Knotmeter - November 27, 2020

Knotmeter - November 27, 2020

A Behind the scenes at the Virtual AGM

| Updates from the General Manager


With over 100+ members in attendance, KYC's first virtual AGM was a huge success! Thank you to the volunteer technical team who prepared and practiced for weeks making sure the event would run seamlessly. Thank you to our technical director Matt White along with Lana Butler, Mary Wilson, Marian Burdsall, Ze Keeping, Ken Martin and Brandon Tattersall. All year-end committee reports that were presented at the AGM are available in the AGM folder in the Member's Area of the website. Draft minutes from the meeting will also be placed in this folder.

New Commodore and Board of Directors

The outcome of the AGM was equally exciting. We are all proud to welcome our newly elected Commodore, Rob Crothers. Following in the footsteps of his father, KYC's 1949 Commodore Crothers, Rob will lead our Club into its 125th year of celebration. Congratulations Rob!

Tom Wilson was elected as your new Vice Commodore, John Angus will return as your Director of Finance and Brandon Tattersall was elected as your new Rear Commodore. Newly elected Directors-at-Large include John Kitney, Peter Copestake, David Morris, Christina Dinsmore, Jeff Patt, Glenn Warner and Norma Jean Barrett. Peter Cohrs will now sit on the Board as your ex-officio Junior Past Commodore. Congratulations to our new leadership team! The bios from the newly elected Board members are available in the AGM folder in the Members Area of the website.

New Fiscal Year

The members also approved a proposed change to the club's fiscal year and the date of the AGM. The fiscal year will now run from January 1st to December 31st with the AGM taking place on the third week of March.

Membership Fees and Monthly Billing

A new membership fee schedule was approved by the members to take effect on March 1st. Details will be posted on the website. Membership fees will also be billed on a monthly basis.

New Rates
Full Family $150 / month
Full Single $ 135 / month
Associate Family $65 / month
Associate Single $50 / month

Upcoming Events

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| December 4: Annual Carol Singing


| December 4: Roast Beef Feast


| December 9: 3rd Speakers Series


| December 16: Cruisers' Muster



| Weekend Features

Friday-Sunday Dinner feature:
  • Shepards pie with choice of side - $16
Saturday / Sunday Brunch Special:
  • Brunch special: Banana Rum Pancakes with bacon & walnuts - $15
  • Omlette: Frittata with roasted mushrooms, 2 year smoked cheddar, and Green onion - $13

| New KYC Menus!



| Member Appreciation



| KYC Gourmet Food



| Frozen Meal Menu - Fall



| Beer Feature


Skeleton Park: Autumn Fyre

4.5% ABV

It's late August, and while most Canadians are busy squeezing the most from our waning summer season, our brewmaster is hard at work crafting our next seasonal release for the cooler months ahead.

Many of our fans have fond memories of this Grätzer-style ale, and we've had many requests to bring this brew back. So, by popular demand, we're pleased to announce that our Autumn Fyre will be returning in mid-September 2020.
Once popular in Upper Canada, Grätzer-style ales like this vanished after prohibition.
Oak-smoked wheat gives our Autumn Fyre its distinct fall flavour.

Grätzer-style ales date back to the 15th century, when the Prussian Empire controlled parts of Europe. A version of the style became popular in Upper Canada when small breweries began roasting their malt over oak fires.Prohibition put an end to craft beer production in Ontario, and Grätzer vanished, never to be brewed again in these parts... until we resuscitated the recipe for the enjoyment of modern beer lovers. Rejoice!


| Beer Feature


Spearhead: Jamaican Fire

6.9% ABV

Two restless and curious creators, our father and son Brewers Tom and Jacob have always drawn their inspiration from a variety of sources, but most notably have sought to pay homage to the vast and flavourful variety of international cuisine. After a conversation about the delicious flavours of jerk chicken, the pair decided to explore elements that were representative of Jamaica. Using Scotch bonnet peppersfrom Tom’s garden to emulate the spice of jerk and curry dishes, local coffee as a nod to the popularity of Blue Mountain Coffee, and a hint of mango to represent the tropical climate of Jamaica, our Spiced Porter was born.

Jamaican Fire bursts with flavour and aromatics. Roasted espresso with a hint of spice and molasses on the nose indicate the depth of flavours to come. With an initially delicate citrusy note that borders on sweet, enjoy as the smooth and savoury mouthfeel of this 6.9% porter builds and let your taste-buds ignite with gentle heat from the Scotch bonnets. Warrior and Golding hops add delicate aromatics and bitterness that complements the spice while Carafa III, Double Roasted Crystal, and Roasted Barley amplify the roasted coffee tones.


| Cruising


The Cruisers’ Monthly Musters are returning. Thanks to some good ideas from Kate Simpson and helpful backing from Brandon and Daniel we will resume the Musters starting Dec 16th. Of course, because of the times they must change format. In the past Musters were free format gatherings for cruisers to informally meet over drinks and finger foods. The new format will be a more organized affair with a planned event for each.

The first Cruiser's Muster will be on the 3rd Wednesday, December 16th. It will start at 5:00 and individual app plates will be distributed about 5:30. December 16th will be a Trivia Event so collect your (smart) friends.

Please RSVP a week in advance to facilitate ordering the food by letting Brandon know If people wish to stay for dinner, they can book tables for 7:00ish.

The January Muster will be January 20th and will feature Linda, Chris and Bob presenting their 2019 4½ month Down East sailing trip.

The February Muster will be February 20th and be a Fest/Ice and Fire Night.

Don’t forget to let Brandon know by Dec 9th!