Knotmeter - April 11, 2020

Knotmeter - April 11, 2020

KYC Takeout has been a BIG success!

Brandon, Neil and Kyle have done a great job of initiating and kicking this service into action.
Thanks to all of our members who have supported this… the food is great, the service equal and the enthusiasm of staff is inspiring. Takeout sales so far, are exceeding expectations...

The Galley Boys are using up existing inventory and are ordering more for Tuesday, so please keep the demand coming. Neil will be jigging his menu from time to time, so stay tuned. Don’t be shy, order for your friends on your chit… settle up later.

You Board is convening weekly.
We are applying for EVERY available program to get us through this pandemic, as long as it lasts… the pandemic AND the money..
We have taken measures to cut costs as deep as possible, while maintaining the building and grounds.
We are examining in all aspects, various scenarios with respect to late launch, no launch, etc.
We have concluded negotiations for a new GM, but by mutual consensus, are withholding hiring until we know the immediate future.

Projects of the maintenance kind are under way at KYC. Under the Ontario Gov’t “essential business” category of “maintenance” we are:
~ repairing the almost defunct hinge to the main dock bridge (done as of April 10)
~ rebuilding the dangerous Peel and Whaler docks (paid for with levy, (and under budget))
~ raising the fuel dock to above flood level (levy)
~ installing the duckboards in anticipation of
  a) a flood, but hopefully lower than last year and
  b) launch, timing to be determined.
~ interior IT repairs
~ exterior IT repairs (Thanks to Messers White and Walmsley for their expertise and skills)
~ repairs to Whaler B. (thanks to PvR for donating his skills) All projects will be done observing C-19 protocols. Interior project done while kitchen staff absent form the clubhouse.

Ross Cameron “attended” a United Shores Ontario webinar. the optimistic conclusion was... "presuming no disastrous rain events....Presented with some confidence was the opinion that the max flood will be 6" less than last year."

Lets hope that prediction comes to fruition!

And… we have a family of foxes under our lockers, our best count is that the family is eight, mom, dad and six kits…
We await their departure to richer hunting grounds, after which we will fill the den with gravel and wire it off. Meanwhile, they are decidedly cute!

On behalf of the Board, stay safe!

Peter Cohrs