… an easy watch.

Exhibit two is “Vanishing Sail”, and award winning documentry about the vanishing tradition of Carriacou boat building on Carriacou, Grenada. It’s a touching story of how these trading sloops were built and the struggle to keep, maintain and pass on these old traditions continues. It’s a really good watch. Includes no fibreglass, carbon fibre or diesel fuel.. a most organic boat building and sailing experience!


| March 18: Ramble On and Finnish Line talk

Chris and Linda (Ramble On) and Bob (Finnish Line 2.0) are giving a talk of their 2,950 nm voyage to the east coast this past summer at a club in Ottawa in February. After the off Broadway try out they will be presenting the same talk at our Club on Wednesday March 18th at 7pm. This is also a Cruiser Muster night.


| March 21: Bourbon Night

We’ve often enjoyed scotch or whiskey nights, and all have been a success. Bourbon often gets the snooty nose treatment, and it shouldn’t. There are lots of amazing bourbons out there.

Neil will perform his usual magic with a delicious tasking menu!


| April 18: A taste of Mexico

Chef Neil has just returned from a trip to Mexico, where he threw himself into Mexican drink and cuisine… or was it the other way around? In any case, Neil will share some of his culiary experiences and talents with us.

As we have successfully sampled the foods and wines of France and Spain in the past, Neil is no doubt destined to tease and please your latent Mexican palate. Spend the day puttering on your boat, then enjoy some sunny Mexican cuisine!



This year’s edition will be the POTLUCK PARTRIDGE BOWL. KYC will provide the BBQ, the charcoal and the lighter fluid.. and the firewood.. Details to be worked out, but a slight return to the days of a community party. It can’t come soon enough.


| Featured Beer


American Pale Ale 5%

Countdown is Beau’s certified organic pale ale. We brew it with a classic west-coast hop combo of Cascade and Simcoe, creating a tasty, aromatic ale with a clean hoppy finish. Pale Ale is the iconic craft beer style that changed the beer scene forever in America. Enjoy it now here at home, brewed fresh at Beau’s year-round.

History and Style

The American pale ale is a modern beer style that has its roots firmly on the west coast of the US of A. It is a hop-driven style with many aroma and flavour variations, as it takes on the character of the chosen hop varieties. Countdown is brewed with certified organic cascade and simcoe hops.

Tasting Notes

Countdown Pale Ale pours sunset-gold with intentional slight haziness and a white foam. The hop aromas offers fruity citrus and berry. The initial rush of malt sweetness gives way to firm hops that sweep in and suggest another sip. This medium-bodied ale is well balanced. The finish is clean and mildly hoppy.


| Wine of the Month


| HIRA Briefing

HIGH WATER issues are high on everyone’s mind and the Federal Government should hear how important it is that they take urgent steps to ensure that the high water of 2017 and 2019 does not repeat in 2020 and beyond.

Please examine the Petition you will find referenced below and if you are in favor of telling the Feds to take urgent steps, please complete and send in the Petition by following the prompts in the Petition.

MP Mark Gerretsen Attended the council meeting on Howe Island February 10 and in his remarks referenced the petition linked here:

| World Championships in Austrailia

Ali ten Hove, Robert Davis and Hugh Macrae, 3 amazing athletes from Kingston Yacht Club are competing in their World Championships this weekend in Australia.

49er and 49er FX Worlds in Geelong Australia 49er FX team Ali ten Have (KYC) and Mariah Millen (RCYC) race in Gold fleet this evening scheduled after 6pm Kingston time.

Laser Standard Worlds in Melbourne Australia: Racing continues for Robert Davis and Hugh Macrae Saturday and Sunday with the last day of racing on February 17th.

| Cruising - Thousand Islands Plan

Parks Canada is reviewing their management plan for the Thousand Islands National Park and would like to hear your views, opinions and suggestions on the future:

| Corinthian Fund Spotlight

Our next Corinthian Fund Sailor Spotlight, features Jake Adair, who is working towards his goal of training in the 49er for the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France.

Sailor Spotlight: Jake Adair

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank the Corinthian Fund for helping to support my training in the 49er with a goal of reaching the 2024 Olympics.

This year was challenging and we had our first exposure as a team to international competition.

At the end of June, we went to Germany to compete in our first ever Olympic Class European event - Kieler Woche Sailing Week and the 49er U23 Junior Worlds in Risor Norway. We went into these events with no expectations, as we had never competed against this many boats of this caliber. In fact, this was our first regatta sailing the 49er!  We learned a lot about managing frustration and expectations and came away knowing we have a long way to go to compete internationally.

I am currently attending Queen’s University in the Commerce program in my first year - so there was a whole new level of managing school, sailing, fundraising, and life in general. Galen and I did some training this fall and plan on reconnecting to train in Florida during Reading Week prior to gearing up for training and competition this summer.

Below is a summary of our results from 2019 and our plans for 2020:

Summer 2019 - Overall Results

Over the summer we competed in 2 international events in Europe and two North American events.

? Kieler Woche - Kiel, Germany - 67th (out of 82 boats)
? 49er U23 Junior Worlds - Risor, Norway - 45th (out of 53 boats)
? 49er Skiff Canadians - 5th (out of 8 boats)
? CORK OCR (North Americans) - 4th (out of 11 boats)

2020 Plans
? February training in Miami Cost: $3,000
? New sails for summer regattas Cost: $3,000
? Transportation to Europe x2 Cost: $2,000
? Boat charter Europe x3 Cost: $4,000
? Shared accommodation in Europe Cost: $1,500

Seeking funding continues to be a major part of my ongoing sailing campaign. With a budget over $50,000 per year just to keep going at my current sailing level, I have to keep looking for innovative ways to secure funding. We are now in a bigger boat with bigger sails, a new trailer, and more travelling.

Paying it Forward

At the 2019 March camp, I had the opportunity to coach 29er’s in Florida, and helped coach at RCYC this past spring. I look forward to any opportunities to guest coach or help inspire any young sailors at KYC. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!