Knotmeter - July 25, 2020

Knotmeter - July 25, 2020

Join us today for the first ever Easter Seals Harbour Pageant!

Special Announcements

| Updates from the General Manager

Summer Concert Series

Live music - at last! Each and every Wednesday for the month of August, KYC will feature some of the many K-town talents on our sensational dockside patio! We will feature a musical theme to each night with amazing summer fare and drinks to match!

Volunteer Work Day

We need your help! Bosun Ben will lead the charge with a work morning on Tuesday to help prepare our fleet for our junior sailors arriving in a week! We can't wait to see our CanSail 3 and 4 sailors out there on the water. Please donate two hours of your time starting at 9am to organize and tidy our fleet.

Hats Off to KYC

A beautiful line of KYC sun and sailing hats and visors have arrived and are looking for new owners. Please stop by the clubhouse to try one on and take one home with you. You may also find some gems on our KYC clearance racks.

| Partridge Bowl

One of the BEST!

Last Saturday’s Partridge Bowl may go down as one of the best in living memory. Everything was “just right”: the winds were sw to ssw from 10 to 15 knots, the sun shone brilliantly, the temperature was perfect, and TWENTY TWO boats sailed the Partridge Bowl!

As you know, the Partridge Bowl is a "chase race” where the “slower” the boat, the earlier their start and, the theory being that, "all things being equal”, all the boats will finish at the same time…. in theory…
This year, we had an unlikely winner with John Angus’ “new” 1968 C&C Corvette, “Windflower”. We had an even more unlikely second place finisher with Rosemary Wilson’s “Kibitka”.
We also had an unlikely entrant emerge late with Norma Jean’s einhorn, “Gloria”. You just never know what’s going to come out at the Partridge Bowl.

Once all the boats had arrived there was all manner of flotsam and jetsam about, refreshments in hand, bobbing about the waters off Jemmett’s Landing.
At 1530 JPC Ross Cameron did the ritual pouring of the gin, and we ladled "Covid style”, the gin into teeny weeny paper cups…(rather than passing the Bowl- sadly). Nevertheless, the gin made the rounds as it should.
While all this was going on, Neil and his galley crew were busy bar-b-qing up a culinary storm, which many enjoyed.

Happy to report that about nine boats stayed the night at Jemmetts.
Many were entertained by the unique chavalier talents of “Jimmus”, as he colourfully rode “Gloria" around our waters.
The party continued unabated until the mosquitos chased us all “indoors”.
In fact it heartily resumed next morning!

So, thanks to all the spirited participants, to our wonderful galley staff, and of course to the weather Gods who made the sail a perfect one.
Congratulations to winners John and Toni Angus with most able crew Sue Fraser, to second placer Rose and Jim on Kibitka and to ALL who joined in the fun.
Covid be damned, it WAS fun!

Looking forward to Partridge Bowl 2021 where I hope we can pass the self sterilizing Bowl around, like we used to!

Peter Cohrs


| Passing of Peter Girard

We are very saddened to announce the passing on of Life Member Peter Girard.

Peter was a KYC institution. He shared his love of sailing with so many people and was well known for his efforts on the race course and in Adult Learn to Sail. Peter's mentorship and encouragement inspired so many now lifetime sailors. He was a lover of music, reading and tennis, an avid swimmer and cyclist and dedicated to his family. Peter will be missed but will always be remembered - particularly on beautiful sunny days when the southwest wind blows 15 knots and the water is warm. Please keep Kathleen and Peter's children and grandchildren in your thoughts today.


| Weekend Features

Friday-Sunday Dinner feature:
  • Appetizer: Margherita flat bread pizza - $13
  • Main: Grilled 8oz bone-in pork chop with a chive and sour cream twice baked potato, broccoli and an apple creme fraiche - $22
  • Weekend Special: croissant breakfast sandwich - $13
  • Omlette: roasted red peppers, feta and basil - $13


| Easter Seals

Join us on Saturday, July 25th for our first ever Easter Seals Harbour Pageant! Whether you have a sailboat, motored boat, paddled or row boat, you can take part in our three courses starting at Kingston Yacht Club. Get ready, Easter Seals wants to see how you dress your boat! We will be giving away prizes, including best-dressed boat, and the first 21 registrants will get a head start by receiving an Easter Seals Flag to fly through the courses. Every participant will also receive a sausage-on-a-bun lunch donated by KYC and our sponsor Findlay Foods.