Knotmeter - May 15, 2020

Knotmeter - May 15, 2020

Despite what the foxes would try to make you believe, the sign does say "Please do NOT feed the foxes"

Dear Members,

Things ARE improving- yesterday’s announcement from the Premier was encouraging, and we hope that things will loosen up more, and soon, so we can enjoy a full sailing season.

It’s definitely going to be a "glass half empty or glass half full” kind of season. When you consider that just a few weeks ago there was talk of NOT having a season, I see a glass, half full!
So, as we see it, once we’re launched, you can use your boats, provided Covid protocols are met. We will be developing and posting those “around the Club” protocols very soon.

Firstly, thanks to all members who have “bought in” to the covid protocols we developed. From what I can see, everybody is "on board”. Speaking of “on board”, I was interviewed twice on Friday by CTV, and hope I represented KYC well.

Secondly, thanks to your Board and a few other volunteers, who have grabbed the main by the sheet, and helped develop and implement our C19 plan.
They have helped in all capacities: design and writing of plan, correspondence, yard work, printing, posting etc. etc. a successful joint effort. Thank You!
KYC, like all sailing clubs these days, are pinballs in this evolving saga and as such, there is much more to do as things progress.
Various committees have been meeting to develop the sailing season, to develop a new design for our website and whatever else rears it’s head.
We will continue do the work that is needed to get us through this pandemic and beyond. Thanks again to ALL.

Our yards protocol remains in place into the foreseeable future.
As you all have abided by the plan, I don’t see the need for "shift officers” unless of course, you turn into an unruly mob…
Just keep doing what you’re doing and all will be fine… please don’t let your guard down
That said, I acknowledge the work of the Crothers brothers to clean up the parking lot and various places around the club property, and to John Kitney who, while shift officer, swept much of the road into the north yard. Looks much better and there is still much cleanup to do, following last falls’ gale.

Our C19 plan was referred to by the Health Unit Inspector as “the best I’ve seen yet”. We have received numerous inquiries about it, and with the necessary disclaimers, our plan was sent to Sail Canada and a number of yacht clubs around the lake. It is gratifying that our proactiveness was so well received by authorities and sailing colleagues alike. KYC leads again.

Our new General Manager is starting soon. Even in a truncated season there is much to do. You will see Daniel from time to time as he part-times it around KYC, learning the ropes. He will likely be around KYC later in the days.

Please introduce yourself- but do so at a distance.

The foxes…. just a reminder that the foxes are to remain in their wild state, and "should not be unduly threatened” and it is hoped they will mature and abandon their lair soon.

Some of our Junior Sailing staff will remain on contract for the summer. Their salaries will be paid by the federal student summer wages benefit. As they won’t likely be teaching sailing, they are going to develop a virtual sailing program, which we hope to export globally. The virtual sailing school work has started already.

KYC projects. Brad and Ben have been busy. To date, the main dock hinge has been rebuilt, the fuel dock capped, a new finger for berths 9 and 10, the peel dock is new and almost ready, and work is starting on the docks for the whalers. As well, Brad has repaired much of the water supply following last falls freeze breaks. See pics below of the old whaler docks... not exactly fit for human occupation!

The harbour has a few small berths available for the summer. They’re med moorings in front of the clubhouse. If you know of anyone looking for a spot, please send them to John Kitney.

And for your visual enjoyment, I submit pictures below of the wreckage of our whaler docks. This is why they are being replaced. Gotta give KYC full credit… we, unlike many, know how to stretch lumber… for years and years and years...

A reminder that launch is STILL on for May 31, June 1. I am going to ask that Brian and his crane get here as early as possible, as I do think that we can do the whole kit’n’kaboodle; boats, docks, masts in one day.
Rick Sellens is designing a Covid launch and masts up plan, of which you can be sure, will be top notch. I will be putting together the usual order of things. Clockwork is us!
Sadly, we won’t be able to serve up crew breakfast, but we will figure out a way for late afternoon KYC beer. (I hope)

Peter Cohrs