Knotmeter - July 18, 2013

Knotmeter - July 18, 2013

Dogs and Swimming

The weather's hot and there's lots of swimming activity on the T-dock and at the beach. Just a quick reminder to those trying to help our canine pals beat the heat as well: please keep dogs out of the water in areas where there are members (particularly children) swimming.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Partridge Bowl
July 20th

 Join up for an exciting chase style race to our beautiful property on Wolfe Island. There will be a BBQ and swimming opportunities following the race at the property. Congratulations to last year's winner Peter Van Rossem!

Click here for Sailing Instructions

Skippers interested in racing the Partridge Bowl please let us know your boat name and type (eg C&C 27 mk2), whether you will be flying a spinnaker, whether you are able to accommodate non-boaters and if you wish to participate in the BBQ (Indicate # of people and any food allergies).

Please note that Skippers will be required to declare whether they will be flying a spinnaker prior to the start of the race. This will affect their start time.

You may provide this information to or call 613-548-3052 ext 4

Hope to see you out there!

Parking @ KYC
As we sort through ways for alleviating our parking limitations at the club, we need to first make the most of the parking resources we have.

KYC staff has been approved by the City of Kingston to issue parking tickets. We therefore encourage you to have a current parking sticker displayed on your vehicle: these stickers are available at the bar. We remind you that you must also be at KYC or out cruising to use club parking. If you are parked in the lot and leaving to cruise, please notify the office so that your vehicle does not get ticketed.

The Club is in the midst of many improvements to make it a more enjoyable environment for all and to attract new members. Work has been done on the breakwall area to create a more enjoyable place to hang out, swim and sail that is safe and accessible for members and their equipment. Ensuring safety requires reducing vehicle access to the breakwall. Below is a link to the policy the Board recently passed.

Click here

A correction: Glenn's July 16th email stated that parking tickets issued to unauthorized vehicles in the club parking lot are ten-bucks. As it turns out he was wrong, these tickets will be twenty-bucks. Tickets for parking on Maitland from Monday to Friday from 10am to 11am and from 3pm to 4pm are ten-bucks.

Women in WInd BBQ
Wednesday, July 31st

This event is a Women in Wind initiative however
all KYC members are invited…

yes, guys are welcome to crash the party!
Great opportunity for guy members to introduce their dates to the club!

Women in Wind & KYC staff will host this event.

Click here for more information.

KYC Barbecues & Bring Your Own Food (BYOF)

We now have two barbecues available for BYOFs. One is in front of the clubhouse and the other is at the end of the breakwall by the yellow & white striped tent.

Here’s the deal:

If you BYOF and will be eating on your boat then you are welcome to use the closest barbecue to your boat. If you are not eating on your boat then you must use the breakwall barbecue and eat out there. The tent is equipped with picnic tables. You are also welcome to eat at the picnic tables at Sullivan’s Point (west end of breakwall by flag pole).

Eating your BYOF is not permitted in the new crested tent and areas around the clubhouse including the beach.

Barbecue utensils are available from the bartender.

Barbecue users are asked to clean the barbecue when done and return utensils to the bartender. 

Other than barbecue utensils you are required to bring your own plates, flatware, condiments etc.

BYOF participants should be aware that BYOF eating areas are not covered within the club’s liquor license, therefore, alcoholic beverages are not permitted in these areas.

Cottage Friday
August 2nd 

This Cottage Friday event will feature…
“Barbecued Ribs & Chicken”
(same as last time, but everyone loved it so let’s do it again!)
as well as…our current patio menu! Click here for more.

Message from the Commodore

Our sailing season has finally begun and as you've started gravitating back towards the water and our Clubhouse, I’m sure you've noticed some changes. Members of the Board of Directors, including those focused on Membership and House, and Club management have been working together to improve the experience that the Club provides to its members, particularly those members without boats. In addition, we’re also looking to encourage members to come down and use their Club and support the food & beverage operations. A vibrant and healthy Club is one that is full of members taking advantage of the facilities and services and fully enjoying themselves and the company of their fellow members....Click here to read more.

Sharks for Sale

The Club is selling two Sharks from its fleet and will use the money toward the purchase of a replacement in better condition. These two Sharks will be moved offsite this week and will be for sale for $1250 each. Both boats are in fair condition and need some TLC. Both include a mast and rudder and a 2-Stroke engine. 
Trailers are not included.
They are priced to move and would make excellent project boats.
Bad Dog (#255):
Bianca (#390):

Please contact the main office for details.

Upcoming Events at KYC
July 20 Partridge Bowl
July 26-28 29er-49er Regatta
July 31 Women in Wind BBQ 
August 2 Cottage Friday
August 7-11 505 North Americans
August 10 Wolfe Island Race
August 16-18 Picton Jazz Cruise
August 10 Wolfe Island Race
August 16 TGIF Sail
For a complete list of upcoming events please

Race Committee Duty

Our racers have again come forward to fill almost all the Race Committee duties for the season. There are still two race evenings open – September 24 and 26. If you can help with one of these contact Robert Colwell
In addition, there are opportunities to help with weekend races. Let Robert know you’re interested

Harbour Redevelopment Update

Thanks to everyone who attended the Harbour Design Town Hall meeting on July 3rd. The preferred harbour design
was presented and discussed with members who contributed valuable feedback. This feedback will be used during the next
iteration of the design process.

We will be continuing to work with Shoreplan Engineering to refine and improve the proposed design. Please keep
watching the Knotmeter and website ( for updates as this progresses.

The New Harbour website can be found here:
Any questions related to the project should be directed

RIO 2016 Fundraiser

Danielle Boyd & Erin Rafuse
Thursday, August 15th

Click here for information

August 16, 17, 18 Picton Jazz Cruise Weekend

For information contact John Kitney,

The block of tickets that was purchased by KYC have all sold out! If you are still planning on joining the cruise you will need to purchase tickets directly from the festival.

For details of this years’ Jazz Festival program visit

You don’t have to be a jazz enthusiast to enjoy the Picton weekend sail and related activities. This KYC Cruisers’ event has been running since 2008 and participation peaked about two years ago with 40 club members and friends. For those that can make it to the Picton Harbour on Friday we will arrange a restaurant outing together. For Saturday evening (after our “boaters and friends happy hour”) we plan to have a catered group meal (about $25 per person), after which ticket holders can head over to the Regent for the show. The town is pretty, the sailing is fun, the company is superb - and the Saturday night show this year should have wide audience appeal. 

Hours of Operation

Office Service


11a-9p Variable*
Sun 11a-10p 11a-9p Variable*

Special events schedule will determine weekly 
office schedule for Saturday, Sunday & Monday
For more information on other KYC events and programs please visit our website.