Knotmeter - March 20, 2020

Knotmeter - March 20, 2020

The new breakwall stone is in place to protect us against those spring waves!

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| Commodore

Club Closing and everything else…

We’ve had better March’s, and we hope that things improve sooner rather than later.

The Executive had a long, wide ranging meeting via internet “Zoom” Wednesday evening. Thursday’s Board meeting will also be of the cyber variety.

As you will know by now, by last week’s email that we, your Executive, have made the decision to close the Club. Our hands were pretty much tied by the provincial decree, and furthermore, as KYC shouldn’t be a vehicle for the spread of disease, the Clubhouse will remain closed. All Clubhouse activities have been postponed. The grounds remain “open”, and of course we encourage use of the grounds while at the same time practising safe social distancing.

I’m thinking of planning some work parties to get some things done around the grounds… things such as: clean up (gravel, stone, general dirt and garbage), painting (clubhouse trim, here and there), “landscaping" (planters need repair and plants) helping put up the inevitable duck boards. miscellaneous carpentry. I hope all members will buy in to help us through these difficult times. Please let me know what you think.

At this point we are:
~ watching the situation as closely as we are able, and adapting as best possible,
~ hoping that the C19 curve is low, gentle and fast moving, but most indicators suggest a drawn out affair, with perhaps an “echo" curve down the road.. complacency mustn’t one of our downfalls.
~ curtailing spending as much as possible,
~ awaiting financial projections from our Controller/ Director of Finance,
~ anticipating that our sailing season will carry on mostly as planned, which means launch is still planned for May 8 and 11.

We have a strong recommendation from the GM hiring Committee. That decision is upcoming.

With the wind warning on for this afternoon, I’m looking forward to seeing just how the new protection ballast does it’s work. I’ll post some pictures of waves on rocks in an upcoming Knotmeter as well as online.

I will also take stock of the inevitable further erosion of the south shore that was inaccessible for ballasting last week. We plan to finish the ballasting as soon as possible, after July 1 or just post JS season, whichever works best. That said, I am pleased that we got as much done as we did, when we did. As of March 15, it’s "fish-on-fish” season, and could not ballast any more. I hope they reproduce!

The weather IS warming up!

The ijc/LOSLRB IS letting more water out at Saunders..but at this point the lake is 8” higher than this time last year. Forecast COULD be for an additional 9” water above last season. Let’s hope the measures that the ijc are taking make a difference - in our favour! Whsiper a little encouragement in the ear of “Lady Luck”.

On happier fronts, please see the below artiles on Tim Irwin winning Helly Hanson Sailor of the Month Award, as well as Mariah Millen and Allie ten Hove winning OHPSI Athlete of the month awards!

Peter Cohrs,

Upcoming Events

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| March 18: Ramble On and Finnish Line talk - 6:30PM

Postponed until further notice.


| March 19: Cabi Fashion Experience

Postponed until further notice.


| March 25: Nautical Nights #4

Postponed until further notice.


| March 27: KYC Trivia Night

Postponed until further notice.


| April 1: Cooking with Chef Neil

Postponed until further notice.


| April 18: A taste of Mexico

The Club is hoping this situation will be resolved by April 18th, however if this event is postponed, it will be addressed in a future knotmeter.


| Tim Irwin - Helley Hanson Sailor of the Month

If you’ve been to CORK, you’ve probably seen Tim Irwin. Whether he was organizing volunteers, managing gear, helping at the launch ramp, out on the water, or just walking through the boat park, he has always been an instrumental part of events in Kingston.

Tim has been a key piece in the success of CORK – Sail Kingston over the years, helping thousands of sailors from all across the country, and around the world, discover a love for sailing and challenging themselves in Kingston’s famous thermal winds. The passion and commitment that Tim has brought to Sailing in Kingston are second to none, Kim Garrett comments;

“Tim has always worked to bring world-class events to CORK including 45 World Championships to date. His continuous efforts to create great training opportunities for athletes, coaches and volunteers, are admirable and he really is an inspiration to us all!” Tim remains an active CORK board member and a member of the CORK Planning group. His love for the sport of sailing shines through in every sailor’s mind, CORK just wouldn’t feel right without him there.

Congratulations to the Helly Hansen Sailor of the Month – Tim Irwin

Sail Canada’s Sailor of the Month award acknowledges sailing achievements by Canadians involved or associated with the sport in all its forms. Sail Canada encourages the submission of noteworthy Canadian sailing activities Here



Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO) is proud to recognize sailors Mariah Millen and Allie ten Hove as the OHPSI Athletes of the Month. Mariah and Allie finished 18th overall at the 49erFX Worlds, 10th Nation overall, and finished in the Top 10 of five of an 11 race series; setting a new Canadian record for the best 49erFX finish at an international event.

Both Mariah and Allie are OHPSI identified athletes receiving sport science support from Canadian Sport Institute Ontario. One of the primary services they receive from CSIO is strength and conditioning support including programming and monitoring of their yearly training programs. from strength & conditioning coach Greg Lewandowski. This includes providing individual training zones through metabolic testing to monitor their aerobic, anaerobic fitness, and max aerobic speed throughout different phases of training. Mariah and Allie are also monitored for anthropometric measures throughout the season to track changes specific to their strength & conditioning goals. In competition, CSIO staff have worked closely with the athletes on their hydration and recovery plans. The sailors also receive performance medicals and bloodwork, along with physical testing and support focused on high performance.

The apple does not fall far from the tree, with both athletes having sailing in their blood as their fathers were Olympic medalists in Sailing. Millen and ten Hove continue to push their 2019-2020 season with a great finish in the first half of Olympic qualifiers, and consistent training at the National Team Development Centre in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Follow Millen and ten Hove as they compete throughout the season leading up to Tokyo 2020:


| Marine Radio Course in Kingston 8 & 22 Apr 2020

Postponed until further notice.

| Sailwave Scoring Clinic

Postponed until further notice.