Knotmeter - November 12, 2020

Knotmeter - November 12, 2020

Another Successful Sailing Season comes to a Close

| Passing of Robert Cameron McRae


Robert Cameron McRae
October 14, 1942 - November 4, 2020

KYC member Robert Cameron (Cam) McRae passed away on November 4th. Cam was an avid boater and he loved the spirit of KYC. In his youth he operated a marina on Georgian Bay, where he learned to fix (or fabricate) anything from stem to stern. Cam was a regular contributor on marine technology and innovation for several of Canada's boating magazines and television series. His son is Rear Commodore Rob McRae. He will be warmly remembered.

| KYC AGM Goes Virtual

Please mark your calendars for the annual KYC AGM on Thursday November 26th at 7pm. This year's meeting will be Chaired by Commodore Peter Cohrs from the KYC Patridge Room podium.

Due to Covid related restrictions on large gatherings, all members are asked to attend the meeting from the comfort of your home using the Zoom webinar application.

You may also want to pair the event with something delicious from the KYC menu using the take-out service.

The IT/IM Committee is busy ironing out the bugs for our first ever virtual meeting. All committee reports and AGM documents have been placed in the AGM Documents folder in the Members Area of the KYC Webpage within 10 days of the meeting.

To assist the organizers in the process of coordinating a virtual AGM, we would ask that all attendees register in advance. Registration and virtual meeting access will be sent to all registrants by email. Members who do not RSVP can still attend the online meeting. Instructions will be posted to the 2020 AGM page on the Members site. A link to pre-register for the event will also be sent to you by email in advance of the meeting.

| Haulout 2020

It was a two part affair this year…

Part the FIRST began as scheduled October 31.
Blessed with cold, decent weather, our members endured some frosty decks.
Brian showed up at 0800 with a 40 ton crane (vs 80!), and we proceeded to pull about 30 masts, the tee docks and 7 boats.
In spite of the frosty conditions, our members showed goat like agility in their efforts to derig and lift boats.
Although there were only a few glitches along the way, we were done by about 1530.

As it turned out, the weather on Sunday would have been prohibitive, and lifting boats in the yard wouldn’t have worked.
Once Brian had the 80T crane repaired, we lifted on Thursday the 5th.
Once could not have asked for better weather in November!
By about 1330 the yard was full of your boats.

Once again, a successful lift.
And our lifts are only as successful as the turnout of volunteers…. who turned out EN MASSE!…in two shifts... thank you!
So, thanks to our volunteers, and please forgive me if I have forgotton anybody.
Jim Colquhoun, Peter van Rossem, Rob Crothers, Kate Simpson, David Morris, Marian Burdsall, Rob Colwell, Ron Dwyer, John Kitney, Peter French (et al), Mike Charrette, Andrew Kelm, Scott Davey, Harriet Fielotter, Robert Weguelin, Mary Wilson, Laura Tattersall, Ken Martin, Mark Diedrich, Peter Kraszewski, Steve Harrison, Kevin Deluzio, Rick Sellens, Wilma Cohrs, Peter Cohrs, and Elliot Cohrs (signalman par excellence!)

It looks like picking all thos masts and lifting all our boats will sqweak in at about 1 1/2 days… If various boats can be placed in “proper time”, vs 20 or 30 minutes.
I will try to coordinate this accordingly for next year.

In the meantime… I hope your boats rest well for the winter.
AND, I have just got off the horn with Napanee Crane, and have booked launch for Sat/Sunday May 15-16! (vs April 24-25!).

Thanks ALL for your enthusistic help!

Upcoming Events

Full Calendar of Events »

| November 18: Nautical Nights 2020


| November 22: Vibrant!


| November 26: Annual General Meeting


| December 4: Annual Carol Singing


| December 4: Roast Beef Feast


| New Clubhouse Hours



| Weekend Features

Friday-Sunday Dinner feature:
  • Cod in a yellow curry coconut cream sauce, with basmati rice, local kale & carrots - $23
  • Friday Feature: Fish and chips (beer battered or breaded) - $19
Saturday / Sunday Brunch Special:
  • Brunch special: French toast with ginger marmalade and creme fraiche - $14
  • Omlette: Mushrooms, swiss, broccoli - $15

| Member Appreciation



| KYC Gourmet Food



| Frozen Meal Menu - Fall



| Beer Feature


Perth Last Duel Lager

4.5% ABV

Perth Brewery is a family run craft brewery located in Perth, Ontario. This lager is straw-gold in colour and has aromas and flavours of cereal, biscuit, apple, and malty notes. The palate is light-bodied, dry and lightly carbonated with a crisp, clean finish. Try with a tuna sandwich, chicken wings, or light appetizers.


| Cruiser AGM/Awards Night


The Cruisers AGM & Awards Dinner was able to go ahead on Nov 7th and was well attended. The dinner is held each year to celebrate cruising and each other. Of course, this was a weird season but with an organized event on Labour Day at Jemmetts and many impromptu gatherings at Bostwick Island, Camelot, etc. there was an exceptional camaraderie amongst cruisers.

Pennants Awarded

Nautical Miles travelled:

250 nm
Scott Davey & Harriet Feilotter - Dream Weaver
Kevin Deluzio & Norma Jean Barrett - Solevento
Ralph Shaw & Mary Westerland - Spindrift
Bob Story & Tarja Jaatinen - Finnish Line 2.0

500 nm
Marian Burdsall & David Morris - Windfarer
Rheni Tauchid & Steve Ginsberg - Art Noise
Peter Fedora & Ze Keeping - Off Leash

5 Year Cruising
Rheni Tauchid & Steve Ginsberg - Art Noise

10 Year Cruising
Kevin Deluzio & Norma Jean Barrett - Solevento

15 Year Cruising
Conrad & Elsabe Falkson – Take Five
Peter Fedore & Ze Keeping - Off Leash
Rosemary Wilson & Jim Colquhoun - Kibitka

Main Duck
Kate Simpson & Rob Crothers – NS Coaster

Trophies Awarded

Cruising Trophy – most miles – Marian Burdsall and David Morris - Windfarer
Brass Winch – Marian Burdsall nominated and awarded Linda Schmalz for producing 36 servings of eggs benedict, from Ramble On’s galley, for the gathering at Jemmetts Landing on Labour Day Weekend.
Brass Winch – Chris Walmsley nominated and awarded Peter Fedora for his taking on the effort of tightening all the cleat bolts on Jemmetts dock from underneath the dock! This was very strenuous work, and his endeavours were well appreciated.
Broken Winch – Kevin Deluzio nominated and awarded Jim Colquhoun for his rescue of Gloria from the “pirates”. Kevin stated that Gloria has never been the same since.

New Trophy – John Angus kindly donated an antique taffrail log which is being mounted on a suitable base by Ralph Shaw in time for the 2021 season.
New Pennants – proposed and accepted 3 new pennants:
1. Circumnavigation of Prince Edward County
2. 1000 Islands
3. Events

For details see the Cruising Awards page on the Club website.

Special note: we will allow backdating for the pennants, but not the trophies, as far back as 2010. If you travelled in your boat, for example, 575 nm in 2014, you are entitled to a red 500 nm pennant. Similarly, past winners of the FFCC and Long Haul trophies will receive the appropriate pennants for those trophies. Please email your request to the Cruising Fleet Co-Chairs:


Chris Walmsley and Linda Schmalz from Ramble On gave a quick overview of the Down East Circle Route voyage, which was done with Bob Story on Finnish Line 2.0, in 2019. Once large gatherings become a thing, they will present the full version with pictures, charts, and the background of planning for the 4 ½ month endeavour.

2021 Events – Stay Tuned

We were able to hold a late season planned event at Jemmett’s on Labour Day weekend; The Bigly Corn Boil Muster Thingie. It was well attended and a great success. We will try and hold it again next year. Other events, including the monthly Cruisers Muster, will return when times begin to return to normal.

Stay tuned … and hopeful.

Visual Evidence

Full AGM report:

Special thanks to Rob Crothers for photographing the evening. You can see all the photos here: