Knotmeter - June 5, 2020

Knotmeter - June 05, 2020

| Message from the Commodore

Wasn’t THAT fun!

Launch and masts-up came together May 30 and 31.
While many were busy toiling away merrily on their boats, at about 1330, Brian and his crane rolled down Maitland St.
I heard this low frequency rumble, poked my head out of Clipper, saw the black and yellow and “Holy…….” he’s here!
We were expecting him between 3 and 4, and didn’t know if he would start lifting or not.
Let’s get at it was the direction. How many do you want to launch?

Six? Seven? We barely had crew! Short handed or not, we started lifting and dipping around 1400. After a flurry of emails, phone calls etc., and members coming out of the woodwork, we had full "obedient" crew, and did the whole yard!
We finished at 1705. Amazing!
What a crew! What intuition! What enthusiasm! What’s not to like?!
Blessed with great weather, well oiled and enthused crew… it was bewilderingly beautiful.

Sunday morning after a delicious breakfast wrap, at around 0810, we started on the breakwater. The weather was on and off, it couldn’t make up it’s mind to shine, be dry, be wet, be calm, be windy, be steady… still…. The launches went well. Those pesky masts?
It seems as though every second mast gave us some grief. Simple things like a missing or tight clevis pin, a sticky collar, a tangled this or that! … Still, we got it done, finished by 1700, much longer than I had hoped for but- done! I think a bit of tweaking for masts next time around.

Thanks, and full marks to our wonderful and dedicated crews!

To: Graham Mutch, our sling porter extraordinaire! To hookers, David Morris, Marian Burdsall, John Kitney, Steve Harrison, Liners Rick Sellens and Kevin Deluzio, "journeymen" Andrew Kelm, Rob Colwell, Jim Colquhoun, Hamish Matthew, Tom Wilson, Robert Weguelin, Mike Charrette, Ann Rouget, me, and our under used Covid Cop Susan Fraser and of course the ALTS Shark crews, led by "Commander French”. Mary Wilson was kept very busy timing the goings-on and Laura Tattersal was her usual no nonsense self in herding boats to where they needed to be. I would like to send a special thanks to my son Elliot, who, at my request, provided signals and his skilled hands on Sunday. Elliot was pointed out by Brian last year as being the best at signals. Just before joining us on Sunday, Elliot was mill writing at night, way underground, in Sudbury all last week and returned to Kingston Saturday afternoon. Thanks to Elliot, and to ALL.

Also, to staff, Brad Strawbridge, the Galley boys who put on the keep us going fare, which was its usual deliciousness.
Thanks too, to Rick Sellens who wrote the C-19 protocol which for the most part was observed on Saturday but was much less so, on Sunday- those pesky masts.
Nonetheless, it was well worth the effort… and it’s in reserve should we need it again.

The Community spirit of KYC was in full force this weekend.
It was fun, it was organized chaos at times, but it was also very productive.
We are richer and much further ahead because of it.
And of course, we’re in the water, afloat and ready to sail.
Mission accomplished.

Apart from just the pure joy of sailing again, I’d like to invite and welcome you to participate in an unusual form of Sailpast this year. Put it in your calendars for June 20, 2020, the summer solstice, the first and hopefully ONLY Commodore’s SOLpast. Plans are afoot to get the season kicked off, late, but kicked off.
See you there!

"The Sailing Committee is working diligently on plans for sailing evenings and sailing Saturdays that are concurrent with the KYC Covid 19 protocols and guidelines put forth by Ontario Sailing. Watch for more information in next weeks Knotmeter”

re: cradles etc.
Cradles (only) will be picked up early next week.
Please fold your cradles if possible, remove all pads, ladders and chains.
Clean up stuff around your boat’s area.

Thank You.
Peter Cohrs.


| Jemmetts Committee Update

It was a terrific sight to see the boats hit the water this weekend. Certainly, a relief as there was talk early on that there might be no launch this year!

Over the last few months, the Jemmetts Committee has worked on updating the Policy and Guidelines and this has just been approved by the Board.

The goal was to make it clearer as to the privileges for Jemmetts and to make the task easier to pick out boats not recognized at the docks/mooring balls. Members visiting Jemmetts must now carry their membership card. If at Jemmetts on a boat the boat’s name must be entered in the Member Roster available on the KYC website Members Area. For those with boats at the Club the boat name will be automatically populated. Other Members will need to go to the KYC site Members Area and enter it manually. This should make it easy to look up and identify an unrecognized boat.

For Associates with boats who would like to take their boat to Jemmetts there is the Associate Member Jemmetts Seasonal User Fee of $225. Please let the Club Manager know if you’d like to purchase this option.

Rick Sellens has written a COVID-19 Protocol for visiting Jemmetts. Originally the thought was to have no port-o-potty onsite like the Federal Gov’t parks throughout the Thousand Islands. However, as a private Club, we are working to have one there as soon as it is possible and with safety protections like signage, a lock, and sanitizers.

Sadly, due to the times, we have postponed all organized cruising events until next year.

Luckily, we have Jemmetts Landing. It will be a wonderful place to enjoy this summer in a time where public areas will be restricted.

-Bob Story