Knotmeter - August 21, 2020

Knotmeter - August 21, 2020

Join us for the music of Scott Knapp!
This Wednesday August 26th on the patio

Special Announcements

| Updates from the General Manager

KYC Summer Music Series Sell Out Continues

Week four already! I'm very excited to welcome to our Wednesday Night harbour stage, Scott Knapp, host of the Spearhead Open Mic stage! Spearhead will be on site with some sweet swag giveaways and we will feature Spearhead's finest! Another sell out for sure so you may want to try a late night dinner this week and catch the second set.

Covid-19 and Frontline Servers

Our beachside and dockside patios are about as good as it gets in Kingston. It is so wonderful to be able to sit so comfortably with friends and enjoy everything that KYC has to offer - amazing music, world class sailing, delicious food and above all - dedicated, professional and talented servers.

Please join me this week in thanking our Manager Brandon, our supervisor Jacqueline and our entire food and beverage team for their dedication to their profession and patience with the work extremes they must experience as a result of Covid-19. Although they make it appear seamless, we know it is not easy wearing a hot mask all day and all night.

And whether we can admit it or not, Covid has changed our world and brought new stresses on all of us. To our frontline F&B team, on behalf of the management and KYC members we are grateful for your work and your kindness - THANK YOU!

Covid-19 New Protocols

We are a unique setting that has a liquor licence stretching across our docks, beachside patio and breakwall. But that means all of these areas fall under the same restaurant protocols from public health that must be strictly followed or we will lose our licence and face fines.

So this is just a reminder that face coverings are not required outdoors but must be worn indoors unless you are actively eating or drinking. You may remove your mask at your table indoors if you are actively eating or drinking only.

The NEW rule - If you are eating or drinking either indoors or outdoors, you must stay seated - no standing, no visiting other tables. That's the tough one that I admittedly have had a hard time remembering when I am outside. Thank you Brandon for keeping our wonderful members compliant and safe!

LearnED To Sail

Another JS sailing camp has sadly come to an end. In a summer of uncertainty, our Program Manager, Rachel and her team instructed 10 new sailors through CanSail 3 and 4 along with our exciting race team of 16 across a fleet of Optis, 420s, Lasers and 29ers! Please visit our facebook page to see some pretty incredible videos of all of these new sailors! Could one of our 29ers really beat a kiteboard foil?? Our Adult Learn To Sail has also brought in 6 new excited sailors to our community club. Thank you Peter French for all that you do for the development of our sport!

Foiled Again!

Performance sailing has arrived at KYC. The Canadian Foiling Centre has landed an F101 on KYC's breakwall! If you would like to learn more about this incredible boat or perhaps even learn to sail it yourself, please check out their website at

Upcoming Events

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| September 5: A Bigly Muster

Ever wonder where all the postponed Cruisers’ Musters went? Well based on an idea cooked up by Commodore Peter Cohrs and few other eager souls we are rolling all those Musters into one bigly Corn Boil Muster on Labour Day weekend (weather permitting).

The event will be at Jemmetts on Saturday September 5th. The Cruising group will provide the charcoal for any meat or other things you’d like to cook and the corn.

It will be an armada sail to Jemmetts leaving mid-morning so we can enjoy each other’s company on the way as well as at Jemmetts. And no, it won’t be a race.

Docking will be open to all Members for the Saturday and Sunday.

As an added bonus Peter and Wilma will be performing the historic boat renaming ceremony for their boat Clipper.

For buying purposes please let us know as soon as possible if you will attend: by Thursday August 27th.


| Weekend Features

Friday/Saturday Dinner feature:
  • Bulgogi flank steak with house made kim chi, basmati rice and mirin glazed bok choy - $26
  • Weekend Special: Breakfast skillet with scrambled eggs, jack cheese, bacon, peppers, onions and potatoes - $15
  • Omlette: spicy artichoke hearts, casalingo salami and pea shoots - $13

| Beer of the Week

Spearhead : India Wheat Ale

6% ABV

Spearhead’s India Wheat Ale fuses the traditional India Pale Ale and German Hefeweizen in an explosive synthesis of flavours and aromas. Brewed with mango and Lemondrop hops, our India Wheat Ale boasts refreshing tropical and citrus notes, packing a bold and juicy sweetness balanced by a hint of bitterness.

Allow your taste buds to travel the globe with us. Let your senses guide you and explore the unique flavours of our Globetrotter Series. Venture afar in mind and flavour and join the Spearhead journey.


| KYC welcomes the Canadian Foiling Centre(CFC)

Put foiling on your ‘Bucket List’! A recent initiative to promote this newest sailing tech has started. CFC is operating out of KYC and has taken possession of it’s first foiling boat. The F101, which you may have seen on the pier or out flying in the harbour, was chosen as the training boat for CFC because of its safety(designed to prevent capsizing), it’s ability to begin foiling in only 6-8knots of breeze, and speeds of 20+knots. This startup year has been affected by the pandemic but gives KYC members an opportunity to have a go at foiling as CFC is not offering public lessons until next year. The cost for KYC members is $150 for two people for two hours and a percentage will go back to KYC. If you want to Try- to-Fly, please contact


| Regular Keelboat Racing Resumes

Finally, after months of delay, regular racing has started! We are currently running the August Evenings series for PHRF 1, PHRF2, Sharks and Casual Racing fleets. Unfortunately, the winds have been less than cooperative (too much or too little) thus far. 

Starting Saturday Aug 22, we'll be running the KYC Harbour Race. Refer to the SIs in the Sailors Handbook for details. Looking to September, the plan is to run the Evening Series, Carruthers Series & Chase Race and after that, in October, the Frostbite Series on Sunday afternoons.

Big thanks to Ben and Jake for helping with operation of the Orange Peel, advising the volunteer crews and doing results. We are looking for help in September, as Ben and Jake will be unavailable to us then.

Please check the Race Committee Volunteer Roster on the SAILING / KEELBOAT RACING page for the assignments. And, remember, crew members should be wearing masks and/or in social bubbles as per the current Ontario government COVID-related protocol.

See you on the water...