Knotmeter - June 14, 2020

Knotmeter - June 14, 2020

Special Annoucements

| Message from the Commodore

Dear Members,

Things are opening up!
KYC is opening up.
Sails are unfurling, bow waves are rolling, quarter waves… well, maybe not so many... but things ARE looking up!

Lots to tell.

You are invited to join the fleet for this years KYC Commodore’s Sailpast. As with everything else this year, it’s a late one, but we’re setting it up to be a good one.
AND, with our sailpast occurring on the summer solstice, it seems only appropriate that we “one time“ only, we hope… name it the SOLpast.
With that, around 1300 Clipper will anchor as close to shore as possible, and “the Peel” will lead the fleet, starting at 1400hrs. Current wind forecast is wind ssw 10-11 knots…ideal.

Recognition will be made to boats and crews

Your staff are hastily putting together a SOLpast food and beverage menu, and will be on hand to look after you. Live music provided by the same capable fellow from last year will serenade us all post sailpast. More to come as soon as it becomes better defined.

As we are still living in the Covid capsule, we will have protocols that need following- sadly. Physical distancing is being planned for, and seating arranged to make that easy. We do request that you adhere to the required protocols even tho’ they do cramp our style somewhat- this can’t last forever!

We are very excited to announce that starting this Monday, June 15th, food and beverage table service will now be available 7-days a week from 11-8pm on our beautiful waterfront patio. Please email or call the Club to make reservations. The patio is currently set up for Members own use but table service will not commence until Monday. To keep everyone safe, the seating plan has been designed to maintain physical distances. Please do not move the furniture. Groups will be limited to no more than 10 and must maintain a 2-meter distance unless they cohabitate already. All surfaces will be sanitized and staff will wear masks. Furthermore, as per the Provincial Phase 2 Reopening Plan, the Clubhouse washrooms are now open for use by members. Please maintain physical distance when using the washrooms and limit occupancy to just one person at a time. They will be cleaned several times a day.

Some serving staff are rehired and are eager to serve… and they have also been doing alternate duty and have been busily cleaning up the patio, sweeping, pressure washing, and some remedial painting is in the works next week.

The fuel dock is open for fuel, pump outs etc. Please use it when you can, and do promote it outside KYC!

That said! …
Things change quickly, and things could loosen up even more by SOLpast… and we will adjust willingly, accordingly, and very quickly, of course. thanks to Brandon who has been on the forefront of making the system work within Covid requirements. His dedication is really appreciated.

The foxes… Vice Comm Rob Crothers did a yeoman’s job of informing the Whig reporter about our fox situation. Rob feels the reporter reported fairly. The cute little foxes will soon find a new home, after which we will fill under the lockers so that we don’t have any more cute little foxes next year. The beautiful foxes were a source of great interest to many, but the grief brought on by various “concerns”, made their stay rather inconvenient for us. Kudos to Rob for extensively stickhandling the fox file over the last two months.

Lastly, Brad is taking leave of full-time employment at KYC. He has a big personal project to do this summer, which draws him away. Brad will help us out, on average, 5 hours a week to coordinate our fuel dock staff. It does mean that with significantly reduced budgets, no JS and reduced activity, things that need doing might get passed over or delayed. Please bear with us. Brad has offered to help coordinate haul in October, and I have nudged-nudged him to encourage him to help close KYC down for the winter. Brad is in his seventh season at KYC. To say the least, Brad has been no slouch at anything thing he has taken on for KYC. Brad has encouraged aggressive undertakings, has written extensive proposals to support projects that are to KYC advancement, and he has expedited those projects with great quality. were one to look at KYC seven years ago and today, would show a staggering difference for the better! I, and many others have personally worked very closely with Brad to help get things done. His help, dedication, enthusiasm, insight, foresight have been a boon to KYC. We can only hope that in our search for his replacement, we would be so lucky to find his equal. From all of us, you will be missed, and thank you Brad!

Peter Cohrs,

| Parking Stickers

Please note that parking stickers are now ready for pickup. Please see Brandon at the take out window to pick up a sticker.



| Dining Updates


Hello Members,

KYC will once again be offering table service from our Clubhouse with outdoor seating only. There will be some small changes to keep within current restrictions. Our Priority is to keep members & staff safe while providing the excellent service you have come to expect from KYC.
Please be patient as we reopen slowly.

Hours of operation will be 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday - Sunday.

Clubhouse: Access will be restricted to the main entrance on the west side of the building to access the washrooms only.

Patio: Tables on the patio will be by reservation only and each reservation will have a 90 minute long seating time. Please call (613) 548-3052 to book your table. We are restricted in seating by the physical distancing guidelines so please do not move tables & chairs on the patio.

Takeout: Takeout will continue with the current system of coolers inside the front doors.


| Sailing Committee Updates

Recently, the Sailing Committee has been working on details for some sailing events that comply with COVID-19 related government regulations and guidance from other organization's (e.g. Ontario Sailing). While current protocols do not allow us to proceed with these events, we want to be ready to go when the time comes.

The sailing events will include 1 or 2 evening events per week and weekend events on Saturdays. There will be a Sharks fleet and one or two PHRF fleets (it depends on the numbers). Crewing options include household members only, others with social distancing and hopefully eventually regular full crews. We'll probably start off with 1 evening event a week. Special Sailing Instructions (SSIs) are being developed. Key points include:

• white sails only
• starting between mark P and the flagpole
• starting time window 5 - 6 pm
• a course posted near the flagpole
• sailors will submit their start & finish times by email to the Event Office.
• no course changes during an event
• no formal protests

Crew size and composition will be directed by the government's regulations. We'll keep you informed.

For weekends, we are working on details of an "Islands Sailing Event" that will have sailors round 5 islands (Simcoe, Pigeon, Main Duck, Wolfe and Amherst) over the course of the summer. Crews will choose the date and time to sail around each island. The SSIs would be similar to that for the evening events, but with no starting time window and no posted course. Mementos recognising participation are anticipated.

The events would be run under The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions (COLREGS) and not under the Races Rules of Sailing (RRS). The SSIs will be amended when the situation changes. The events would be run with a small event committee, with signaling onshore.

Cheers, Tom & Ken (Co-chairs of the Sailing Committee)